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  • Antoine Remy Champagne Non Vintage AOC

    Antoine Remy NV Champagne

    Now £22.00

    Was £27.00


    This boutique and thoroughly modern Champagne is proof that it's possible to invest in the future and still have fun now. Bernard Remy bought his first vineyard in 1968; it has gradually grown to about the size of ten football pitches and has been passed on to his son Rudy.

    Rudy makes this new zippy, limey and floral Champagne exclusively for Oddbins under his son's name because he sees this wine as their future and Antoine as the heir to the throne. So with each sip you enjoy you will be investing in little Antoine's future.

  • Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV

    Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV Champagne

    Now £34.00

    Was £43.00


    Good old Pol Roger! The noblest of the Champagne houses and one of the region's elder statesmen. The consistent class and finesse of this rich and complex standard bearer makes it very much the brand of choice for those in the know.

    Were you to present this bottle to discerning company: say a wine expert, an aristocrat, or the dear old Brigadier General, you're bound to be accepted as an esteemed guest. If not you should leave immediately, taking the bottle with you.

  • Taittinger Brut NV Champagne

    Taittinger Brut NV Champagne

    Now £29.00

    Was £39.00


    Classic Champagne. And a no-risk, fail-safe guarantee of good order. Taittinger is one of the thoroughbreds and might as well carry the torch for the impeccably high standards of the region's winemaking.

    This is a celebratory Champagne par-excellence, it would equally make the most acceptable of offerings to mark just about any occasion. This, as you'd expect is dry, elegant, fresh with an insistently lively effervescence.

  • Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label NV Champagne

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label NV Champagne

    Now £35.00

    Was £44.00


    In the same way that, in the natural world, many animals are drawn to the mate with the most colourful foliage/colouring/nail varnish, as it is a sign of healthiness and virility, people are drawn to Veuve Cliquot and its distinctive orange label.

    Now, whilst we're not saying Veuve makes you virile (though that is a catchy line), we are saying that the label correctly signifies the brilliance within: rich yet dry, mousse-y yet elegant, yeasty yet citrusy, it's one healthy animal.

  • Champagne Drappier Millésimé Exception France

    Champagne Drappier Millésimé Exception 2012

    Now £30.00

    Was £35.00


    You know when you find something in the sale that fits you like a glove, is marvellously flattering and a total bargain? Well, this is the Champagne equivalent: marvellously scrumptious, unexpectedly striking and at a totally brilliant price.

    Like biting into a freshly baked cinnamon and raisin bun, but with more savoury, spicy notes and a clean acidity that makes it refreshing as well as warmly comforting. Needless to say, it's been a firm staff favourite for quite a wee while.

  • Bollinger La Grande Annee 2007 Vintage Champagne

    Bollinger La Grande Annee Champagne 2007

    Now £75.00

    Was £90.00


    *Throws down red carpet, puts a cigar in your mouth and takes you by the arm* Why hello! You look like you want to make some waves, or perhaps doing some serious wooing. Well step this way, cara mia, for this is the one you are looking for; its dazzling rose and gold ochre hue, its virtuoso performance of exotic spices, toast, rhubarb and stone fruit and its never ending, dazzlingly minerally finish will sweep that special someone so completely off their feet you'll have to catch them, serendipitously, in your arms. Oh, the romance...

  • Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Cuis Premier Cru Brut NV Champagne

    Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Cuis Premier Cru Brut NV Champagne

    Now £25.00

    Was £32.00


    Need a quick break from the office/hovering/choosing your shoes? How about a quick game of true or false? Pierre Gimonnet is the distant French cousin of Jiminy Cricket, twice removed on their mother's side? True you say? Uh-oh, I'm afraid it's back to work.

    But for those that said false, it's high-fives all round. In fact, why not treat yourself to a bottle of said Frenchman's Cuis Premier Cru NV.

    It's an exquisitely pure, crisp Champagne from a 'Grower Champagne' (they grow the grapes and make the wine themselves) with a slight underlining minerality and a marvellous nutty finish. It would be a shame not to; after all, you deserve it.

  • Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee NV Champagne

    Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée NV

    Now £33.00

    Was £43.00


    A casual glance down the list of prominent Champagne names will, before long, reveal Laurent-Perrier as one of the leading lights. With its impeccable credentials, Laurent-Perrier is an instantly recognisable byword for quality and its non-vintage expression is testament to that.

    La Cuvée is Laurent-Perrier's brand new signature Champagne, replacing the Brut NV. It is pale gold in colour with a steady stream of fine bubbles. The nose has delicate aromas of citrus fruits, underpinned by hints of white flowers. A perfect balance between freshness and finesse, the palate is full-bodied, complex and creamy, displaying great length on the finish.

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