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  • Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial NV Champagne Competition

    Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial NV Champagne

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    Order online before 31st July 2018 to be in for a chance of winning a Champagne dinner for two at a top London restaurant.T&C's apply

    A fine young gent who goes by the name Vanilla Ice asked us to ‘check out the hook while his DJ resolved it… Ice ice baby.’ Unfortunately, having never attended the Gelato Grammar School for the consummately Hip Hop, we have no idea what this means. He maybe repeating his own last name, perhaps he is trying to court the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia, but we like to think he was pre-empting the arrival of a new Champagne drinking experience.

    Moët Ice Impérial is the first and only Champagne especially created to be enjoyed over ice. It is fun, fresh and fruity; ideal to serve in the sun over ice with or without garnish, while remaining true to the Moët & Chandon style. This Vanilla chap has excellent taste in summer beverages!

  • Jean Baptiste Alexandre Brut NV Champagne

    Jean Baptiste Alexandre Brut NV Champagne

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    You might think you're familiar with the story of John the Baptist, but you probably don't know the truth. When Herod's daughter demanded John's head on a salver after dancing for her father - he being pleased enough to offer anything she wanted in return - Herod was horrified. 'Why on a plate?' he thought.

    Fearing his little girl wanted to consume the bonce, he had his chefs build a fake head. Pork and chicken skin. Quails eggs for eyes... surely the ruse would be obvious. However, the 'head' was served with a mesmerising champagne, the sheer distraction of which took the girl's attention from what was really on the plate. Interestingly, the bubbles went beautifully with the nibbles too.

  • Tarlant Brut Nature Zero NV Vegan and Vegetarian Champagne

    Champagne Tarlant Brut Nature Zero NV

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    Was £37.00


    This is the Champagne that delivers 0% sugar and 100% flavour, baby! Made in the same way as Tarlant's Reserve Brut but without the sweet 'dosage' added after fermentation, what you experience here is pure, candid (but not candied...) fruit. Mandarin, lemon rind and beeswax are served up in exhilarating simplicity that leaves you wondering what all the fuss is about sugar anyway...

  • Champagne Bollinger Rosé NV

    Champagne Bollinger Rosé NV

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    The warming cinnamon and nutmeg spice, coupled up with the vibrant energy of the red cherries, rose petals and wild strawberries make this rosé Champagne as close to a Moroccan rose garden at dusk, as it's possible to get. Just add a few wisps of shisha smoke, drifting over from the corner, where some elderly gentlemen ponder over a leisurely of chess, and you've pretty much conjured the tastes going on in this mesmeric, gentle and perfumed Champagne.

  • Taittinger Rosé Non Vintage Champagne

    Taittinger Rosé NV Champagne

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    Was £49.00


    Taittinger's Rosé is a deep, ruby tinted pink. It's almost exactly the colour of quince jelly - and in the same way the quince jelly perfectly balances sweet, sharp and savoury, this Champagne, with its fine bubbles and persistent mousse, its aromas of raspberry and blackcurrant, is a perfect blend of mature gravity and youthful joie de vivre. It's a pink fizz for grown ups who've not forgotten how to play.

  • Taittinger Brut NV Champagne

    Taittinger Brut NV Champagne

    Now £30.00

    Was £39.00


    Classic Champagne. And a no-risk, fail-safe guarantee of good order. Taittinger is one of the thoroughbreds and might as well carry the torch for the impeccably high standards of the region's winemaking.

    This is a celebratory Champagne par-excellence, it would equally make the most acceptable of offerings to mark just about any occasion. This, as you'd expect is dry, elegant, fresh with an insistently lively effervescence.

  • Win a Champagne Dinner for 2 when buying Möet & Chandon Brut Impérial NV

    Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV Champagne

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    Order online before 31st July 2018 to be in for a chance of winning a Champagne dinner for two at a top London restaurant.T&C's apply

    ***Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    Moët & Chandon: probably the most famous and instantly recognisable name in the wine world. Freddie Mercury told us that the Killer Queen was “well versed in etiquette” and “extraordinarily nice” and she kept her Moët & Chandon in a pretty cabinet.

    With its deep peach, apple, brioche, toasted nut and vanilla flavours, we prefer to keep ours in the fridge at all times so that we can open some at the drop a hat for even the tiniest of celebrations. Where do you keep yours?

  • Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee NV Champagne Competition

    Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée NV

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    Was £43.00


    Order online before 31st July 2018 to be in for the chance of winning an Exclusive Laurent-Perrier Summer Pack, as seen below.*

    A casual glance down the list of prominent Champagne names will, before long, reveal Laurent-Perrier as one of the leading lights. With its impeccable credentials, Laurent-Perrier is an instantly recognisable byword for quality and its non-vintage expression is testament to that.

    La Cuvée is Laurent-Perrier's brand new signature Champagne, replacing the Brut NV. It is pale gold in colour with a steady stream of fine bubbles. The nose has delicate aromas of citrus fruits, underpinned by hints of white flowers. A perfect balance between freshness and finesse, the palate is full-bodied, complex and creamy, displaying great length on the finish.

    Win an Exclusive Laurent-Perrier Summer Pack

    *Includes: 6 x Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée NV Champagne, 6 x Laurent-Perrier Champagne Flutes, 1 x Laurent-Perrier Ice Bucket, 1 x Laurent-Perrier Picnic Blanket, 2 x Laurent-Perrier Striped Deck Chairs. T&C's apply.

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