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AnCnoc 16 Year Old - Highland 700ml

The Experience

Drink When...
Someones there
Listen To...
Knock Knock Whos there?
Think About...
Knock Knock
Alter Ego...
Milton Jones

The Oddbins Take

They Say

anCnoc is a distillery that does its own thing and this is a malt whisky with a mind of its own. Even the name (pronounced ‘a-nock’), defies convention as it’s Gaelic for the nearby Knock Hill, which is unusual, as most whiskies are named after the distillery. Neither chill-filtered nor coloured, it has intense bursts of citrus fruit on the nose, with a light and zesty palate, that warms up to what can only be described as ‘stick to your teeth’ toffee. A long and lingering finish leaves you ready for the next sip.

We Say

A knock. Who’s there? anCnoc. You already knocked. Alter Ego: One-liner genius Milton Jones; it manages to be both widely appealing and utterly idiosyncratic and is so affable that it’s likely to make you start doing your own versions although, unlike Milton, people are more likely to laugh at you than with you like Milton and anCnoc.

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Ancnoc 16 Year Old Highland Whisky Bottle

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AnCnoc distillery still uses mostly the same methods they have used over the last 100 years. They use copper pots to condense the alcohol to give its fresh, distinctive flavour. It is then aged in oak barrels to give it a constant dram.