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Welcome to Sarah Hamilton, Oddbins Local Beer and Cider Buyer Oddbins wee cider corner. Such has been the excitement for the fabulous local ciders we sell in our stores, we've 'appily (sorry!) decided to offer a taster here in our online shop. Whilst we're working on bringing you more of our range online, we're hopeful the mere presence of cider on our website after a lengthy absence will whet your appetite.

Indeed, our Planet Bee Cider, available online as a case of 12 bottles, is likely to cause an excited buzz in more ways than one. As well as highlighting the plight of the dwindling honeybee, this is a fantastic cider. Sarah Hamilton, Oddbins' Local Beer and Cider Buyer says, "This is one of the best ciders I've tasted in a very long time, when the importance of the initiative is taken into account, it was a no brainer for Oddbins to list and support Planet Bee Cider."

Expect this section of the website to be blossoming long after the orchards are shedding their autumn leaves.

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