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Veggie Week


Now, typically we’re rather sceptical about social media led national days, weeks or months. You know the ones; when you wake up on some Tuesday morning to find an onslaught of omelette photographs across your Twitter timeline because apparently, everyone except you knew it was International Spanish Omelette Day. The vitriol you received when you started your day with a bowl of Special K opposed to an Iberian, egg and potato based breakfast, shocking! What’s the deal with those events; do you have to get it approved by some sort of panel or can you just stick your flag in May 14th and state this is International Camembert Day? For example, could we just make August the 6th – 12th National Oddbins Week, where everyone would be excepted to social media themselves browsing through Burgundies in one of our stores? Sounds unnecessary; we all know every week is Oddbins week!

That being said, it’s National Vegetarian Week, which we feel is worthy of some acknowledgment. We understand here at Oddbins, it’s not the easiest task being a Vegetarian. From people questioning where you get your protein from, that bloke in the pub regaling you with the tale of how he once ate Tofu or having to explain to your Nan for the 1000th time that salmon does in fact count as an animal product. Therefore, we thought, whether you’re a full-time veggie or if you’re just trying to reduce your meat intake by observing this week, we could make it easier on you by offering up some of our favourite Vegetarian friendly wines, paired with some of our favourite veggie dishes.