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  1. Anna De Codorniu Brut Nature NV Cava Vegetarian Sparkling White Wine

    Anna De Codorniu Brut Nature NV Cava



    Codorniu has an impressive 500 year history and is still, amazingly, a family-run enterprise. The Codorníus were the first Spaniards to use Champagne's 'traditional' method of production, which ensures extraordinary quality, and also lobbied DO Cava to allow the use of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

    As such "Anna" was the first cava to be made using Chardonnay and there is something very Champagne-like about this premium cava. You'll find bright aromas of tropical fruit and a soft well-balanced and refreshing palate, with elegant citrus notes and fine, persistent bubbles.

    If this is what history tastes like, then we'll be, er, eating more history.

  2. Cava Condesa Blanca Brut NV Sparkling Wine

    Cava Condesa Blanca Brut NV



    This bargain Cava offers proof that Spanish fizz at this price isn't just a cheap alternative to Champagne, but can be a fine, elegant and joyous wine in its own right.

    With crisp fresh apple and pear fruit flavours, backed up by toasty, nutty notes, and bubbles that go on, and on, and on some more, if you're catering an event with interminable toasts, and you want to be sure that your fizz isn't flat by the end of the speeches, then Condesa Blanca is the fizz for you. It's the Cava that keeps on giving...

  3. MM Cava Reserva de Familia 2012 Spanish Sparkling Wine

    MM Gran Reserva Vintage Brut Nature Cava 2012



    Bringing a descendant into the world is a great responsibility. Particularly when they'll have a name to live up to. The pressure was really on the Marqués then, when he announced he'd found a bride, and married shortly after. The court waited with baited breath.

    Not taking any chances, he asked one of his advisors how to ensure his offspring would be of the right calibre. The advice: to drink a wine with the character he'd want in his child, before retiring to bed each night. In the event he was blessed with a son, the Marqués commissioned a cava laced with dry humour and sharpness of wit. He was slightly concerned about the hint of nuts, but then it was compelling. Nobody wants to be boring, after all.

  4. MM Cava Rosé Reserva de la Famlia 2013

    MM Reserva Vintage Brut Rosé Cava 2013



    The Marqués was more than aware any child he sired would have to live up to his name. He also understood that was quite a burden. If there was something he could do to determine the character of a yet-to-be child, then he should do it.

    The advice was to drink a wine with the character he'd want in his child, before retiring to bed each night. In the event he was blessed with a daughter, the Marqués commissioned a rose cava. Delicate and light, but shot through with a persistent energy and fizz. A better balance he couldn't imagine.

  5. Renaixença Cava Brut NV

    Renaixença Cava Brut NV

    Now £10.50

    Was £12.00


    We love onomatopoeic words. Zip. Shuffle. Whoosh! They do more than convey meaning, they bring words to life. So saying, we reckon 'Renaixença' is pretty onomatopoeic, which is handy when writing a tasting note...

    Said with a rolled 'r', the 'Ren' is like this Cava's gently playful fizz; the 'ai' is like the subtly creamy notes; the 'xença' (pronounced 'shensa') is like the cool, clean rush of green fruit that whooshes over the palate like a cooling breeze in a Spanish orchard. Boom!

  6. Torre Oria Rosado Cava Sparkling Wine

    Torre Oria Brut Rosado Cava NV

    Now £9.45

    Was £10.50


    Every August in the Dominion of Derramador, hopeful youths take part in the annual cork firing competition. The aim, using only two thumbs and a bottle of delicate pink bubbles, to propel a cork over the famous Tower of Oria. A tower built itself of spent cava corks.

    Stationed at the top of the tower is the winery queen. It is her duty to determine just how high the winning cork passes. When she has, the waiting crowd set to, eagerly extending the tower to that very point, using first the unsuccessful corks scattered on the ground, and balancing the winning cork victoriously at the very top.

  7. Torre Oria Cava Reserva NV

    Torre Oria Cava Reserva NV



    This top selling fizz is the more rounded of our Cavas and, is not quite as dry-seeming as the others in the range. This will work well in your favour if you're needing an effervescent tipple for any gathering, get-together or soiree.

    The Reserva is a more mellow and rounded sparkler but its insistent fizz and accomplished mousse will have your guests queuing for second helpings and ensure nothing goes to waste at the end of the evening.

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7 Item(s)