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The Glera grape is a testament to the bureaucratic genius of the EU. You see, up until 2009, Glera was more commonly called Prosecco. Wait, so Prosecco is a grape variety, a region and a wine style? Confusing ay? Well, what those sneaky ol’ EU types did was change the name of the variety and made Prosecco a protected wine region. That way, winemaker’s in other parts of the world (*cough Australians *cough) couldn’t put ‘Prosecco’ on their wine labels. Let’s hope Boris Johnson doesn’t find out about that or it will be on the side of a bus by the end of the week.

Today the best Glera comes from the historical heartland of Prosecco, Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG. Although more affordable Prosecco DOC can be bottled throughout most of the Veneto region of Italy. Glera typically has high acidity and relatively delicate palate, making it perfect for the production of sparkling wine, hence why wines like Ca Rosa Prosecco and San Vito are so darn delicious!

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    Everybody needs good neighbours. Well, Prosecco San Vito has 2,300 across a swathe of the massive Prosecco DOC in Nor...

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