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You might rightly ask yourself, what can’t Pinot Noir do? It’s like when you meet an absurdly handsome man or a beautiful woman, and then it turns out he/ she’s also genuinely nice, super rich, has a fascinating job, is a black diamond skier and wiped the floor with you in an epic game of Lord of the Rings themed Risk! In virtually all cooler climates, Pinot Noir is being grown to produce some of the most sensual and coveted wines on the planet. Surely, it can’t do anymore?

Actually, Pinot Noir is also a spectacular contributor to sparkling wine. In fact, more Pinot is grown in Champagne than any other region of France, making up 1 of the 3 main varietals in Champagne. Most of the Pinot Noir going into Champagne comes from the sub-regions of Aube, Montagne de Reims and Valle de la Marne. Typically, this black varietal goes into blends and producers such as Bollinger & Heidsick recognise the grapes ability to give their wines a fuller profile and thus make liberal use of Pinot Noir in both these houses' cuvees. Pinot Noir Champagne is mostly found in blends such as this but can also make up Blanc de Noirs either alone or with Meunier and is often utilised in rosé Champagnes.

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