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  1. Anna De Codorniu Brut Nature NV Cava

    Anna De Codorniu Brut Nature NV Cava



    Codorniu has an impressive 500 year history and is still, amazingly, a family-run enterprise. The Codorníus were the first Spaniards to use Champagne's 'traditional' method of production, which ensures extraordinary quality, and also lobbied DO Cava to allow the use of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

    As such "Anna" was the first cava to be made using Chardonnay and there is something very Champagne-like about this premium cava. You'll find bright aromas of tropical fruit and a soft well-balanced and refreshing palate, with elegant citrus notes and fine, persistent bubbles.

    If this is what history tastes like, then we'll be, er, eating more history.

  2. Bichot Pure Cremant de Bourgogne NV

    Bichot Pure Cremant de Bourgogne NV

    Now £17.10

    Was £19.00


    This Cremant Bourgogne is one of the best-bang-for-buck-badly-kept secrets in Britain. A Blanc de Blanc to imbibe when bewildered by bulked up bills or besotted by beautiful brilliance.

    Made by grand master wine makering booze boffins Bichot. Delicate blossom, bursting with minerality and bountiful mousse. Believe in bright bubbles without having to be bank rolled by the Bahamas.

  3. Ca Rosa 'Pink' Spumante NV Rose Sparkling Wine

    Ca Rosa 'Pink' Spumante NV



    Zamboni grew the most beautiful roses in Veneto. Young suitors (and sometimes even bashful husbands) came from miles around to purchase blooms to woo their paramour (or apologise for some misdemeanour). So often did Zamboni's flowers turn unrequited love into a blossoming relationship that customers came from farther and farther afield. And thereby lay the problem. Nature has its limits. And some came so far the blooms wilted by the time they got them home.

    Inevitably, people began to question the quality of Zamboni's roses, and he quickly recognised something had to be done. He set about making a sparkling 'pink' wine, as elegant as the flowers themselves, and with a finish as lingering and soft as adoration. We suggest you drink it from a vase.

  4. Cava Condesa Blanca Brut NV Sparkling Wine

    Cava Condesa Blanca Brut NV



    This bargain Cava offers proof that Spanish fizz at this price isn't just a cheap alternative to Champagne, but can be a fine, elegant and joyous wine in its own right.

    With crisp fresh apple and pear fruit flavours, backed up by toasty, nutty notes, and bubbles that go on, and on, and on some more, if you're catering an event with interminable toasts, and you want to be sure that your fizz isn't flat by the end of the speeches, then Condesa Blanca is the fizz for you. It's the Cava that keeps on giving...

  5. Château de l'Aulée Crémant de Loire 'Cuvée Jeanne d'Arc' Sparkling Wine

    Château de l'Aulée Crémant de Loire 'Cuvée Jeanne d'Arc' NV



    Cuvée Jeanne d'Arc is named after the vineyard where the Chenin Blanc grapes are grown and where Ms Arc is said to have rested, en route to meet the King-to-be, Charles VII, at nearby Chinon.

    It is also made by the former winemaker of Champagne Houses including Bollinger. With a pedigree like that you'd be expecting something special and, by gum, you've got it.

    Jeanne d'Arc tastes like the freshly pressed juice of russet apples, with an exhilarating sherbet streak. Bet she never thought she'd hear that.

  6. Crémant de Bourgogne 'Blanc de Blancs' Cave de Lugny NV

    Crémant de Bourgogne 'Blanc de Blancs' Cave de Lugny NV



    If you're one of those for whom the presentation value and the a-la-Francaise element of a Champagne are essential but like many of us can't dispense with the extra price premium, then this affordable Champagne-a-like might just get your favour. (This is far and away more amiable and drinkable on a Wednesday afternoon anyway).

    With the looks, both in bottle and out, once the party's in full swing, you really will be holding a glass of the real thing!

  7. Cremant Extra-Brut De Limoux Delafont Millesime 2013

    Crémant Extra-Brut De Limoux Delafont 2013

    Now £18.40

    Was £23.00


    It's well known the French were great pioneers of "human-carrying flight technology". However, it's less well known that the first hot air balloon, launched in 1783, carried a sheep, a duck and a rooster. And even less well known that while others experimented with hot air, Samuel Delafont investigated CO2 gas.

    He was convinced the way to reach the sky was to direct bubbles from fermented grape juice into a silk balloon, thereby inflating it enough to lift from the ground. He studied tirelessly, his workshop infused with scents of flowers and citrus, producing effervescing vats brimming with energy and finesse. But it just wouldn't quite work. Happily, taking a generous draught of the liquid had the surrogate effect of lifting the spirit and letting the mind soar. His work wasn't wasted after all!

  8. Filipa Pato '3B' Blanc de Blancs' 2013

    Filipa Pato '3B' Blanc de Blancs' 2013

    Now £13.50

    Was £15.00


    We feel a strong kinship with Filipa Pato. We imagine ourselves as having a kind of Bonnie and Clyde-type relationship, only without the outlaw element. Or the robberies. Or the shooting. Basically like a friendly, law-abiding Bonnie and Clyde. Why? Because she represents all that is fantastic about tiny-production and is a champion of the obscure and that is right up our street. This Blanc de Blancs (meaning that it's a sparkler made from all white grape varieties) uses indigenous varieties Maria Gomes, Bical and Arinto and is bone dry, with a fragrant lemon fresh zing. With wines this good, there's just no need for bank robberies.

  9. Follador Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry Sparkling Wine

    Follador Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry 2016



    You have to be careful when you describe just how good this new Prosecco is. People will assume you're exaggerating. First, there's its alluring colour - in the glass a silvery-grey glint of precious stone.

    Then there's the taste: a hard-to-describe magical balance between dryness and the subtle fruit of late-picked Bramley apples. You'll see what we mean when you try it; not just Prosecco, this is super-charged-Prosecco.

  10. Gusbourne Rosé Sparkling Wine

    Gusbourne Sparkling Rosé 2012



    Appledore sounds like a realm from Lord of the Rings, populated by wizards, hobbits and dragons. But it's not; it's the sleepy home to Gusbourne Estate in rural Kent. However, this fizz tastes so good that you may be forgiven for thinking that sorcery has been involved in its production.

    The vines were pinched from Champagne, but the result is very British. With a hue as delicate as an English rose, this is packed with gently spiced biscuits, shortcake, strawberries, cream, red apples and charm. Watch out for Gollum, this is exceedingly precious.

  11. Grüner Veltliner Sekt Sparkling Wine

    Huber Grüner Veltliner Sekt 2014



    If you turn up at most people's houses with a bottle Grüner Veltliner, they'll probably look excited and will say 'Ooh, sounds exotic!!' to which you'll smoothly say 'It's Austrian darling. Not a very well-known grape variety. Oodles of zingy orchard fruit,' and they will be suitably impressed.

    If you turn up with a limited-supply, sparkling Grüner Veltliner, they'll look really excited and say 'Oh, you shouldn't have!' to which you'll say 'Yah. It's a limited supply sparkling Grüner Veltliner. Pretty rare. Delicious.' You may want to tone down the nonchalance a little if you actually want to be let through the door.

  12. Jansz Vintage Cuvee Sparkling Wine

    Jansz Vintage Cuvée Sparkling Wine



    Jansz vineyard hand harvests seperately, keeping the fruit in individual batches. Each batch is then handled gently and fermented in select barrels.

    This vintage cuvée is a pale gold in colour, boasting scents of lemon curd, white flowers and fresh cream. Flavours of rose petals and candied lemon peel shine through on the palate, alongside roasted hazelnut and cashews showcasing its power and elegance.

  13. Loimer Sparkling Extra Brut NV

    Loimer Sparkling Extra Brut NV

    Now £18.90

    Was £21.00


    When you think of sparkling wine grapes, you might automatically gravitate to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, the classic Champagne varietals. Grüner Veltliner and Zweigelt might not be the first grapes you'd think of, even though they make up 75% of this delicious fizz grown in Gumpoldskirchen in Austria. Which might not be the first place you'd think of either.

    Cultivated biodynamically - as you might not expect - it has apple and citrus flavours from the Grüner and rich, creamy brioche touches from the red grapes. And the other 25%? Pinot Noir, of course. What are we, weird or something?

  14. Luis Pato Maria Gomes Metodo Antigo NV White Wine

    Luis Pato Maria Gomes Metodo Antigo NV

    Now £14.45

    Was £17.00


    This sparkler is a curious and wonderful thing. It is made using an ancient 'Rural' Method in which, unusually, the wine only undergoes fermentation once, using only naturally occurring sugars.

    If you are slightly bored and confused by this and care not for the methods used, let us tell you that it is made by Luis Pato, the Baron of the Bairrada and one of the most renowned producers in Portugal, who calls it his 'take on Prosecco'.

    If you're now muttering 'meh' at your screen because you don't give a monkeys about famous producers, let us simply say that it is an elegant and focused wine with generous mousse and aromas of white flowers and citrus. Does that do it?

  15. Lyme Bay Brut Reserve Sparkling Wine

    Lyme Bay Brut Reserve 2013 Sparkling Wine



    A heavily fruit driven sparkling wine unveiling refreshing notes of apple and lemon, with vibrance and creamy mousse. A delicate pale lemon in colour, contrasted by excellent depth of flavour and tantalising acidity and depth. Well balanced sparkling wine giving way to red fruit and toast flavours.

  16. Lyme Bay Sparkling Brut Rosé 2014 English Sparkling Wine

    Lyme Bay Sparkling Brut Rosé 2014



    Given finding them usually involves whacking a rock with a hammer, it's a miracle any fossils remain intact. Especially delicate ones, like the echinoderms and crinoids. Then they have to be carefully cleaned, too.

    With this in mind, a group of paleontologists based near Devon's Jurassic coast developed a preparation that would help. It took years, but finally they had it. A liquid with just enough acidity to break down excess rock, and a playful little fizz to lift the particles, leaving the specimen perfectly exposed. Needless to say, a celebration ensued. Actually, with such aplomb things got a little fuzzy. It was only after the toast was offered and glasses drained they realised they'd drunk the special mixture. Happily, being grape-based, no ill effects were suffered. On the contrary, they use it less and less for cleaning fossils now...

  17. MM Cava Reserva de Familia 2012 Spanish Sparkling Wine

    MM Gran Reserva Vintage Brut Nature Cava 2012



    Bringing a descendant into the world is a great responsibility. Particularly when they'll have a name to live up to. The pressure was really on the Marqués then, when he announced he'd found a bride, and married shortly after. The court waited with baited breath.

    Not taking any chances, he asked one of his advisors how to ensure his offspring would be of the right calibre. The advice: to drink a wine with the character he'd want in his child, before retiring to bed each night. In the event he was blessed with a son, the Marqués commissioned a cava laced with dry humour and sharpness of wit. He was slightly concerned about the hint of nuts, but then it was compelling. Nobody wants to be boring, after all.

  18. MM Cava Rosé Reserva de la Famlia 2013

    MM Reserva Vintage Brut Rosé Cava 2013



    The Marqués was more than aware any child he sired would have to live up to his name. He also understood that was quite a burden. If there was something he could do to determine the character of a yet-to-be child, then he should do it.

    The advice was to drink a wine with the character he'd want in his child, before retiring to bed each night. In the event he was blessed with a daughter, the Marqués commissioned a rose cava. Delicate and light, but shot through with a persistent energy and fizz. A better balance he couldn't imagine.

  19. Polloni Spumante Prosecco Wine

    Polloni Spumante



    Whilst James Bond drinks Dom Perignon 1946, Inspector Clouseau probably drinks Polloni Spumante. If we compare James Bond and Inspector Clouseau, it is true that we would trust James Bond way more than Inspector Clouseau when it comes to saving the world.

    Bond is classy, he gets all the girls and Bond is ""Bond, James Bond"". Clouseau tears his costume when he needs to unlock a door with a simple key, his wife cheats on him and Clouseau is just ""Inspector Clouseau"". But in the end, Clouseau manages to solve affairs and becomes the pet peeve of all criminals.

    The Polloni Spumante might not be as prestigious as Dom Perignon 1946, but in the end the result is the same and provides us with a different kind of pleasure.

  20. Prosecco Ca'Rosa Sparkling Wine

    Prosecco Ca'Rosa



    A fabulously fun and fruity off-dry number, this classic Italian fizz has become adored by Latin lovers for its soft mousse, or bubbles. It offers a delightfully fruity nose, followed by flavours of apricot and soft peach, with a refreshing yet gloriously flavourful finish.

    Less 'flinty' than cava or many Champagnes, this makes for a gorgeous celebratory tipple or aperitif in its own right.

  21. Prosecco San Vito NV Sparkling Wine

    Prosecco San Vito NV



    Everybody needs good neighbours. Well, Prosecco San Vito has 2,300 across a swathe of the massive Prosecco DOC in North-Eastern Italy. The ViVo Co-operative hands an umbrella to over 2,300 growers in the vicinity, covering 3,600 hectares (think 25 Hyde Parks) and providing eight wineries in the area to cover members' grape drop-off, collection and winemaking requirements.

    It also offers a business structure to give all of these small winemakers access to the domestic and foreign markets. So much for the cup of sugar, then. Still, you can always pop round with a bottle of this delightful, floral, citrussy fizz and have a chinwag about that weird bloke from three hectares down the road!

  22. Prosecco Treviso Follador Extra Dry

    Prosecco Treviso Follador Extra Dry



    Old as the hills, the Follador winery. Giovanni Follador first blushingly received the Wine Quality Award from the 'Doge', or Duke, of Venice way back in 1769 and started a rather big, and rather tasty ball rolling.

    His great, great, (great?) grandson, Gianfranco, is the one keeping the ball rolling today and boy does he know how to handle this ball.

    Alright we'll drop the ball metaphor... this Prosecco has a charmingly fine, delicate mousse, with pure, subtle and fresh flavours of acacia, green apple and jasmine.

  23. Quinta do Soalheiro Espumante 2016 Portuguese Sparkling Wine

    Quinta do Soalheiro Espumante 2016

    Now £20.40

    Was £24.00


    It was once believed the World was flat. Sail too far, and you'd fall off the side. But intrepid individuals have long been prepared to risk everything in the name of exploration. Particularly the Portuguese, during the Age of Discovery. What many don't know is they had a secret. And this made them more confident, striking into the unknown.

    In case the World was actually flat, the Portuguese developed a method of sending extra air into the sky, convinced this would create a bubble that would envelop the Earth and 'catch' them if they did sail too far. This air was delivered in the form of tiny bubbles, arising from fermented Alvarinho. They didn't need the back up, as it turned out. The only thing out of this world was the wine itself...

  24. Renaixença Cava Brut NV

    Renaixença Cava Brut NV

    Now £10.20

    Was £12.00


    We love onomatopoeic words. Zip. Shuffle. Whoosh! They do more than convey meaning, they bring words to life. So saying, we reckon 'Renaixença' is pretty onomatopoeic, which is handy when writing a tasting note...

    Said with a rolled 'r', the 'Ren' is like this Cava's gently playful fizz; the 'ai' is like the subtly creamy notes; the 'xença' (pronounced 'shensa') is like the cool, clean rush of green fruit that whooshes over the palate like a cooling breeze in a Spanish orchard. Boom!

  25. Roederer Estate Quartet NV

    Roederer Estate Quartet NV



    To wine geeks, Roederer is best known for the sheer quality of their fizz, but to the world at large, they're probably better known for the sheer (uninvited) bling of their top of the range Cristal. So when they head for California, we might expect their vineyards to be in Beverley Hills and their price tags to be strictly A list. What a pleasing twist in this particular Hollywood tale to discover that not only does the quality of this sparkling blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir match the very best of champagne, but it's a blockbuster fizz at a B-movie price.

  26. Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Sauvignon Blanc Bubbles 2016

    Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Sauvignon Blanc Bubbles 2016

    Now £12.75

    Was £15.00


    Only rare souls reach such states of grace they are canonized as saints, displaying sacrifice and patience inconceivable to normal folk. Imagine, for example, sitting before a perfectly chilled Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc. Condensation beading the glass. You can taste it, right? Your mouth is watering...

    Now! Imagine that was sparkling. Tiny beads hustling through bright liquid...

    Clair apparently lasted the better end of twenty (yes, two zero) minutes at the Vicar's tea party before she succumbed and downed a glass in a oner. For that barely credible act of restraint, she is eternally beatified.

  27. Tapiz Malbec Rose Extra Brut NV

    Tapiz Sparkling Malbec Rosé Extra Brut NV

    Now £15.30

    Was £17.00


    One evening, the beautiful but fickle Camilla visited for supper; and she just couldn't make up her mind what to drink. She liked the idea of zippy, delicate bubbles. Then again, was partial to cherryish, strawberryish rose. And she did love a glass of good Malbec...

    Mortified that he couldn't solve her dilemma, her dedicated host dashed to the local vineyard to see what they could do. He was directed to young winemaker Fabian Valenzuela. "He'll have the answer," they said. "Tap his brain." Such was his rush, that the host took this last sentence to be the winemaker's name, and ran to him calling "Tapiz, Tapiz!" Of course, Fabian had the answer. Just make a Sparkling Rose Malbec! And from that day, his new nickname stuck.

  28. Torre Oria Rosado Cava Sparkling Wine

    Torre Oria Brut Rosado Cava NV



    Every August in the Dominion of Derramador, hopeful youths take part in the annual cork firing competition. The aim, using only two thumbs and a bottle of delicate pink bubbles, to propel a cork over the famous Tower of Oria. A tower built itself of spent cava corks.

    Stationed at the top of the tower is the winery queen. It is her duty to determine just how high the winning cork passes. When she has, the waiting crowd set to, eagerly extending the tower to that very point, using first the unsuccessful corks scattered on the ground, and balancing the winning cork victoriously at the very top.

  29. Torre Oria Cava Reserva NV

    Torre Oria Cava Reserva NV



    This top selling fizz is the more rounded of our Cavas and, is not quite as dry-seeming as the others in the range. This will work well in your favour if you're needing an effervescent tipple for any gathering, get-together or soiree.

    The Reserva is a more mellow and rounded sparkler but its insistent fizz and accomplished mousse will have your guests queuing for second helpings and ensure nothing goes to waste at the end of the evening.

  30. Touraine 'Les Arcis' Vignoble Dinocheau Brut NV

    Touraine 'Les Arcis' Vignoble Dinocheau Brut NV

    Now £13.18

    Was £15.50


    Cher wins the hearts of people everywhere and manages to make it look effortless whilst doing it. Iconic, stylish.

    No, we're not talking about THE Cher. Although, technically we are. Cher, a department in Centre-Val de Loire, is named after 'Le Cher', a river that runs off the River Loire. And it happens to be the home of Vignoble Dinocheau, the makers of this delicate sparkling white wine. With fine bubbles running throughout and a fresh and fruity palate, you'll find yourself in A Different Kind of Love with this cuvee.

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