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Champagne Laurent Perrier

Noel Coward reportedly said “Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?”  We certainly do, and we think this is the best page on our website for the very reason that Champagne can be consumed morning, noon or night and it is always awesome...

Champagne is not only one of the most perfect drinks on the planet, but it is also probably one of the most perfect winemaking regions anywhere. We’re not talking about the weather, which can be a little bit too much like ours for our liking; we are talking about the symbiotic relationship of its producers.

The big brands have built up an incredible reputation and respect. This has made Champagne one of the most famous and emulated wines on Earth. With their enormous wealth, these big houses are able to protect and promote the Champagne brand overseas, support smaller producers by buying their grapes and innovate by playing with fermentation in oak, zero dosage (very dry) styles, organic viticulture and food matching. It has also allowed them to set up wineries around the world, for example Louis Roederer set up Roederer Estate in America and Jansz in Tasmania, although they are only involved in the former today.

The smaller producers, like Drappier, H Blin and Antoine Remy, supply grapes to the bigger houses, but also make incredible wines themselves. These smaller and lesser known outfits spend less on PR, advertising and celebrity endorsement, as a result their wines offer incredible value for money to those in the know.

There are many rumours about the future of Champagne, some of the most interesting that we’ve heard are that Demi-Sec is set for a comeback and some of the bigger houses are toying with ways of showing on the label how long a wine has been aged for in the bottle.

That’s all from us, all you have to do now is decide what’s for breakfast.

Mr Bond, the bubbles tickle my…Tchaikovsky!

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  • Bollinger La Grande Annee 2005 Vintage Champagne

    Bollinger La Grande Annee Champagne 2005



    *Throws down red carpet, puts a cigar in your mouth and takes you by the arm* Why hello! You look like you want to make ...
  • Champagne Ayala Blanc de Blancs 2008 Vintage Chardonnay

    Champagne Ayala Blanc de Blancs 2008 Vintage Champagne



    2008 was a mixed year in Europe. The Bank of England was forced to bail out Northern Rock, marking the start of a few mo...
  • Champagne Drappier Millésimé Exception France

    Champagne Drappier Millésimé Exception 2012



    You know when you find something in the sale that fits you like a glove, is marvellously flattering and a total barga...
  • Dom Perignon 2006 Vintage Champagne

    Dom Perignon 2006 Vintage Champagne



    Since 1921, Dom Pérignon has more or less defined the term ‘vintage Champagne’, not least because ...
  • Dom Perignon Rose Champagne

    Dom Perignon Rosé 2004 Vintage Champagne



    Since 1921, Dom Pérignon has more or less defined the term ‘vintage Champagne’, mainly due to them...
  • Drappier Grande Sendree 2008 Vintage Champagne

    Drappier Grande Sendrée 2008 Champagne

    Now £49.00

    Was £54.00


    There may have been a bit of a blunder with the spelling of the land the Drappier Grande Sendrée is named after, but...
  • H Blin 2006 Vintage Champagne

    H. Blin 2006 Millesime Vintage Champagne

    Now £29.00

    Was £37.00


    ***Silver at the IWC 2015*** When Champagne gets this good, it’s time to ask not what your Champagne can do for you, b...
  • Heidsieck Monopole Gold Top 2005 Vintage Champagne

    Heidsieck Monopole Gold Top 2005 Vintage Champagne

    Now £27.00

    Was £35.00


    We’ll get onto the stuff inside the bottle in a minute but, first, how cool is the bottle? If you are having a dinn...
  • Laurent-Perrier Champagne 2006 Vintage

    Laurent Perrier 2006 Vintage Champagne

    Now £42.00

    Was £52.00


    Of all the Champagne houses, Laurent-Perrier has a certain knack of getting a distinctly different voice across on all i...
  • Louis Roederer Brut Millesième Champagne 2008 vintage

    Louis Roederer Brut Millesième 2008



    There aren't many Champagne Houses that can follow their roots back over two centuries and still be the proud owners ...
  • Cristal 2007 Louis Roederer Champagne Vintage

    Louis Roederer Cristal 2009 Vintage Champagne



    The curiosity and intrigue that this label has attracted over the last decade or so, still makes Cristal the ultimate...
  • Möet & Chandon 2008 Grand Vintage

    Möet & Chandon 2008 Grand Vintage

    Now £43.00

    Was £50.00


    Vintage champagne is only made in exceptional years 2008 happens to be one of those! A delicious, succulent, creamy cuvÃ...
  • Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Fleuron Premier Cru Champagne 2009
    Often described as artisanal winemaking, Grower Champagnes are made by independent Champagne Houses from grapes that ...
  • Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs 2009 vintage champagne

    Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs 2009 Vintage Champagne



    The Blanc de Blancs is a speciality of the house, made from 100% Chardonnay sourced from Grand Cru vineyards, solely in ...
  • Pol Roger Cuvé Sir Winston Churchill 2004
    ‘My tastes are simple. I am easily satisfied with the best!’ is one of the many erudite witticisms for Sir Winston C...
  • Taittinger 2009 Vintage Champagne

    Taittinger 2009 Vintage Champagne



    The Taittinger house style is crisp and elegant, with a creamy richness that's emphasised in the 2009 vintage with its 5...
  • Taittinger Comtes Blanc de Blancs 2006 Vintage Champagne

    Taittinger Comtes Blanc de Blancs 2006 Vintage Champagne



    An unassuming bloke, a friend of this scribe, let's call him Kenny, was one day thinking about opening his "nice" bot...
  • Veuve Cicqout Brut 2008 Vintage Champagne

    Veuve Clicquot Brut 2008 Vintage Champagne



    The 2008 harvest was exceptional, with great potential for aging, leading to this wonderful new Veuve Clicquot Vintag...