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At Oddbins we always look to offer you the best value possible, and from time to time we are able to offer discounts as part of promotions or clearances on our Champagnes and Sparkling wine collection. Take a look and you might find that your favourite is a little better value than you expected!
  • Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV Champagne



    Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV is available to buy online from our range of Champagne. Fast UK delivery.
  • Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label NV Champagne



    The label correctly signifies the brilliance within: rich yet dry, mousse-y yet elegant, yeasty yet citrusy, it’s one healthy animal.
  • Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur NV



    Champagne Ayala's Brut Majeur combines delicate minerality with precision of fruit and a charmingly long finish.
  • Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée NV



    Its name precedes it and its quality is preceded by few. Delicate yet complex, fresh yet well-balanced, with charming jasmine, vine peach and lemon rose notes.
  • Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut NV Champagne

    Now £42.00

    Was £52.00


    LP’s Ultra Brut is dry as they come. As well as being bracing and cleansing, though, the LP Ultra Brut has gentle floral and mineral aromas that tame the Brut nicely.

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  1. Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs NV Champagne Chardonnay

    Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs NV Champagne

    Now £30.00

    Was £42.00


    Rodent racing was an incredibly popular spectacle in Bellefontaine, Ohio. However, a sad day befell the town in 1843, when a Frenchman named Edmond rode into town.

    With a Gallic flourish he bet his life's savings on a three-legged albino rat called Roger. Quite to the locals' dismay, the rank outsider romped home and Edmond left the town bankrupt. Returning to France, he set up a Champagne house with his winnings, dedicated to the Best Rat of Bellefontaine.

    The exquisite Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs is a celebration of Roger's snow white fur and finesse. Some of this is not true.

  2. Besserat de Bellefon Cuvée NV Champagne France

    Besserat de Bellefon Cuvée NV Champagne

    Now £27.75

    Was £37.00


    The story goes that in 1930 the director of the then famous Paris restaurant 'la Samaritaine de Luxe' challenged Victor Besserat to produce a champagne that could be drunk throughout a meal. Victor created his Cuvée des Moines, and duly won the bet, and the contract.

    Crisp, delicate and fine bubbled but with real character, complexity and subtle depths of flavour, this is a champagne that not only stands up to food, but will step up to the mark for any fizz related challenge you care to throw at it. Bring it on!

  3. Besserat de Bellefon Rosé NV Pink Champagne

    Besserat de Bellefon Rosé NV Champagne

    Now £30.75

    Was £41.00


    There's an intriguing golden, almost amber hue to the delicate pink of this rose fizz, reminiscent of an alpine sunset. Together with a hint of wild strawberries on the nose, it suggests a pink fizz that's just a little out of the ordinary, something more of the bold and reckless kind of romantic than the luv hearts and puppy dogs kind. Something a little bit wild, a little bit fresh, but kinda sweet at heart...

  4. Bichot Pure Cremant de Bourgogne NV

    Bichot Pure Cremant de Bourgogne NV

    Now £17.10

    Was £19.00


    This Cremant Bourgogne is one of the best-bang-for-buck-badly-kept secrets in Britain. A Blanc de Blanc to imbibe when bewildered by bulked up bills or besotted by beautiful brilliance.

    Made by grand master wine makering booze boffins Bichot. Delicate blossom, bursting with minerality and bountiful mousse. Believe in bright bubbles without having to be bank rolled by the Bahamas.

  5. Canard Duchene Parcelle 181

    Canard-Duchêne Parcelle 181 Extra Brut NV Champagne

    Now £25.00

    Was £34.00


    The history of humanity is defined by great love affairs; Romeo & Juliet (okay it's fictional), Richard & Judy (they've been a mainstay of British telly for 78 years!) and the greatest romance of all; wine & barrels. That's what makes the story of Canard-Duchêne so beautiful; the marriage of Victor Canard a cooper and Léonie Duchêne a winemaker is like a pastiche of the relationship between oak and grape juice. Victor and Léonie may have long left this mortal plane but their love affair lives on through this expressive Champagne house that brings sparkling wine and oak together.

    If this Champagne is anything to go by, the relationship is working. This organic Champagne is partially vinified in oak barrels and blended from 12 hectares of organically certified and cultivated vineyards, followed by bottle aging on the lees. The resultant wine has an elegant freshness with a rounded fruit character, balanced brilliantly with a biscuity backbone.

    "When a wine loves a barrel, can't keep its mind on nothing else!" We don't know about you but were getting a bit teary-eyed...

  6. Canard-Duchene Rose NV

    Canard-Duchêne Rosé NV Champagne

    Now £25.00

    Was £30.00


    As with many of the best things in life, Canard-Duchêne began with love. It was love that drew barrel maker Victor Canard, and wine grower Leonie Duchêne together, way back in the 1800s and it was their shared love of Champagne that inspired them to their own House in the Montagne de Reims National Park in 1868. With the elegance and finesse typical of the House, this rosé is charmingly fresh, bursting with vibrant pomegranate and strawberry flavours. Merci amour.

  7. Champagne Philippe Guidon Brut Rosé NV

    Champagne Philippe Guidon Brut Rosé NV

    Now £22.95

    Was £27.00


    There's something inherently hedonistic about pink champagne, something inescapably self indulgent. And why not? What's wrong with a celebration of life for life itself? It only becomes vulgar when the only people who can afford it are bankers, oligarchs and Premier league footballers...

    So three cheers for Philippe Guidon - with this beautifully crisp and fresh, fruity but elegant fizz, you can live for the moment without breaking the bank.

  8. Champagne Tarlant Brut Nature Zero NV

    Champagne Tarlant Brut Nature Zero NV

    Now £31.45

    Was £37.00


    This is the Champagne that delivers 0% sugar and 100% flavour, baby! Made in the same way as Tarlant's Reserve Brut but without the sweet 'dosage' added after fermentation, what you experience here is pure, candid (but not candied...) fruit. Mandarin, lemon rind and beeswax are served up in exhilarating simplicity that leaves you wondering what all the fuss is about sugar anyway...

  9. Cremant Extra-Brut De Limoux Delafont Millesime 2013

    Crémant Extra-Brut De Limoux Delafont 2013

    Now £18.40

    Was £23.00


    It's well known the French were great pioneers of "human-carrying flight technology". However, it's less well known that the first hot air balloon, launched in 1783, carried a sheep, a duck and a rooster. And even less well known that while others experimented with hot air, Samuel Delafont investigated CO2 gas.

    He was convinced the way to reach the sky was to direct bubbles from fermented grape juice into a silk balloon, thereby inflating it enough to lift from the ground. He studied tirelessly, his workshop infused with scents of flowers and citrus, producing effervescing vats brimming with energy and finesse. But it just wouldn't quite work. Happily, taking a generous draught of the liquid had the surrogate effect of lifting the spirit and letting the mind soar. His work wasn't wasted after all!

  10. Deutz Brut Classic NV Champagne

    Deutz Brut Classic NV Champagne

    Now £30.00

    Was £38.00


    Despite being one of Queen Victoria's favourite wines, it's never done anything to calm old Phil dahn, his loaf of bread still looks like a beetroot most of the time...

    Oh, that Queen Victoria? Well, yes, she was a model of composition on the whole, helped perhaps by this wonderfully aromatic fizz which combines the fresh elegance of Chardonnay with the body and richness of Pinot Noir.

    Elegance, finesse, delicacy and style are all things you can find in great quantity in this long-established, beautiful Champagne. And just occasionally in Walford too!

  11. Dom Perignon Rose Champagne

    Dom Pérignon Rosé 2004 Vintage Champagne

    Now £247.00

    Was £275.00


    Since 1921, Dom Pérignon has more or less defined the term ‘vintage Champagne’, mainly due to them only producing vintage Champagne. It is also because it is produced only in exceptional years where the grape harvest will provide something exceptional, which means that only approximately half of the previous 100 or so vintages have been declared.

    No wonder it’s been a favourite of Marilyn Monroe, Claudia Schiffer and countless other figures of repute… real and fictitious. Bold, rich and beautifully resonant flavours of seductive red fruits, hints of citrus and lavish spicy notes, that go on and on, you, like Dom Pérignon, may just exclaim ‘come quickly – I am tasting the stars’!

  12. Filipa Pato '3B' Blanc de Blancs' 2013

    Filipa Pato '3B' Blanc de Blancs' 2013

    Now £13.50

    Was £15.00


    We feel a strong kinship with Filipa Pato. We imagine ourselves as having a kind of Bonnie and Clyde-type relationship, only without the outlaw element. Or the robberies. Or the shooting. Basically like a friendly, law-abiding Bonnie and Clyde. Why? Because she represents all that is fantastic about tiny-production and is a champion of the obscure and that is right up our street. This Blanc de Blancs (meaning that it's a sparkler made from all white grape varieties) uses indigenous varieties Maria Gomes, Bical and Arinto and is bone dry, with a fragrant lemon fresh zing. With wines this good, there's just no need for bank robberies.

  13. H.Blin Brut

    H. Blin Brut NV Champagne

    Now £23.80

    Was £28.00


    ***Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    This Champagne could not be more popular if it was a genius on a University Challenge team in need of a point-boost to see them through the final furlong. Our staff love it, you love it, we love it… oh, wait, have we said that?

    Mellow, rounded, sumptuous, biscuity, balanced, lemony and complex style of Champagne, this one just doesn’t have any down sides, and that includes the price. It exemplifies the reason Oddbins champions small Champagne houses and, basically, makes us smile.

  14. Heidsieck Monopole Gold Top 2005 Vintage Champagne

    Heidsieck Monopole Gold Top 2005 Vintage Champagne

    Now £20.00

    Was £35.00


    We'll get onto the stuff inside the bottle in a minute but, first, how cool is the bottle? If you are having a dinner party with some fancy pants people or, alternatively, someone whom you fancy the pants off, you can't deny the ridiculous glamour of having a Champagne on the table in shiny gold packaging.

    Anyway, once you've opened it, you can expect a rollicking good ride of toasted hazelnuts, brioche and Braeburn apples. Yum.

  15. Heidsieck Monopole Silver Top Brut NV Champagne

    Heidsieck Monopole Silver Top Brut NV Champagne

    Now £20.00

    Was £35.00


    Silver. One of the human race's most cherished precious metals. There's something entrancing about its cool colour and subdued glamour that makes us want to adorn ourselves with it, eat from it and tell the time by it.

    In this case, marvelously, you can also drink it. And instead of being noxious and metallic, it's actually a supremely well balanced, fresh Champagne, laden with flavours of orchard fruits and freshly sliced vanilla pods.

  16. Jean Baptiste Alexandre Brut NV Champagne

    Jean Baptiste Alexandre Brut NV Champagne

    Now £27.00

    Was £30.00


    You might think you're familiar with the story of John the Baptist, but you probably don't know the truth. When Herod's daughter demanded John's head on a salver after dancing for her father - he being pleased enough to offer anything she wanted in return - Herod was horrified. 'Why on a plate?' he thought.

    Fearing his little girl wanted to consume the bonce, he had his chefs build a fake head. Pork and chicken skin. Quails eggs for eyes... surely the ruse would be obvious. However, the 'head' was served with a mesmerising champagne, the sheer distraction of which took the girl's attention from what was really on the plate. Interestingly, the bubbles went beautifully with the nibbles too.

  17. Lanson Black Label Champagne NV

    Lanson Black Label NV Champagne

    Now £20.00

    Was £35.00


    Do not be fooled by the Maltese Cross and the black uniform that Lanson wears, it is not a member of the St John Ambulance. It can't patch up minor cuts and grazes, it doesn't know what the acronym DRAB stands for and it's ineffective at employing the recovery position.

    However, what this Champagne lacks in basic First Aid knowledge, it more than makes up for in consistency, reputation and quality. Lanson with it's fresh 'non-malolactic' style, puts a smile on any face, but we don't recommend administering it at the scene of an accident.

  18. Lanson Rosé Non Vintage Pink Champagne

    Lanson Rosé NV Champagne

    Now £32.00

    Was £40.00


    Pink Champagne? That's all a bit frivolous, isn't it? Well, yes - that's the point of it - but also, no, not necessarily. Lanson's Rosé is a blend of 50-60 components including aged reserve stocks of wine, lending richness and complexity to the blend.

    A further three years ageing over lees develops further depth and adds toasty, yeasty notes before we get to pop the cork. Salmon-tinted, with very fine bubbles, this is a rich and rounded pink fizz, for the serious minded hedonists among us...

  19. Loimer Sparkling Extra Brut NV

    Loimer Sparkling Extra Brut NV

    Now £18.90

    Was £21.00


    When you think of sparkling wine grapes, you might automatically gravitate to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, the classic Champagne varietals. Grüner Veltliner and Zweigelt might not be the first grapes you'd think of, even though they make up 75% of this delicious fizz grown in Gumpoldskirchen in Austria. Which might not be the first place you'd think of either.

    Cultivated biodynamically - as you might not expect - it has apple and citrus flavours from the Grüner and rich, creamy brioche touches from the red grapes. And the other 25%? Pinot Noir, of course. What are we, weird or something?

  20. Luis Pato Maria Gomes Metodo Antigo NV White Wine

    Luis Pato Maria Gomes Metodo Antigo NV

    Now £14.45

    Was £17.00


    This sparkler is a curious and wonderful thing. It is made using an ancient 'Rural' Method in which, unusually, the wine only undergoes fermentation once, using only naturally occurring sugars.

    If you are slightly bored and confused by this and care not for the methods used, let us tell you that it is made by Luis Pato, the Baron of the Bairrada and one of the most renowned producers in Portugal, who calls it his 'take on Prosecco'.

    If you're now muttering 'meh' at your screen because you don't give a monkeys about famous producers, let us simply say that it is an elegant and focused wine with generous mousse and aromas of white flowers and citrus. Does that do it?

  21. Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Cuis Premier Cru Brut NV Champagne - Magnum

    Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Cuis Premier Cru Brut NV Champagne - Magnum

    Now £59.50

    Was £70.00


    Need a quick break from the office/hovering/choosing your shoes? How about a quick game of true or false? Pierre Gimonnet is the distant French cousin of Jiminy Cricket, twice removed on their mother's side? True you say? Uh-oh, I'm afraid it's back to work. But for those that said false, it's high-fives all round. In fact, why not treat yourself to a bottle of said Frenchman's Cuis Premier Cru NV. It's an exquisitely pure, crisp Champagne from a 'Grower Champagne' (they grow the grapes and make the wine themselves) with a slight underlining minerality and a marvellous nutty finish. It would be a shame not to; after all, you deserve it.

  22. Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs 2009 vintage champagne

    Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs 2009 Vintage Champagne

    Now £75.65

    Was £89.00


    The Blanc de Blancs is a speciality of the house, made from 100% Chardonnay sourced from Grand Cru vineyards, solely in the Côte des Blancs. The Blanc de Blancs, as with all the other Pol Roger wines, undergoes the traditional hand remuage (the turning of the bottles).

  23. Quinta do Soalheiro Espumante 2016 Portuguese Sparkling Wine

    Quinta do Soalheiro Espumante 2016

    Now £20.40

    Was £24.00


    It was once believed the World was flat. Sail too far, and you'd fall off the side. But intrepid individuals have long been prepared to risk everything in the name of exploration. Particularly the Portuguese, during the Age of Discovery. What many don't know is they had a secret. And this made them more confident, striking into the unknown.

    In case the World was actually flat, the Portuguese developed a method of sending extra air into the sky, convinced this would create a bubble that would envelop the Earth and 'catch' them if they did sail too far. This air was delivered in the form of tiny bubbles, arising from fermented Alvarinho. They didn't need the back up, as it turned out. The only thing out of this world was the wine itself...

  24. Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Sauvignon Blanc Bubbles 2016

    Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Sauvignon Blanc Bubbles 2016

    Now £12.75

    Was £15.00


    Only rare souls reach such states of grace they are canonized as saints, displaying sacrifice and patience inconceivable to normal folk. Imagine, for example, sitting before a perfectly chilled Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc. Condensation beading the glass. You can taste it, right? Your mouth is watering...

    Now! Imagine that was sparkling. Tiny beads hustling through bright liquid...

    Clair apparently lasted the better end of twenty (yes, two zero) minutes at the Vicar's tea party before she succumbed and downed a glass in a oner. For that barely credible act of restraint, she is eternally beatified.

  25. Tapiz Malbec Rose Extra Brut NV

    Tapiz Sparkling Malbec Rosé Extra Brut NV

    Now £15.30

    Was £17.00


    One evening, the beautiful but fickle Camilla visited for supper; and she just couldn't make up her mind what to drink. She liked the idea of zippy, delicate bubbles. Then again, was partial to cherryish, strawberryish rose. And she did love a glass of good Malbec...

    Mortified that he couldn't solve her dilemma, her dedicated host dashed to the local vineyard to see what they could do. He was directed to young winemaker Fabian Valenzuela. "He'll have the answer," they said. "Tap his brain." Such was his rush, that the host took this last sentence to be the winemaker's name, and ran to him calling "Tapiz, Tapiz!" Of course, Fabian had the answer. Just make a Sparkling Rose Malbec! And from that day, his new nickname stuck.

  26. Touraine 'Les Arcis' Vignoble Dinocheau Brut NV

    Touraine 'Les Arcis' Vignoble Dinocheau Brut NV

    Now £13.18

    Was £15.50


    Cher wins the hearts of people everywhere and manages to make it look effortless whilst doing it. Iconic, stylish.

    No, we're not talking about THE Cher. Although, technically we are. Cher, a department in Centre-Val de Loire, is named after 'Le Cher', a river that runs off the River Loire. And it happens to be the home of Vignoble Dinocheau, the makers of this delicate sparkling white wine. With fine bubbles running throughout and a fresh and fruity palate, you'll find yourself in A Different Kind of Love with this cuvee.

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