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Sparkling Wine

Champagne Lifestyle on a Lemonade Budget

There is clearly one big boy on the block when it comes to fizz and that’s Champagne. Now, although he is a nice big boy, producing some of the most memorable, awe-inspiring sparkling wine on the planet, there is a whole world of fizz out there, waiting to be explored. Whether it’s for celebrating getting engaged, getting a 1:1, or just getting through Monday, there is a fizz for you here at Oddbins.

Sparkling wine comes in many different guises - it can range from semi-seco (sweet) to Brut Nature (bone-dry) - and is made in an almighty array of countries. Italy has Prosecco which is light and fruity, while Spain has Cava which is their answer to Champagne and is super food-friendly. Even Tasmania boasts a delicious fizz that we think could only have been made with divine help – Jansz.

Another of our favourites is Portuguese sparkling. The Pato family – Luis and his daughter Filipa – each hold their own when it comes to still winemaking, but my oh my do they produce some cracking fizz too. Luis’ mousse-y, lemony, chalky Metodo Antigo should have a licence to thrill, IMHO. One, two three… go!

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