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The Experience

Drink When...
Family gathering
Listen To...
'Mambo Italiano' by Dean Martin
Think About...
It'll taste better than sea water
Drink With...
A selection of tapas

You wouldn't want to drink the Mediterranean; it's pretty deep, salty and polluted. Luckily scattered all around it are sun-drenched vineyards, which offer a delicious alternative. Take your taste buds on a great value holiday through France, Spain, Portugal and Italy with this case. Perfect for parties or weekday dinners.

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Le Malbec Rosé 2015   +£9.75
Poco a Poco! Tempranillo 2015   +£8.50
Paseo White 2015   +£6.25
Janeil Gros Manseng Sauvignon Blanc 2015   +£8.50

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Escape to the Mediterranean - Mixed Case of 12 Wines

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Escape to the Mediterranean - Mixed Case of 12 Wines

Escape to the Mediterranean - Mixed Case of 12

What's In This Case

  • Le Malbec Rose Wine 2012 Vintage France

    This wine is like an onion. OK it won't make you cry, and it isn't spherical (bear with us here), but... it has the pretty pink/golden colour of onion skin, layer upon layer of crisp, mildly spicy...

  • Poco a Poco Tempranillo Red Wine

    Incrementalism should be taught in schools. Poco-a-Poco is the way to go. Little by little. Such an approach would put an end to such self-deluding daftness as overnight change, New Year's...

  • Paseo White 2015 White Wine Lisboa Portugal

    Paseo White Wine, we would be so bold as to venture, lies midway between the flavour profile of Vinho Verde and Albarino and we think it has the best of both, as a bread manufacturer once...

  • Quinta de Bons Ventos Red Wine Portugal

    Nothing short of a sensation, this little red wine has been a success story at Oddbins over the past few years, such is its astonishing quality when price is considered.

    A Portuguese blend...

    Out of stock

  • Janeil Gros Manseng Sauvignon Blanc French White Wine

    We know 'Gros Manseng' isn't the nicest name for a grape. In fact it sounds like an unflattering description of a singer. But forget all that: its cleansing acidity and flavours of quince and...

  • Chianti Sogatia Italy Red Wine

    This is an impressively neat little bargain Chianti that's on the bodysome, flavoursome side of this classic Italian style. This slightly more buxom red is moreishly drinkable, soft and...