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Fonseca Bin 27 Finest Reserve NV

The Experience

Drink When...
Listen To...
'All Things To all Men' - The Cinematic Orchestra ft. Roots Manuva
Think About...
Annoying slang
Drink With...
Chocolate based desserts

The Oddbins Take

This shopping malarky is getting ridiculous. I could be standing here for hours. But a decision needs to be made now. The shop's tasting notes say that Fonseca Bin 27 Finest Port is 'The best blended port you're gonna find today or ever.' Well, that's easy for them to say...

Suddenly a lovely old lady sticks a bony elbow in my innards, shoves past and grabs a bottle. Then a spotty student also ducks in whilst exclaiming to his mate. 'That's totes dads fav'.

I turn to start ranting about that bloody none existent word 'totes'. Before I open my mouth a bank robber politely steps past to buy a bottle with his new earnings. Turning around I find that my friend has already asked the staff and bought the same one.

Bin 27 Finest Port. 'Come on J-dog. The staff here said they tasted it last night. Apparently, it's totes amazeballs dude'

Non Vintage
Best Drunk Now & Over the Next 2 Years
Bottle Size
Residual Sugar
95 g/l

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Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet
Touriga Naçional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão
Fonseca Bin 27 Finest Reserve Port

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