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Here at Oddbins we try our hardest to provide you with the best of the best, and this includes our prices! This means that we are occasionally able to offer discounts either as part of a promotion or for genuine clearances on our range of Fortified wines. So keep your eyes peeled and you might just happen to find that your favourite is a better value than you thought!

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  1. Sandeman Founder's Reserve Ruby Port

    Sandeman Founder's Reserve Ruby Port NV 700ml

    Now £11.00

    Was £13.25


    It’s really incredible, but this Port actually has its own song.

    ‘What’s that then?’, we hear you cry. Well, *clears throat and bows exaggeratedly*… “Mr Sandeman has brought me a dream. He’s made the cutest Port that I’ve seen. If you put it to your lips, it tastes like roses and clover. And when you try it your stilton’s lonesome nights are over.”

    As we say, incredible, although we’ll admit that this Port doesn’t really taste that much of clover, but more like cassis and cedar. We wonder what clover tastes like…


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  2. Quinta Do Noval 10 YO Tawny Port NV

    Quinta Do Noval 10 YO Tawny Port NV

    Now £19.00

    Was £24.00


    Drinking port can be like opening up those tradional, wooden russian dolls. As you open each doll you reveal another one, another style of port. The first one is like trying basic ruby port-ok not bad, then the next you discover LBV port- which is much better.

    After some generous soul gives you a glass of single vintage port-it's brilliant and you think you have hit the last doll. But then you discover there is one more. The last one.

    A fine tawny port. Silky butterscotch, dried fruits and nutty flavours- completely new flavours compared to the previous ones. You really can't get any further than that.


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  3. Bodegas Toro Albala Don PX Gran Reserva Sherry 1986 - Half Bottle 375ml

    Bodegas Toro Albala Don PX Gran Reserva Sherry 1986 - Half Bottle 375ml

    Now £22.50

    Was £25.00


    We’re trying to think of ways to describe this well-aged Pedro Ximenex that don’t have us cooing and gushing like some over-excitable newlyweds. Darn it, we just can’t help it: we are in love with this wine and we want the world to know!

    Here are some words we think of, as we gaze into the rich, dark depths in our glass: cocoa, liquorice, tobacco pouch, rosemary, black olives, Arabic coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. But how feeble words sound compared to the immeasurable depth of feeling in our hearts. We need to sit down.


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  4. Taylors Quinta de Vargellas 2002 fortified

    Taylors Quinta de Vargellas Port 2002

    Now £29.00

    Was £33.00


    Quinta de Vargellas has gone through some changes over the years, the vineyards date back to 1820 when the wines were sold to the English market. After the vineyards were devastated by the phylloxera disease in the 1880s, a couple of blokes armed with faith and dedication decided to attempt to rebuild these vineyards.

    Now, the Vargellas vineyards produce sophisticated Ports from vines up to 75 years old, with a focus on sustainability. The 2002 vintage is particularly intense, with rich raisin-y fruit and lots of sweet spices. We say thank you, Taylor Fladgate and Yeatman, for having faith and slogging it out.


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