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Welcome to our wonderful corner of Port - we have a range available that should hopefully suit most tastes with both budget and style in mind.

Maybe you're after the rich decadent intensity of vintage port or the more subtle yet just as powerful LBV. Maybe you want something that is not quite as expensive and is not quite so intense? Try a Ruby. Love nutty, rich flavours and want your port just a little chilled? Go Tawny, the older it is the more intense the flavours will be. How about something off dry, no tannin, with a lemon hue and perfect chilled for an aperitif? Then White is your bag.

Port is a traditional world where the variation possible is enough to keep any with a minor sweet tooth happy for a long time and you can sip away knowing that huge portions of love and care have gone into the making of your wine.

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  1. Croft Vintage Port 1994 Vegan and Vegetarian Fortified Wine

    Croft Vintage Port 1994



    We love Vintage Port here at Oddbins, it's like a spicy, dark fruit flavoured time capsule. Take a sip and you're transported through time and space to Croft Quintas in 1994. "Bloomin' old John Major, he's planning on privatising British Rail don't you know? O well, at least I can kick back and listen to Oasis' new album Definitely Maybe, they're going places these guys." Thankfully, this wine has more longevity than the Gallagher brothers' relationship and Major's political career combined; it's drinking great with rich flavours of jammy damson, leather, tobacco and sweet spice. In 20 years, what will this year's vintage remind us of, hopefully not Armageddon.

  2. Grahams 10 Year Old Tawny Port

    Graham's 10 Year Old Tawny Port

    Now £17.50

    Was £21.50


    We're going to put our neck on the line here and say that we have a favourite talk show host. That host is Graham Norton. Sorry Jonathan and Alan, but Graham's the man for Oddbins.

    Why? Because he is very natural and easy with his guests, accompanying them on whatever flights of fancy they go on. Warm-natured and dry yet charmingly nutty, (now you'll see where we're going with this...), he is much like his 10 Year Old Portuguese Tawny Port namesake.

  3. Grahams LBV Port

    Graham's LBV Port 2012

    Now £11.50

    Was £14.75


    Graham's Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV) is an excellent wine, hand selected from only the finest produce each year. This LBV is matured in seasoned oak and then bottled at between four and six years of age giving its 'Late Bottling' name. It is a deep opaque colour, with heavy tones of dark red round the rim. On the nose it is full of elegance with aromas of red fruits and eucalyptus combined with minty notes. Rich red fruits line the palate with additional peppery tannins.

  4. Offley Tawny Port NV Fortified Wine

    Offley Tawny Port NV



    Tawny. In the avian world, it refers to a beautiful, golden-coloured owl that is, in fact highly territorial and non-migratory.

    Offley Tawny Port is an elegant fortified wine, offering mature and fresh flavours with a classic style. A typical drink that combines modern techniques with years of experience.

  5. Quinta Do Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013 Vegan and Vegetarian Fortified Wine

    Quinta Do Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013



    Quinta Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013 is not a wine that treads carefully. In fact it's made initially by vineyard workers stomping on the grapes to village music. (The song YMCA naturally). The world would be a happier, less stressed place if we could all help make this wine.

    Imagine coming home after a horrible day and declaring 'Right, I'm out back to the shed for a good bit of grape galumphing!' Not only is this anger managment. It'd be assisting in the production of one of the best ports in the world. So if you haven't tried Quinta Vesuvio , get yourself a bottle. We guarantee you'll lava it.

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