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Welcome to our wonderful corner of Port - we have a range available that should hopefully suit most tastes with both budget and style in mind.

Maybe you're after the rich decadent intensity of vintage port or the more subtle yet just as powerful LBV. Maybe you want something that is not quite as expensive and is not quite so intense? Try a Ruby. Love nutty, rich flavours and want your port just a little chilled? Go Tawny, the older it is the more intense the flavours will be. How about something off dry, no tannin, with a lemon hue and perfect chilled for an aperitif? Then White is your bag.

Port is a traditional world where the variation possible is enough to keep any with a minor sweet tooth happy for a long time and you can sip away knowing that huge portions of love and care have gone into the making of your wine.

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  1. Churchill's Ten Years Old Tawny Port 50cl

    Churchill's 10 Year Old Tawny Port 500ml



    If you're someone for whom Port is weighed down by a connotation of stuffy old institutions, bizarre ceremonies and old school ties, don't let a snob from your past prevent you from trying this outstanding wine; this port will change your mind. If you've never tried a tawny, plunge into the depths of the rich, nutty, smoky flavours that abound here and contemplate the life of a convert. This example is versatile enough to be chilled before serving and doubles up as either an excellent aperitif or after-dinner treat.

  2. Churchill's Dry White Port

    Churchill's Dry White Port



    Port, traditionally, is saved for a luxurious, après dinner treat and is usually ruby in colour and lavishly, decadently rich and sweet. Not so here. No – this is that marvellous, rare thing – a white Port – and it much prefers to work its magic before dinner. Shove this in your guests' hands when they come in from the cold and you’ll be their BFF (Best Friend Forever didn’tcha know). Off-dry, nutty and toasty, and balanced with beautiful blossom and dried fig flavours, this is a mellow, subtle and complex.
  3. Croft 1994 Vintage Port Fortified

    Croft Vintage Port 1994



    We love Vintage Port here at Oddbins, it's like a spicy, dark fruit flavoured time capsule. Take a sip and you're transported through time and space to Croft Quintas in 1994. "Bloomin' old John Major, he's planning on privatising British Rail don't you know? O well, at least I can kick back and listen to Oasis' new album Definitely Maybe, they're going places these guys." Thankfully, this wine has more longevity than the Gallagher brothers' relationship and Major's political career combined; it's drinking great with rich flavours of jammy damson, leather, tobacco and sweet spice. In 20 years, what will this year's vintage remind us of, hopefully not Armageddon.

  4. Fonseca Bin 27 Finest Reserve Port

    Fonseca Bin 27 Finest Reserve NV

    Now £11.75

    Was £14.00


    This shopping malarky is getting ridiculous. I could be standing here for hours. But a decision needs to be made now. The shop's tasting notes say that Fonseca Bin 27 Finest Port is 'The best blended port you're gonna find today or ever.' Well, that's easy for them to say...

    Suddenly a lovely old lady sticks a bony elbow in my innards, shoves past and grabs a bottle. Then a spotty student also ducks in whilst exclaiming to his mate. 'That's totes dads fav'.

    I turn to start ranting about that bloody none existent word 'totes'. Before I open my mouth a bank robber politely steps past to buy a bottle with his new earnings. Turning around I find that my friend has already asked the staff and bought the same one.

    Bin 27 Finest Port. 'Come on J-dog. The staff here said they tasted it last night. Apparently, it's totes amazeballs dude'

  5. Fonseca Guimaraens 1998 (Wooden Gift Box With Decanting Funnel)

    Fonseca Guimaraens 1998 (Wooden Gift Box With Decanting Funnel)

    Now £26.00

    Was £30.00


    Guimaraens Vintage Port, we like to think, is somewhat like Casey Affleck; sure, maybe he didn’t write Good Will Hunting like his big brother Ben, but hey, he was still in it! Sure, Ben Affleck is Batman, Casey was in Oceans 11, 12 & 13! That’s pretty cool, right? 2 of those films were actually pretty good. Casey can also grow a magnificent beard, he’s approachable, just like Guirmaraens Vintage Port. Point being, Guimaraens might not have the same prestige as Fronseca’s true Vintage Port but it’s more supple, early maturing and grapes are still harvested from the same three estates. Not every film needs Ben Affleck in, just as not every occasion requires Fronseca Vintage Port, sometimes you’d prefer his little brother Casey, clutching a delicious bottle of Guimaraens Vintage Port.
  6. Fonseca Quinta do Panascal 1999

    Fonseca Quinta do Panascal 1999

    Now £24.00

    Was £28.00


    Port’ s a funny business, for example, when serving Vintage Port, the decanter should be placed on the right side of the host and then passed round the table clockwise. Why? Tradition my good man! That way, if the Baron of Norfolk pays you a terrible disservice; perhaps commenting on the regularity your wife frequents the theatre, your sword arm is free to whip out your rapier and seek retribution! Thankfully, Port is becoming much less anachronistic, wines like this are made from the best vineyards but mature much earlier than traditional Vintage Port, delivering a much more approachable style, at a more affordable price point, for you modern consumers. No duels, just delicious wine.
  7. Grahams 10 Year Old Tawny Port

    Graham's 10 Year Old Tawny Port

    Now £19.00

    Was £21.50


    We’re going to put our neck on the line here and say that we have a favourite talk show host. That host is Graham Norton. Sorry Jonathan and Alan, but Graham’s the man for Oddbins.

    Why? Because he is very natural and easy with his guests, accompanying them on whatever flights of fancy they go on. Warm-natured and dry yet charmingly nutty, (now you’ll see where we’re going with this…), he is much like his 10 Year Old Portuguese Tawny Port namesake.

  8. Grahams LBV Port

    Graham's LBV Port 2012

    Now £12.50

    Was £14.75


    Graham´s Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV) is an excellent wine, hand selected from only the finest produce each year. This LBV is matured in seasoned oak and then bottled at between four and six years of age giving its 'Late Bottling' name. It is a deep opaque colour, with heavy tones of dark red round the rim. On the nose it is full of elegance with aromas of red fruits and eucalyptus combined with minty notes. Rich red fruits line the palate with additional peppery tannins.
  9. Graham's Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port 2004

    Graham's Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port 2004

    Now £27.00

    Was £32.00


    Smoother than George Clooney in a tuxedo, this is a very special Port at its optimum maturity.
  10. Offley Tawny Port NV Fortified Wine

    Offley Tawny Port NV



    Tawny. In the avian world, it refers to a beautiful, golden-coloured owl that is, in fact highly territorial and non-migratory.

    Offley Tawny Port is an elegant fortified wine, offering mature and fresh flavours with a classic style. A typical drink that combines modern techniques with years of experience.

  11. Quinta Do Noval 10 YO Tawny Port NV

    Quinta Do Noval 10 YO Tawny Port NV

    Now £19.00

    Was £24.00


    Drinking port can be like opening up those tradional, wooden russian dolls. As you open each doll you reveal another one, another style of port. The first one is like trying basic ruby port-ok not bad, then the next you discover LBV port- which is much better.

    After some generous soul gives you a glass of single vintage port-it's brilliant and you think you have hit the last doll. But then you discover there is one more. The last one.

    A fine tawny port. Silky butterscotch, dried fruits and nutty flavours- completely new flavours compared to the previous ones. You really can't get any further than that.

  12. Quinta do Noval 2008/09 LBV

    Quinta do Noval LBV Unfiltered Port 2011

    Now £19.00

    Was £24.00


    Traditions can be really odd can’t they? Take cheese-rolling in Gloucestershire, where people leg it down a hill after a nine pound round of Double Gloucester cheese, which can reach up to 70mph, in a bid to win said cheese. The tradition of treading the grapes for Port in traditional ‘lagares’ is a slightly less ridiculous tradition, with indubitably tastier results. This Port, from a simply cracking year, underwent foot-treading in a lagare and has flavours of ripe plums, stewed blackberries and a hint of sweet tobacco. It would probably go pretty well Double Gloucester, come to think of it.
  13. Quinta Do Vesuvio Port 2013

    Quinta Do Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013



    Quinta Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013 is not a wine that treads carefully. In fact it's made initially by vineyard workers stomping on the grapes to village music. (The song YMCA naturally). The world would be a happier, less stressed place if we could all help make this wine.

    Imagine coming home after a horrible day and declaring 'Right, I'm out back to the shed for a good bit of grape galumphing!' Not only is this anger managment. It'd be assisting in the production of one of the best ports in the world. So if you haven't tried Quinta Vesuvio , get yourself a bottle. We guarantee you'll lava it.

  14. Sandeman Vau Vintage 1999

    Sandeman Vau Vintage 1999

    Now £20.00

    Was £26.50


    One in a long list of alternative Port styles that offer those who can't wait, or can't afford, the chance to sample a piece of something special.

    This is considered Sandeman's second label in a declared vintage year, and unlike their straight-up vintage, this in-between Port style can be enjoyed now or after ageing. Rich, juicy, intense and sweet, if you're looking for a memorable Port for a memorable evening, we can certainly Vau-ch for this!

  15. Taylors Quinta de Vargellas Port 2002

    Taylors Quinta de Vargellas Port 2002

    Now £29.00

    Was £33.00


    Quinta de Vargellas has gone through some changes over the years, the vineyards date back to 1820 when the wines were sold to the English market. After the vineyards were devastated by the phylloxera disease in the 1880s, a couple of blokes armed with faith and dedication decided to attempt to rebuild these vineyards.

    Now, the Vargellas vineyards produce sophisticated Ports from vines up to 75 years old, with a focus on sustainability. The 2002 vintage is particularly intense, with rich raisin-y fruit and lots of sweet spices. We say thank you, Taylor Fladgate and Yeatman, for having faith and slogging it out.

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