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What is it about Sherry that holds a certain taboo? Rearing its lonely head around Christmas only to be put back on the dusty shelf once the festive period is over. It’s nonsense! We find that a good Sherry can help accommodate any situation, no matter what time of year.

For example, our Barbadillo Amontillado is a richly nutty sherry that has lingering elements of spice and fills you with a warm fuzzy feeling to help melt away that frostbitten heart and start you off right for the year ahead.

Of course it wouldn’t be England without a little bit of drizzle every now and then, but picture yourself being comforted by the sound of rain tapping at your window, feeling the warmth from inside your home and a glass of Barbadillo Pale Cream. A gently almond-y, freshly-baked-bread-dream, it’ll find you floating away on a little cloud of joy, as you gaze, unconcerned, at the rain-filled forecast.

But the defining thing about this country’s weather is that it is predictably unpredictable. Nobody ever knows whether to grab their mac or strip off entirely (woah there Nelly). So our next Sherry is the compromise – both caramel-driven and dry, toasty yet breezy, it is an utter joy and no fair-weather friend… We call it the happy medium and we think every British home should have one.

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  1. Barbadillo Amontillado Spanish Sherry

    Barbadillo Amontillado Sherry NV



    'This porridge is too hot!'... 'This porridge is too cold!'... 'This porridge is just right.' So said Goldilocks, before being quite rightly evicted by three disgruntled homeowners...

    Luckily for them she hadn't found their bottle of Barbadillo Amontadillo Sherry! We can't imagine she would have been so quick to find faults with this ones deep amber colour, complex aromas and dried fruit flavours. Mmm...this sounds just right to us!

  2. Barbadillo Pale Cream Fortified Wine Sherry

    Barbadillo Pale Cream Sherry



    With the light fluffiness of a cloud, combined with the delicate, mesmeric nuances of almonds and freshly baked baguettes, this is a little dream of a Sherry. Hints of coconut enter the gentle fray, from the American oak used in the Solera ageing casks.

    We're not trying to psychically drive you or anything (we've been watching too much pseudo-psychoanalytical TV, clearly), but were you to serve up a desert of homemade crème brülée, this would go really rather well.

  3. Leonor Palo Cortado Sherry

    Leonor Palo Cortado Sherry

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    Like a lot of Sherries, Palo Cortado likes to breathe. A lot. It is exposed to air for the entirety of its 12 year ageing in the Leonor Solera ageing system. And, as with humans, a large dose of fresh air does it the world of good and (unlike humans) it develops the most extraordinary hazelnut, toasty oak and caramel flavours but, despite this seemingly sweet flavour profile, is completely, delightfully dry.

  4. Tio Pepe Sherry - Half Bottle 375ml

    Tio Pepe Sherry - Half Bottle 375ml



    Antonio Flores Pedregosa is truly the nabob, the poo-bah, even the muckety-muck of Tio Pepe, one of the most esteemed wine blenders in the whole of Jerez. His father preceded him at the helm of the operation, and he grew up with Tio Pepe, he lived and breathed Tio Pepe, he was born and even conceived at the Tio Pepe winery. From an early age, then, he wanted nothing more than to be a journalist. Oh. Well, journalism's loss is our gain and instead of articles we have news of this delightful, almond-tinged, yeasty and piquant dry sherry.

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