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Pop quiz hotshot! Do you own the following; a gilet, a pair of alarming red trousers and slip-on shoes? If the answers yes then you my friend, consider yourself to be quintessentially posh. However, if you own none of those things but do have a good bottle of bubbly waiting to be cracked open at a momentous occasion? Because if so, that’s not posh, that’s just good common sense! Mind you, one sip of Champagnes like the winsome Veuve Clicquot and you could end up proposing to your girlfriend/boyfriend/postman just so you can celebrate all over again.

But, if not, don’t panic, our range of gifts go hand in hand with any meaningful occasion no matter how large or small. Maybe you just want to celebrate giving the opposing team a good thwacking at your latest polo/basketball/Wii tournament, in which case just peruse our Champagne section to find your perfect fizz fit. Or perhaps you just want to say a little thank you to someone for looking after your cat/giving you a massage/offloading some amazing cast-offs, in which case, one of our exceedingly popular Proseccos should do the job nicely.

Other events are more momentous and demand bubbles with gravitas. That maybe scientifically illogical, but you catch our drift… A bottle of vintage Champagne such as the toasty and well-balanced Pol Roger 2004, with suggestive notes of stone fruit, acacia honey and citrus, would add a touch of majesty. And of course we should all aim to be majestic, every now and again.

You can send Champagne gifts anywhere in the UK and use our Next Day Delivery Service to get your sparkling gift delivered the following working day (for orders placed before 2pm).

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  1. Dom Perignon - Gift Set


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    Dom Perignon - Gift Set

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    Since 1921 Dom Pergnon has more or less defined the term ‘vintage champagne’, not least because Dom Perignon only makes vintage champagne. Even more so because DP is only produced in years where the grape harvest will deliver something outstanding. A grand total of 38 years in the last 91. No wonder it’s been the favourite champagne of Marilyn Monroe, James Bond and countless other figures of renown, real and fictional. Glamour, tradition and elegance all wrapped up in that fabulously stylish bottle. Not to mention the definitively wonderful champagne.

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