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  1. Love Box Treat Yourself Champagne Wine Gift Set


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    Treat Yourself Gift Set

    You could take off your coat and gallantly throw it over a puddle for your amour but, let's face it, it's freezing. You could paint a portrait of them but, if your art skills are anything like ours, it’s not going to look complimentary. So forget all that and woo them with the guaranteed deliciousness of the cinnamon, patisserie and lemon-imbued Drappier and the gorgeous, red fruit and spice of the Crozes-Hermitage.
  2. Dom Perignon - Gift Set


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    Dom Perignon - Gift Set

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    Since 1921 Dom Pergnon has more or less defined the term 'vintage champagne', not least because Dom Perignon only makes vintage champagne. Even more so because DP is only produced in years where the grape harvest will deliver something outstanding. A grand total of 38 years in the last 91. No wonder it’s been the favourite champagne of Marilyn Monroe, James Bond and countless other figures of renown, real and fictional. Glamour, tradition and elegance all wrapped up in that fabulously stylish bottle. Not to mention the definitively wonderful champagne.