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Gifts for the trendsetter

For the trailblazers that you know. If these wines aren’t on everybody’s lips already, after they post a couple of pictures on Instagram (if that’s still cool or is it all about Snapchat now?) undoubtedly the Twittersphere will be a buzz, cheers to the Trendsetters!

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  1. Dom Pérignon 2009 Vintage Champage - Magnum

    Dom Pérignon 2009 Vintage Champage - Magnum



    Since 1921, Dom Pérignon has more or less defined the term ‘vintage champagne’, not least because they only make vintage champagne. It is also because DP is only produced in years where the grape harvest will deliver something outstanding, which means that only roughly half of the past 100 or so vintages have been declared.

    No wonder it’s been a favourite of Marilyn Monroe, James Bond and countless other figures of repute… real and fictional. With its flavours of delicate marzipan and cocoa, finessed peach and white apricot and, finally, decadent, spicy notes that go on and on, you, like Dom Pérignon, may just exclaim ‘come quickly – I am tasting the stars’!

  2. Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc 2006 Vintage Champagne

    Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc 2006 Vintage Champagne



    Dom Thierry Ruinart was a visionary Benedictine monk who lived from 1657-1709 and was instrumental in the development of sparkling wine. That’s got to be one of the greatest contributions a monk has made to the secular world. He certainly did more than that Friar Huberd in The Canterbury Tales, didn’t he live in a cupboard or something? O wait, no, that’s a salty sailor’s limerick that shouldn’t be shared in polite company. Throughout his life, Dom Thierry Ruinart would visit his brother at his home in Champagne and relayed his conviction that ‘vin de mousse’ had a promising future.

    In 1729, twenty years after the death of Dom Ruinart, Nicolas Ruinart, Dom Ruinart's nephew, founded the first Champagne House, Maison Ruinart, and forever ingrained his uncle's name and the house in the history books. With an elegant toasted aroma, balanced with fresh floral notes and succulent stone fruit flavours, Dom Ruinart vintage champagne is a monument to the great man’s prestigious legacy.

  3. Jansz Rose Sparkling Wine Gift Set


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    Jansz Rosé - Gift Set

    As low as: £19.50

    This staggering Tasmanian rosé is one of the very best sparklers in the Oddbins range - and that's counting Champagne. Handmade by a lady who likes to tend each vine individually according to its precise needs, everything about this beautiful glimmers with rose tinted quality.

  4. Johnnie Walker Odyssey Whisky Gift Set


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    Johnnie Walker Odyssey - Gift Set

    As low as: £729.00

    A brand new, super-premium, limited edition whisky made using a blend of three carefully chosen single malts aged in European oak casks. The recipe is based on notes made by Sir Alexander Walker (grandson of the founder John “Johnnie” Walker).
    Beautifully bottled in a crystal-grade decanter and rocking box (to stop it falling over on the high seas), this seriously malt driven, fruity and smooth whisky will take your taste buds on a journey though honey, caramel, citrus, red berries and mellow smoke.
    But be quick because only 60 bottles have hit these shores, we managed to grab a handful for you and we don’t expect them to hang around for long.

  5. Tomatin Whisky Meets Sherry Oloroso

    Tomatin Whisky Meets Sherry Oloroso

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    Opposites attract, as they say, and in the case of Tomatin and Oloroso this couldn't be more true. In a classic tale of Whisky meets Sherry, Tomatins life is changed for the better when it’s introduced to the elegant and gentle character of Oloroso.

    Having lived a rough and rugged youth, Tomatin is influenced heavily by Oloroso’s age and wisdom, transforming it in to a silky-smooth dram with sweet aromas, slightly bitter flavours and a dry finish.
  6. Tomatin Whisky Meets Sherry PX

    Tomatin Whisky Meets Sherry PX

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    Was £57.00


    Tom's simple life in hogshead was thrown into turmoil when the famous Spanish wonder Pedro Ximenez appeared at the distillery. Their chance encounter bloomed into a full-blown love affair as their radically different lifestyles drew closer and closer together.

    In awe of Pedro, Tom looked deep into his glossy bottle and said “I’m just a whisky, standing in front of a sherry, asking it to share its flavours.”

    The pair put their differences aside and went on to live a long and harmonious life together, gorging on all the figs, raisins, apricots and plums they could find. It’s all rather sweet, really.

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