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  1. Johnnie Walker Odyssey Whisky Gift Set


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    Johnnie Walker Odyssey - Gift Set

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    A brand new, super-premium, limited edition whisky made using a blend of three carefully chosen single malts aged in European oak casks. The recipe is based on notes made by Sir Alexander Walker (grandson of the founder John “Johnnie” Walker).
    Beautifully bottled in a crystal-grade decanter and rocking box (to stop it falling over on the high seas), this seriously malt driven, fruity and smooth whisky will take your taste buds on a journey though honey, caramel, citrus, red berries and mellow smoke.
    But be quick because only 60 bottles have hit these shores, we managed to grab a handful for you and we don’t expect them to hang around for long.

1 Item(s)

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