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The Experience

Drink When...
Bordeaux ain't cool enough
Listen To...
Jack Johnson
Think About...
It's time for a little perspective
Drink With...
Carpaccio on a bed of soft leaves

The Oddbins Take

Not quite as in-your-face as wines from Australia, but much more approachable and easier to understand than those of France, South African wines run the gamut from the staunchly traditional to the fiercely modern.

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Marvelous Red 2015   +£9.75
Radford Dale Black Rock 2014   +£16.50
Miles Mossop 'Introduction' Chenin Blanc 2015   +£13.50
Lothian 'Isobel' Rosé 2016   +£10.50
Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc 2016   +£10.50

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Good Hope, Good Wine - Mixed Case of 6 Wines

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Good Hope, Good Wine - Mixed Case of 6 Wines

Case of 6 South African Wines

What's In This Case

  • Marvelous Red 2015 Red Wine

    Good jazz is all about balance. Blending. Just the right amount of this, just the right amount of that. It's also about taking a little creative risk now and then. Of course, that could mean...

  • Radford Dale Black Rock 2013

    Like the addition of Peter 'Swingometer' Snow to the Beeb's election night results, Black Rock is guaranteed to make even the most memorable of nights even more memorable, with added colours, fun...

  • Miles Mossop 'Introduction' Chenin Blanc 2015 White Wine

    You only get one chance to make a first impression. And this ambitious Chenin knew she had to knock it out of the park if she wanted to be picked by the famous Miles Mossop. What grape wouldn't?...

  • Lothian 'Isobel' Rosé 2016

    Isobel was different. She had bearing. Poise. She commanded the room effortlessly, without intent. Perhaps it shouldn't have been a surprise when the genealogist knocked on the winery door and...

  • Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc 2016 White Wine

    Think South Africa and you probably think BIG. It's all about scale. The animals are big. The mountains are big. But while everything might be big, big isn't everything. Actually, Ken was a bit...

  • Miles Mossup 'Max'

    You know how Bordeaux is a bit tweed jacket, red trousers, brogues and hunting? Maybe that's a little unfair, but it's certainly on the stuffier side. Well what would happen if you moved it to...