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Akashi Tai Daiginjo Sake 720ml

The Experience

Drink When...
Laughing your head off
Listen To...
The audience
Think About...
About the stitch in your sides
Alter Ego...
Jack Dee

The Oddbins Take

They Say

Junmai Daiginjo Akashi-tai uses only the most highly prized Yamada Nishiki rice, grown in a district of Hyogo renowned for fine sake-making rice. The rice is polished until only 40% of the grain remains, after which, two months are devoted to nurturing the Akashi-tai sake to completion. Polishing away the outer portion of the rice grain results in a sake that combines a rich yet crisp flavour with sophisticated aroma and depth.

We Say

Polished and warm yet refreshing, this is sake as it should be. Although it’s not to be confused with sarcy people, like… Alter Ego: Jack Dee; it shares the ability to wow large crowds with its delicious dryness, a rich and rewarding character and a crisp delivery that never loses its edge.

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  • Junmai Akashi Tai Daiginjo Sake Liqueur
Junmai Akashi Tai Daiginjo Sake Liqueur

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