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La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Royal Blanc - Half Bottle 375ml

The Experience

Drink When...
Strolling across a bridge
Listen To...
Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel
Think About...
Crossing bridges
Drink With...
Braised pork chops

The Oddbins Take

Straddling the confluence of floral and herby and dry and sweet, La Quintinye is like a romantic bridge that’s perfect for strolling across at dusk.

Alter Ego: Ray Davies; It’s definitely Kinky (not like THAT… mind in the gutter, you lot) and it is just perfect for watching a Waterloo Sunset. Even when it’s a touch sweet, it still retains an attractive dryness and earthy, poetic quality.

The Vital Statistics

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The Style

Pineau des Charentes
Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet

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  • La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Royal Blanc 37.5cl
La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Royal Blanc 37.5cl

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Justine Sterling on, 16/4/15: "The Blanc is floral, lightly sweet and a touch bitter—perfect for Vesper-style Martinis, which require a fruitier, full-bodied vermouth."
The ‘La Quintinye’ range of Vermouths comes from Euro Wine Gate – the makers of our G’Vine gins and Excellia tequila. Leading the way in the vermouth revival, which owes a lot to the demand for classic cocktail ingredients, La Quintinye Blanc is, unusually, a blend of Pineau de Charentes, white wine and 18 botanicals has gentle notes of grapes, white flowers and more earthy, herby notes. Just a touch off-dry, it makes for a very pleasant aperitif.