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La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Royal Rouge - Half Bottle 375ml

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Feeling fruity
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Fruit Tree by Nick Drake

The Oddbins Take

Whoosh! You hear that? That was the sound of ten thousand cherries, prunes and aniseed all splashing down into a mountain lake. That’s not actually how they make La Quintinye Red, but it might as well be.

Alter Ego: Carmen Miranda; this is one fruity beauty, with enough ripe flavours to send you salsa-ing your way all the way to the cocktail cabinet/shelf. Shake that thing

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The Style

Pineau des Charentes

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  • La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Rouge 375ml
La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Rouge 375ml

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Justine Sterling on, 16/4/15: "The Rouge is a fresh take on an old standby. While many of the newer craft red or sweet vermouths tend toward baking spices, this one almost comes off like a port. It’s heady with dried fruit flavors and honeyed sweetness. Great for after-dinner sipping, it would also make for a crazy-rich Manhattan."
The ‘La Quintinye’ range of Vermouths comes from Euro Wine Gate – the makers of our G’Vine gins and Excellia tequila. Leading the way in the vermouth revival, which owes a lot to the demand for classic cocktail ingredients, La Quintinye Rouge is, unusually, a blend of red Pineau de Charentes, white wine and 28 botanicals and is a brilliant ruby red in colour, boasting incredible cherry notes with a touch of sweetness. A classic cocktail mixer, or enjoyable straight, on the rocks.