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It's good to be prepared over the Christmas period. Anything can happen, your long-lost cousin could turn up at your door or a brown bear could try to marry your decorative, garden reindeer. That's why it makes sense to have a wide selection of approachable wines from the New World with a price that seems to contradict their astonishing quality, so, no matter who comes around, you're covered.

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Mix of Six - Gift Set

Mix of Six - Festive Gift Set (Christmas Gifts)

What's in this Giftbox

  • Six Bottle - Red Gift Box
    Smart, fully lined, six bottle gift box that will fit both wines and Champagnes.
    Not sold separately, must be purchased in conjunction with wine or spirits.
  • Salmon Run Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 White Wine

    The 'salmon run' usually denotes the perilous annual trip that salmon make to their natal rivers to spawn, as bears, eagles and fishermen gather hungrily at the water's edge. However, the salmon...

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  • Incienso Malbec Red Wine Argentina

    You can do a lot with £7.50. You could buy some hair dye and go strawberry blonde. You could buy a decent quality ball point pen. Or! You could buy yourself a taste of the Argentine...

  • Four Growers Chardonnay Australia

    Like King Solomon the Wise, winemakers have to be masters of judgement and balance. Leave the grapes on the vine too long? You end up with wine that is over-ripe and uninteresting. Ferment the...

  • Pinot Pinot - Pinot Noir 2016

    To be or Pinot to be, that is the question. Poor old Hamlet just couldn't decide what to put on the table for his annual 'Safety First Near Suspicious Looking Lakes' convention. To make matters...

  • Marvelous Yellow 2016 White Wine

    Like most complex characters, Adam Mason had many sides. On the one hand he was determined to make untrammelled varietal wine. On the other, he delighted in the concert of flavours, the jazz that...

  • Garden Route Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

    South Africa's 300 mile long Garden Route might have the second mildest climate in the World, but the flavours in this wine are a million miles from mild. Rich, ripe, blackberries and spice. But...