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Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur

The Experience

Drink When...
Needing a lift
Listen To...
'Friendship' - Tenacious D
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Coffee fix
Drink With...
Espresso and hazelnut cake
Alter Ego...
Jack Black

The Oddbins Take

They Say

Mr. Black is the perfect addition to many classic cocktails and even has the potential to make them taste better! Hard to believe, right? We know…

The liqueur is made using a carefully selected blend of coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea; a special combination that provides its distinctive flavours and strong aromas of fresh espresso.

Inky black in colour, Mr. Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur is bitter yet beautifully balanced with chocolate and caramel flavours and a fine, citrus edge. On this finish, it boats toffee and marmalade though coffee is present right through from beginning to end.

We Say

A couple of self-confessed critical coffee connoisseurs got creative and crafted this cracking caffeinated cold press coffee liqueur. Try saying THAT when you’ve had a few cocktails!

A strong and sometimes overwhelming personality, yet loveable and lacking excessive bitterness, this versatile liqueur reminds us of none other than Mr. Black himself…Alter Ego; Jack Black: a tenacious little guy whose alternative style hasn’t stopped him proving his popularity and taking the world by storm.

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  • Mr Black Coffee Liqueur 70cl Australian Spirit
Mr Black Coffee Liqueur 70cl Australian Spirit

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Two Australians, one love for black, bitter beverages, and a mutual disdain for every other product in the spirit industry labelled ‘coffee’. We introduce the makers of Mr Black, estd 2012, Tom Baker and Philip Moore. Their goal? To make the best coffee liqueur in the world.

A designer by trade, Tom previously worked in new product development for large liquor companies. One of Australia’s most highly awarded distillers, Philip Moore has run Distillery Botanica in Erina, New South Wales since 2007.

To this day, each bottle of Mr Black is made by Tom and Philip’s own hands at their distillery (and a lady called Mandy sticks the labels on for them). They liken the crafting process to blending a whisky, choosing different coffee beans and roasting profiles to develop the liqueurs’ distinctive flavours.

Brazilian Arabica beans are the foundation of the drink. A combination of a traditional ‘French’ roast and a light, more contemporary roast brings in flavours of fresh coffee. The Ethiopean Djimmah, a specialty coffee, brings something different to the mix with a light-medium roast that provides fruit, toffee and chocolate flavours. Finally, they bring in a PNG coffee, a regional classic, which adds a zesty citrus orange marmalade character to the final product.

Mr. Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur is entirely cold-extracted with no addition of flavours, caramels, vanillas or preservatives. As the name suggests, cold extraction is done at significantly low temperatures in comparison to espresso. This results in a less acidic brew with a round mouthfeel. A significantly higher coffee-to-water ratio, and a longer steep time are used than in a traditional cold brew in order to create a coffee that can withstand being blended with spirits.

An inky black in colour, and with strong aromas of fresh espresso, Mr. Black is bitter yet beautifully balanced with flavours of chocolate and caramels with a fine, citrus edge. Toffee and marmalade are present on the finish, though, as you’d expect, coffee dominates from beginning to end.