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Quinta Do Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013

The Experience

Drink When...
Galumphing on grapes
Listen To...
'YMCA' - Village People
Think About...
Why call it Vesuvio?
Drink With...
Milk Chocolate

The Oddbins Take

Quinta Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013 is not a wine that treads carefully. In fact it's made initially by vineyard workers stomping on the grapes to village music. (The song YMCA naturally). The world would be a happier, less stressed place if we could all help make this wine.

Imagine coming home after a horrible day and declaring 'Right, I'm out back to the shed for a good bit of grape galumphing!' Not only is this anger managment. It'd be assisting in the production of one of the best ports in the world. So if you haven't tried Quinta Vesuvio , get yourself a bottle. We guarantee you'll lava it.

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Quinta Vesuvio is one of the only producers to still use the ancient technique of manually crushing the grapes by workers treading on them to extract the juice and pigment. Built in 1827 the winery contains 'Lagars' (shallow stone troughs) which take up to approximately 50 people. Who first systematically tread, then dance on the grapes to the local village music! This method that hails as far back as the Old Testament, is still regarded as one of the best means of producing quality juice.

Owned by a family long involved in producing and sale of port- the Symingtons. Charles Symington, bears the responsibility of production, following in a family tradition reaching back to the mid 17th century. Charles won in the Principal Professional Awards in October 2013; International Wine Challenge, London: Fortified Winemaker of the Year (2003) and Winemaker of The Year – Fortified Wines, Portugal 2006 and 2012.