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  1. Ecologica Codorniu Cava NV

    Ecologica Codorniu Cava NV

    Now £10.00

    Was £10.50


    Bruce began Friday drinks by plonking a bottle of cava on the table. He announced. ' No lager tonight dudes, time to try something different.'

    Most of the time, sparkling wine is perceived as purely a celebratory drink. But some devotees of this refreshing wine-style drink it whenever the mood occurs i.e. having a pint or a glass of wine with a mate. Cava is outstanding quality, traditionally made (Like Champagne) and you don't need to sell your goldfish to buy some.

    Combine this concept along with the amazing pioneer producer Codorniu, will take you straight to their Ecologica Cava Brut NV. Lemon zest, green apples and fresh almond aromas. Followed by a delicious creamy mousse. Some slightly conservative friends may think it's fancy, but others may greet you with a grin. ;)


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  2. Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut NV Champagne

    Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut NV Champagne

    Now £20.00

    Was £29.00


    Our French is simple, however we feel that Canard-Duchêne generally interprets as "duck of oak". Furthermore, we trust this to be a reference to how this exquisite Champagne vanquished the UK. The general population of Ludes, close Reims, kept a huge wooden Trojan-duck at traditions in Folkestone. The duck was filled to the overflow with Champagne bottles, and when neighborhood traditions officers wheeled it in, the trap entryway sprung open and jugs flew out, advancing up the M20 towards London. The rest is history. In any case, our comprehension may not be truly genuine.


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  3. Champagne Philippe Guidon Brut Rosé NV

    Champagne Philippe Guidon Brut Rosé NV

    Now £24.30

    Was £27.00


    There's something inherently hedonistic about pink champagne, something inescapably self indulgent. And why not? What's wrong with a celebration of life for life itself? It only becomes vulgar when the only people who can afford it are bankers, oligarchs and Premier league footballers…

    So three cheers for Philippe Guidon - with this beautifully crisp and fresh, fruity but elegant fizz, you can live for the moment without breaking the bank.


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  4. Champagne Tarlant Reserve Brut NV

    Champagne Tarlant Reserve Brut NV

    Now £26.10

    Was £29.00


    Family is a good thing. If you need convincing, just tune into EastEnders – Phil Mitchell often reminds people of the importance of family. The Tarlants, in Champagne, also value family, but don’t have menacing undertones.

    What they do have, however, is huge respect for the 11 generations of winemakers before them and for the land tended by them since 1687.

    They run their vineyards sustainably and vinify plots separately, adding only a small dosage, which allows the expression of the grapes to shine through. We think Phil would approve.


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  5. Canard-Duchêne Charles VII Grande Cuvée Le Victorieux NV

    Canard-Duchêne Charles VII Grande Cuvée Le Victorieux NV Champagne

    Now £31.50

    Was £35.00


    We say this with nothing short of affection, but the folk in Champagne don’t ‘alf over egg things sometimes. This Champagne’s name translates as “The Big Charles VII Blend, The Victorious” and comes from the modestly titled “Best Tasting Champagne”, Canard-Duchêne.

    But they have every right to be proud – it’s ridiculously tasty. Made with 20% ‘reserve’ – i.e. vintage wine, it has impressive depth, with stone fruit, minerals and toastier notes. Oh, and the finest looking bottle we've seen in a long time.


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  6. Taittinger Brut NV Champagne

    Taittinger Brut NV Champagne

    Now £32.00

    Was £39.00


    Classic Champagne. And a no-risk, fail-safe guarantee of good order. Taittinger is one of the thoroughbreds and might as well carry the torch for the impeccably high standards of the region's winemaking.

    This is a celebratory Champagne par-excellence, it would equally make the most acceptable of offerings to mark just about any occasion. This, as you'd expect is dry, elegant, fresh with an insistently lively effervescence.


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  7. Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV

    Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV Champagne

    Now £33.00

    Was £43.00


    Could this Champagne house be the king of all Champagne? It's a good bet, and you won't get better odds on many other candidates. Roederer certainly have the pedigree and the reputation. After all, it is they who are responsible for making a certain something called Cristal, if you've heard of that one. The one we have here however, is their standard, and what a standard it is too. Dry, delicate with a yeasty depth to it, this is class in a glass!


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  8. Besserat de Bellefon Cuvée NV Champagne France

    Besserat de Bellefon Cuvée NV Champagne

    Now £33.30

    Was £37.00


    The story goes that in 1930 the director of the then famous Paris restaurant 'la Samaritaine de Luxe' challenged Victor Besserat to produce a champagne that could be drunk throughout a meal. Victor created his Cuvée des Moines, and duly won the bet, and the contract.

    Crisp, delicate and fine bubbled but with real character, complexity and subtle depths of flavour, this is a champagne that not only stands up to food, but will step up to the mark for any fizz related challenge you care to throw at it. Bring it on!


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  9. Besserat de Bellefon Rosé NV Pink Champagne

    Besserat de Bellefon Rosé NV Champagne

    Now £35.00

    Was £41.00


    There's an intriguing golden, almost amber hue to the delicate pink of this rose fizz, reminiscent of an alpine sunset. Together with a hint of wild strawberries on the nose, it suggests a pink fizz that's just a little out of the ordinary, something more of the bold and reckless kind of romantic than the luv hearts and puppy dogs kind. Something a little bit wild, a little bit fresh, but kinda sweet at heart…


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  10. Taittinger 2009 Vintage Champagne

    Taittinger 2009 Vintage Champagne

    Now £40.00

    Was £50.00


    The Taittinger house style is crisp and elegant, with a creamy richness that's emphasised in the 2009 vintage with its 50/50 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and selective ageing. The 2009 is just coming into its own now - still young and fresh, with clean, bright fruit flavours balanced by the nutty, toasty notes coming through - and will continue to develop and mature for a good decade, and more.


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  11. Laurent-Perrier Champagne 2006 Vintage

    Laurent Perrier 2006 Vintage Champagne

    Now £40.00

    Was £52.00


    Of all the Champagne houses, Laurent-Perrier has a certain knack of getting a distinctly different voice across on all its incarnations. Laurent-Perrier boasts an enviable extended family (its Ultra Brut, for example is best in its class) and this vintage version follows in that long line of enviables. Every drop of this one comes from Grand Cru vineyards: honeyed notes ride upon an elegant and dry body; while richness and complexity are never lost in the shuffle.


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  12. Champagne Bollinger Rosé NV

    Champagne Bollinger Rosé NV

    Now £45.00

    Was £55.00


    The warming cinnamon and nutmeg spice, coupled up with the vibrant energy of the red cherries, rose petals and wild strawberries make this rosé Champagne as close to a Moroccan rose garden at dusk, as it’s possible to get.

    Just add a few wisps of shisha smoke, drifting over from the corner, where some elderly gentlemen ponder over a leisurely of chess, and you’ve pretty much conjured the tastes going on in this mesmeric, gentle and perfumed Champagne.


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  13. Louis Roederer Brut Millesième Champagne 2008 vintage

    Louis Roederer Brut Millesième 2008

    Now £52.00

    Was £62.00


    There aren't many Champagne Houses that can follow their roots back over two centuries and still be the proud owners of their family business.

    There also aren't many Houses that grow all of their own fruit, monitoring quality from grape to glass, so it's no surprise that these most attendant of vintners are the same people who make the universally renowned Cristal.

    Louis Roederer’s hand-crafted 2008 vintage is the culmination of a 200 year quest for perfection and has a robust richness, racy acidity and complex flavours of candied fruit, toast brioche and crème brûlée. My, oh my, is all we can say.


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  14. Bollinger La Grande Annee 2005 Vintage Champagne

    Bollinger La Grande Annee Champagne 2005

    Now £75.00

    Was £90.00


    *Throws down red carpet, puts a cigar in your mouth and takes you by the arm* Why hello! You look like you want to make some waves, or perhaps doing some serious wooing. Well step this way, cara mia, for this is the one you are looking for; its dazzling rose and gold ochre hue, its virtuoso performance of exotic spices, toast, rhubarb and stone fruit and its never ending, dazzlingly minerally finish will sweep that special someone so completely off their feet you’ll have to catch them, serendipitously, in your arms. Oh, the romance…


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  15. Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle Champagne

    Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle Champagne

    Now £95.00

    Was £110.00


    ***Gold at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    Top-flight Champagne doesn't get any better than this. This is Laurent-Perrier's showpiece Champagne and one of the region's finest cuvees. Its conception pays homage to the great Louis XIV, no less, (do the other Louis' ever get mentioned for anything?) and is a blend of more than one recent outstanding vintage from only Grand Cru vineyards. This shows depth and maturity; long and fine, it has rich complexity. Long and fresh on the finish too.


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