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  1. Fontein Ridge Pinotage Shiraz 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Fontein Ridge Pinotage Shiraz 2015

    Now £5.85

    Was £6.50


    Modern winemakers often talk about having innovative ideas and that's because they know how important it is to bring new and fresh wines to you!

    Take this South African Pinotage and Shiraz blend for example. They call it 'Fontein Ridge' because it contains fountains of juicy tannins and ripe fruit flavours with hints of vanilla and chocolate on the nose. It's almost unbelievable how they get so much into such a small bottle!

    Though, if they wanted to take it one step further we wouldn't complain if they build an actual fountain of wine. Now THAT's what we'd call innovation...

  2. Aguila Syrah Spanish Red Wine 2012

    Aguila Shiraz 2012

    Now £5.85

    Was £6.50


    Historically, Spain wasn't always the go-to country for affordable, fresh, good value wines, being hitherto known, on the whole, for more oaky styles but, for the past few years, it's made everyday wines something of an art form.

    Grown at high altitude in the DO of Cariñena, the Syrah grapes give rise to a clean, vibrant wine with intense aromas of dark cherry, violets and freshly-made jam.

    In vinous terms, Spain has traded sandals for Nike Airs; swapped Neil Diamond for Lily Allen; dispatched the Coronation Chicken in favour of beetroot foam; call it what you like, it changed, and we like it.

  3. Couleur De Rosé Wine

    Couleur de Rosé 2016

    Now £6.30

    Was £7.00


    Another excellent rosé by well known winemaker Claude Serra. The rosé is macerated for 8 to 12 hours before being fermented before filtering.

    It is pale in colour, offering a sweet nose with flavours of strawberries complimented by pepper and menthol notes. On the palate it is crisp, with a great balance between the rich fruity aromas and freshness. It provides a long and fresh finish.

  4. Vina Leyda Reserve Pinot Noir Chilean Red Wine 2015

    Viña Leyda Reserve Pinot Noir 2015

    Now £7.50

    Was £10.00


    The Humboldt Current. What can you say? It's a Pacific Ocean current that runs along the coast of Chile that, being an upwelling current, pushes cold, nutrient-rich water from the bottom of the ocean to the top, resulting in the current's ecosystem being the most productive of its kind in the world!

    It accounts for 20% of the world's fish catches and, if that's not enough, then it brings cold, wet wind to coastal wine regions like the Leyda Valley. The resulting cool climate brings a longer ripening season, so greater quality and complexity.

    Good news indeed for this juicy, red-fruit-driven Pinot Noir, which ends up with perfectly-balanced tannin and acidity that fill the mouth with radiant succulence. Well done, Humboldt Current!

  5. Emiliana Natura Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Chilean White Wine

    Emiliana Natura Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Now £7.88

    Was £8.75


    The Emiliana Natura Sauvignon Blanc is a transparent yellow in colour with a delightfully complex nose of lime and grapefruit. Citrus and herb notes appear on the palate with a fresh and balanced acidity on the finish.

    Move the gin aside, Rick, and forget about Ilsa. It's about time you set your sights on a new love and there's a new girl in town; Emiliana.

  6. Palwin No.10 Menorah Kosher Wine

    Palwin No.10 Menorah

    Now £8.08

    Was £9.50


    You wouldn't want to pass over this wine... Thank you, thank you we're here until the Sabbath, tip your waiters and waitresses! Yes, this is arguably the premier Israeli and Kosher wine brand. Thankfully, it is significantly better than our Judaism joke, well it wasn't really even a joke, it barely qualified as a pun.

    Founded by Baron Edmund de Rothschild in 1882; the winemaking powerhouse behind Chateau Lafite in Bordeaux, this wine is a mellow dessert wine with well-integrated alcohol. On the palate this wine expresses notes of baked red fruit and rich baking spices that builds to a long lingering finish.

  7. La Closerie des Lys Pinot Noir 2015

    La Closerie des Lys Pinot Noir 2015

    Now £10.35

    Was £11.50


    Some people, like Hobbits, like their homeland and see no reason to up sticks to pastures new (excepting the Bagginses, of course). Others are sprinkled with wanderlust and prefer to travel.

    The Collovray and Terrier families, for example, moved from Burgundy, where they make Pinot Noir to critical acclaim, to Limoux in SW France, where they have sniffed out another ideal terroir for the varietal - in the hot sun south of Carcassonne - where they are now making stonking, brilliant value wine.

  8. Grahams LBV Port

    Graham's LBV Port 2012

    Now £11.50

    Was £14.75


    Graham's Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV) is an excellent wine, hand selected from only the finest produce each year. This LBV is matured in seasoned oak and then bottled at between four and six years of age giving its 'Late Bottling' name. It is a deep opaque colour, with heavy tones of dark red round the rim. On the nose it is full of elegance with aromas of red fruits and eucalyptus combined with minty notes. Rich red fruits line the palate with additional peppery tannins.

  9. Weingut Wageck Sauvignon Blanc 2015

    Weingut Wageck Sauvignon Blanc Tertiar 2016

    Now £12.00

    Was £13.50


    German Sauvignon? How does that work? Well, it starts off in your vineyard, going for the purest fruit. Then they pick it by hand, and sort the best of it by hand as well. No, a different hand, you muppet! Then they're allowed to stand for a day - the grapes, not the hands.

    Are you listening to me? - before fermenting some of them in stainless steel and some of them in oak. They filter it but they don't fine it, so it's all right for vegans. Lovely herby aromas, bit of flintiness in there, fresh firm palate with a touch of green apple, Bob's your uncle! Lovely with a bit of chicken in tarragon. Wossat? Insensitive? Me??

  10. Grahams 10 Year Old Tawny Port

    Graham's 10 Year Old Tawny Port

    Now £17.50

    Was £21.50


    We're going to put our neck on the line here and say that we have a favourite talk show host. That host is Graham Norton. Sorry Jonathan and Alan, but Graham's the man for Oddbins.

    Why? Because he is very natural and easy with his guests, accompanying them on whatever flights of fancy they go on. Warm-natured and dry yet charmingly nutty, (now you'll see where we're going with this...), he is much like his 10 Year Old Portuguese Tawny Port namesake.

  11. Penfolds RWT Shiraz Australian Red Wine 2013

    Penfolds RWT Shiraz 2013

    Now £85.00

    Was £100.00


    RWT: Rather Wonderful and Terrific.*

    A bright, deep red in colour, Penfolds RWT Shiraz is abundant with fruit and spice aromas. Initially, the nose is treated to boysenberry and mulberry, followed by Moroccan spices laced with malt and mustard seed. Then, hints of nuts and cedar oak intermingle with the scents of freshly glazed figs and brandy snaps.

    This fruitiness follows onto the palate where luscious cranberry and blueberry flavours are found. Stylish, balanced and persistent, the wine provides pronounced tannins that are accompanied with a flow of Barossa fruits.

    *RWT actually stands for Red Winemaking Trial but fortunately for us it made it past the trials and on to our tables back in 2000!

  12. Penfolds Grange Shiraz Australian Red Wine 2012

    Penfolds Grange Shiraz 2012

    Now £380.00

    Was £400.00


    Penfolds Grange instantly expresses its exuberance from the moment that the dense and dark liquid hits the glass.

    Offering its drinker a multitude of sweet and savoury aromas, Grange first tempts the nose with black olives, liquorice and a hint of soy. These are quickly followed by wafts of tiramisu, mascarpone and zabaglione before notes of freshly roasted hazelnut and ground coffee beans are introduced.

    This fresh and refined tipple demonstrates big and bright flavours of red liquorice, gravy reduction and black olive tapenade to mention but a few! Irresistibly deep, Grange is abundant with red fruits and the weighty wine is encrusted with dusty, softened tannins.

    Penfolds argue that Grange is Australia's most celebrated wine. A bold claim, but for a beautifully bold wine. And we can see exactly what all the fuss is about.

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