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We’ve reduced the prices of a huge range of our favourite wines, bubblies, whiskies and spirits so you can go on an adventure to discover your new favourites without breaking the bank…

Looking for a gift? or perhaps you're just after something a little different for the weekend? You've come to the right place. From Champagne to Cognac, Gin to Grenache and Shiraz to Scotch, we’ve got plenty of goodies on offer to tempt anyone’s taste-buds! The best part about it is that you don’t have to fight any crowds of sale shoppers to get your hands on them; order online today and we’ll deliver.

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  1. Fontein Ridge Pinotage Shiraz 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Fontein Ridge Pinotage Shiraz 2015

    Now £5.85

    Was £6.50


    Modern winemakers often talk about having innovative ideas and that's because they know how important it is to bring new and fresh wines to you!

    Take this South African Pinotage and Shiraz blend for example. They call it 'Fontein Ridge' because it contains fountains of juicy tannins and ripe fruit flavours with hints of vanilla and chocolate on the nose. It's almost unbelievable how they get so much into such a small bottle!

    Though, if they wanted to take it one step further we wouldn't complain if they build an actual fountain of wine. Now THAT's what we'd call innovation...

  2. Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc 2016 White Wine

    Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Now £6.00

    Was £7.00


    This Sauvignon just goes from strength to strength when it comes to great valued wine. Achieving an astonishing standard for the price, this white really shows true Sauvignon Blanc character.

    Carta Vieja have a brilliant knack of getting serious zeal across in both their reds, and whites like this one. This is a crisp, clean white wine with a lovely note of elderflower. Cracking party wine. Cracking everydayer. Open it up and take some time out to relax.

  3. Couleur De Rosé Wine

    Couleur de Rosé 2016

    Now £6.30

    Was £7.00


    Another excellent rosé by well known winemaker Claude Serra. The rosé is macerated for 8 to 12 hours before being fermented before filtering.

    It is pale in colour, offering a sweet nose with flavours of strawberries complimented by pepper and menthol notes. On the palate it is crisp, with a great balance between the rich fruity aromas and freshness. It provides a long and fresh finish.

  4. Vina Leyda Reserve Pinot Noir Chilean Red Wine 2015

    Viña Leyda Reserve Pinot Noir 2015

    Now £7.50

    Was £10.00


    The Humboldt Current. What can you say? It's a Pacific Ocean current that runs along the coast of Chile that, being an upwelling current, pushes cold, nutrient-rich water from the bottom of the ocean to the top, resulting in the current's ecosystem being the most productive of its kind in the world!

    It accounts for 20% of the world's fish catches and, if that's not enough, then it brings cold, wet wind to coastal wine regions like the Leyda Valley. The resulting cool climate brings a longer ripening season, so greater quality and complexity.

    Good news indeed for this juicy, red-fruit-driven Pinot Noir, which ends up with perfectly-balanced tannin and acidity that fill the mouth with radiant succulence. Well done, Humboldt Current!

  5. Palwin No.10 Menorah Kosher Wine

    Palwin No.10 Menorah

    Now £8.08

    Was £9.50


    You wouldn't want to pass over this wine... Thank you, thank you we're here until the Sabbath, tip your waiters and waitresses! Yes, this is arguably the premier Israeli and Kosher wine brand. Thankfully, it is significantly better than our Judaism joke, well it wasn't really even a joke, it barely qualified as a pun.

    Founded by Baron Edmund de Rothschild in 1882; the winemaking powerhouse behind Chateau Lafite in Bordeaux, this wine is a mellow dessert wine with well-integrated alcohol. On the palate this wine expresses notes of baked red fruit and rich baking spices that builds to a long lingering finish.

  6. Oveja Negra Sauvignon Blanc Carmenere Chile

    Oveja Negra Sauvignon Blanc Carmenère 2016

    Now £8.50

    Was £9.00


    Like when you walk into the garden after a long winter to discover lil' daffodils boldly bursting forth in search of sun and warmth and other heart-gladdening flora, Oveja Negra is a pleasant surprise.

    A frankly weird blend of Sauvignon Blanc and the plump yet herbaceous red grape, Carmenère, it has an intensely, marvellously refreshing grapefruit-y core, with subtle mineral characteristics and a herbal touch from the Carmenère. A wine to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

  7. Terra Noble Reserva Syrah Chilean Red Wine 2014

    Terra Noble Reserva Syrah 2015

    Now £8.55

    Was £9.50


    Combine Clint Eastwood's character in the seminal western 'Pale Rider' and pair it with the West African proverb: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." That embodies what Syrah can be like.

    This Syrah straddles the two personalities of this grape variety and the film's protagonist 'The Preacher' - sometimes brooding, dark and softly spoken. Other times a spray of bullets packed with explosive fruits, horse leather and loaded with cracked pepper and spice. Fantastic wine! Mr Eastwood's film is pretty good too.

  8. Jean-Luc Colombo Rose ‘Les Pins Couches’

    Jean-Luc Colombo Rosé 'Les Pins Couches' 2016

    Now £9.00

    Was £10.00


    This crisp, spicy rosé shares many traits with its nutty namesake detective, Colombo. They both have a decided twinkle in their eye and a deceptively lightness of touch that belies a lovely depth.

    And, whilst we couldn't rightly claim that they both smell of crunchy red cherries and delicate spice, we can definitely say that they both have a memorable finish that, just when you think it's over, leans and intones 'just one more thing'...

  9. Primitivo Puglia Terra di Sava 2015 Italian Red

    Primitivo Puglia Terra di Sava 2015

    Now £9.50

    Was £10.50


    Primitivo, the grape used in this wine, translates from the Italian as 'primitive', but rather than being a club-waving, monosyllabic, chest-beating creature, this is a most refined being. Whilst the Primitivos of Southern Italy are known for packing quite a punch (and this is certainly packed full of cherry and raspberry fruit) the overtones of mocha and rosemary here give this red serious refinement. Would make an admirable companion to frankly any soirée and any company - however refined - or primitive.

  10. Cheverny Blanc 'Les Bruyeres' 2015 White Wine

    Cheverny Blanc 'Les Bruyères' 2015

    Now £9.50

    Was £10.50


    The beautiful Loire Valley has long been famous for goat cheese. (Or is it goat's cheese? Or goats cheese? Goats' cheese maybe?) But one cheese in particular, preciously guarded by the locals that produce it, is esteemed above all others. The reason, it's lately become clear, is that the goats responsible are fed purely on a diet of heather (or Bruyeres, in French).

    The challenge was to find a wine that went perfectly with such a delicious nibble. Something peary, appley, honeyed at the edge, and refreshing enough to cut through the creamy delight! A contest was launched, and ambitious winemakers from miles around set to blending the perfect tipple. The prize, of course, a goat. Made out of cheese. Decorated with garlands of heather.

  11. Torre Oria Rosado Cava Sparkling Wine

    Torre Oria Brut Rosado Cava NV

    Now £9.50

    Was £10.50


    Every August in the Dominion of Derramador, hopeful youths take part in the annual cork firing competition. The aim, using only two thumbs and a bottle of delicate pink bubbles, to propel a cork over the famous Tower of Oria. A tower built itself of spent cava corks.

    Stationed at the top of the tower is the winery queen. It is her duty to determine just how high the winning cork passes. When she has, the waiting crowd set to, eagerly extending the tower to that very point, using first the unsuccessful corks scattered on the ground, and balancing the winning cork victoriously at the very top.

  12. Borghetto Chianti Riserva Italian Red Wine

    Borghetto Chianti Riserva 2013



    It was that old cad, Hannibal Lector, who told Clarice that he 'ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti' in The Silence of the Lambs. So we suggest that a far more reasonable food match for this velvety, cherry-laden, supple red wine would be a simple tomato and fresh basil spaghetti dish. Lovely.

    What we're saying is, stick to a vegetarian dish, because Hannibal has kinda ruined meat matches with Chianti. The cad.

  13. Secret de Viu Manent Carmenere 2015 Vegan Red Wine

    Secret de Viu Manent Carmenere 2015

    Now £10.50

    Was £11.50


    If you've not yet come across a bad Carmenere then there's a very simple reason for this. There aren't many. This is partly attributable to the grape itself, but more to do with the country within which it's grown.

    Chile is this country and its perfect growing conditions for this grape make it virtually organic by default for starters. This is a guarantee of the full-bodied, smooth, satisfying type of red that Carmenere is so well known for.

  14. Merino Movi Limari Syrah Chilean Red Wine 2016

    Merino Movi Limari Syrah 2016

    Now £11.00

    Was £12.00


    Don't have the wool pulled over your eyes, this is not an advert for merino jumpers. However, this Syrah would certainly keep you warm if you walked the wind swept hills of this wine's home in the Limari Valley, Chile. Rich yet elegant black berry and raspberry flavours, followed by Syrah's typical sweet spice and peppery character on the finish. Also, if you think you can taste violets- you'd be tasting the tiny addition (5%) of the white grape Viognier. No need to feel sheepish- try it out!

  15. Merino Movi Limari Chardonnay 2014 White Wine

    Merino Movi Limari Chardonnay 2014

    Now £11.00

    Was £12.00


    Born in the Limari Valley, this wine shares this land with the 'Piedras Tacitas'; ancient stones marked by the Diaguita people. These stones are carved with holes representing the constellations of the starry night sky. This stellar white wine emits lemon, tangerine and apple fruits flavours. Radiating juicy, mineral characters lead to honey and spicy oak notes. An astronomically good value white wine!

  16. Schauer Rosé Sudsteiermark 2016 Rosé Wine

    Schauer Rosé Sudsteiermark 2016

    Now £11.00

    Was £13.00


    Stand on the steep slopes of the Schauer vineyards and absorb the view. Breathtaking. A landscape with edges like cut crystal. But imagine 300 million years ago. An Earth in turmoil. Rock and oceans, molten minerals. A world growing into the shape we know it, suffering the agonies of adolescence.

    Of course, it would only look chaotic if you sped up millions of decades to play out like a film. But then, try this wine and you won't really get a sense of the chaotic alchemy that went into its making either. Three varieties roiling, mixing, berry fruit and spice aroma. Take a sip. Sense the swirl of time.

  17. Perez Cruz Waiki Cabernet 2014 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Pérez Cruz Waiki Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

    Now £11.50

    Was £12.25


    This wine takes its name from a curious custom in the Maipo Andes, in which new brides must go to the river, catch a fish and whisper "Wakey Wakey", before letting it go about its day.

    But this doesn't tell you much about the wine, so we'll help out: it has ripe red fruits, black pepper and vanilla flavours, underpinned by fresh aromas of tarragon and laurel. We don't know about fish, but we do know about red wine. This is one that's guaranteed to wake up your taste buds.

  18. Clos Bellane "Altitude" Côtes du Rhône Rosé Wine 2013

    Clos Bellane "Altitude" Côtes du Rhône Rosé 2016

    Now £11.50

    Was £13.00


    At Oddbins Towers we call this The Pink Panther. It bears no resemblance to the sneaky cartoon character in the title sequence of the film and its winemaker is certainly not a bumbling fool like Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

    No, we call this The Pink Panther because it's a diamond, a precious and brilliant diamond with a delicate pink hue. In fact this rosé wine is so good and has proven so popular we've had to employ Cato to protect it in our warehouse. He's just so unpredictable; half our staff are off with injuries.

  19. Hermanos Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Argentina Red Wine

    Hermanos Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

    Now £11.75

    Was £12.75


    This Cabernet Sauvignon was created in the lofty heights of the Cafayate Valley in the remote Salta region of Argentina. Sounds like a good location for a secret base for a league of superheroes. Lucky for us the two brothers who made this red are not muscle bound meat heads with loads of gadgets and outlandish wardrobes.

    Rafael and Osvaldo Domingo are our kind of heroes- taking grapes and shaping them into amazing wine. Rippling with raspberries, cocoa, and spices. This is the kinda full-bodied wine that'll land on your balcony dressed in red with a masterplan to save the world, fix everything in town and make sure you're safely tucked in bed before midnight.

  20. Saint Clair Vicars Choice Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand

    Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Now £12.50

    Was £14.00


    It's hard to stand out against the crowd, especially when the crowd is over-crowded. Y'know? Kiwi Sauvignon is a wine type that faces this peril. However, like a bright colour in a sea of beige, Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc shines through like a triumphant hero, waving its piercing flavours of vibrant passion fruit, zippy grapefruit and herbaceous blackcurrant leaf boldly aloft, saying 'I have a voice!' Well, luckily our Buyer Ana heard Saint Clair's cry and picked it up, giving it its rightful place on Oddbins shelves. A little character goes a long way...

  21. Heumann Lagona Villany Red Wine 2013

    Heumann Lagona Villany 2013

    Now £13.00

    Was £14.00


    "Are we Heumann or are we dancers?" We always thought they were odd lyrics, those ideas aren't mutually exclusive! We don't know if the Killers have noticed but Strictly Come Dancing isn't just a dressier Crufts; that's a person doing the Viennese Waltz not a handsome young German Shepherd (although if a German Shepherd were to ballroom dance it'd probably Waltz). You can be both a dancer and a human.

    Just as you can be Heumann and an astonishing Hungary based winery. Want proof? Just try this wine, a classic Bordeaux blend with the addition of the local varietal Kekfrankos, the wine displays an elegant nose of sour cherries, dark forest berries, baking spices and tobacco that follows onto the palate backed by a great structure and well-integrated tannins. Now, just don't get us started on Mr. Brightside.

  22. Prince Stirbey Negru de Dragasani

    Prince Stirbey Negru de Dragasani 2016

    Now £13.50

    Was £14.50


    This wine is made by the family-owned Prince Stirbey winery, whose predecessors (i.e. the Prince) used to make wine in a palace in Bucharest, from the 17th century onwards, that was served in restaurants including that on the Orient Express. Stirbey was appropriated by the communist party in 1949 and then returned to the family over 50 years later in 2001.

    That (wipes brow) is the first part of this wine's story. The second part is that a previous vintage of Negru de Dragasani was chosen from a blind line-up by Steve Saunders, the winner of The Palate 2014 as the wine that he wanted Oddbins to stock. This is what the affable Bristolian had to say about his (fantastic) choice:
    "One taste of this and you'll know Romanian wine is firmly back on the map. Full of rich blackberry and cherry fruit with fine tannins and a wonderfully smooth finish that goes on and on. Like reclining on a bed of silk pillows while angels dance on your tongue, this is a truly sumptuous drop."
    With the same dense cherry and berry flavours and velvety tannins, this vintage is just as great! Treat yourself to this bottle of luxury and be a Prince (or Princess) for a day whenever you like.

  23. Wild Rock Hawkes Bay Red 2014 Red Wine

    Wild Rock Hawkes Bay Red 2014

    Now £13.50

    Was £15.50


    It all started when Captain James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks were given a "secret mission" by the British government to seek out the "great Southern continent". They took on this "mission" and stumbled upon a wild rock formation, bountiful with birdlife, plants and rich soils blessed by the sun and rivulets of water. Absolute ideal winemaking conditions some might say.

    Hang, the British government send these chaps across the world on ostensibly, a "scientific expedition" and they just so happened to stumble upon a land perfect for winemaking? Pah! They knew what they were doing.

    They knew that this "discovery" would one day equip the world with a dark red wine with a vibrant nose of cassis, violets, boysenberry and the finest toasted oak. They knew that a richness of fruit would emerge on first taste followed by a beautifully integrated oak and fine dusty tannin creating a long and delicious finish.

    I bet they also want us to think that a "boysenberry" is a real fruit...

  24. Longview 'Yakka' Shiraz 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Longview 'Yakka' Shiraz 2015

    Now £14.50

    Was £16.50


    ***Silver at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    This wine takes its name not from the Aussie slang for hard work, although judging by its magnificently rich, sturdy and swarthy character, you’d wager they had put a lot of work into it. Nope, this wine takes its name from the striking Australian grass shrub, pictured on the label, which also reveals the producer’s love for their homeland and this, too, shines through in this terroir-driven wine, whose dense, ripe black cherry and white pepper flavours show off the warmth of the Macclesfield micro-climate.

  25. Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Pinot Noir 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Pinot Noir 2015

    Now £14.50

    Was £16.00


    The ridonculously talented Matt Thompson, at Saint Clair, featured on one of our 'Inspire-themed posters, saying 'I became a winemaker because, as a wine drinker, I needed to find a way to make it tax-deductible'. We like his style.

    But, when he made this red, he didn't just get a tax break on Pinot Noir, he created something beautiful: a gentle giant, with mellow Morello cherry, pine needles and hints of smoke. Take that, taxman!

  26. Bibo Runge Riesling 2015 Vegan and Vegetarian White Wine

    Bibo Runge Riesling 2015

    Now £15.00

    Was £16.75


    Born into nobility, Bibo Runge had no choice but to follow the path his ancestry determined and take arms as Knight Errant. Given his predecessors, much was expected of him, and he excelled, even against their legendary feats. But Bibo felt something was wrong. Why should he exercise his ability merely in the pursuance of personal fame?

    Choosing to throw off the outdated chivalric code, he made the protection of common people his crusade, installing himself in a quiet town in the guise of a humble blacksmith. It must have been instinct. For the Devil, intending to ride out, sent his horse to the town to be reshod. Other blacksmiths would have quailed and bent to the task; but Bibo sent the horse packing, battling him with his bare hands. This wine celebrates Bibo, displaying all the intensity, purity and steel of the man himself, with a finish that lingers as long as the tales.

  27. Vallegarcia Viognier 2015 Spanish White Wine

    Vallegarcia Viognier 2015

    Now £18.50

    Was £22.00


    You would think growing up with no one to talk to would be lonely. But the lost princess knew no different. She'd been taken away so young she had no sense of the world beyond the thorns the witch had trapped her within. She had the birds, the creatures all to bring friendship as she grew.

    Perhaps it was because she was unspoilt that the grapes she tended grew so well. A pip, brought her by a little bird, was all she had to start. But she spent years joyfully tending the growing vines, the fragrance of which - of flower blossom, fruit baskets and honey wax - was spellbinding. Little wonder, really, that scent drew a man through the thicket to rescue her. You won't have to worry about thorns though. Just have a corkscrew to hand.

  28. Haig Club Clubman Whisky 70cl

    Haig Club Clubman Whisky

    Now £19.00

    Was £22.00


    Light, sweet, vibrant and matured in ex-bourbon American Oak casks, it's a whisky like no other. A more mainstream line from the Haig Club brand. This whisky is rich with vanilla and caramel notes.

  29. Havana Club Anejo Especial Golden Rum 70cl

    Havana Club Añejo Especial Golden Rum

    Now £20.00

    Was £23.00


    Havana Club Especial is a unique rum that has been aged in specially selected barrels before blending. A double ageing process in white oak barrels gives the rum a taste profile of vanilla and caramel with a hint of woodiness. It is an easy-drinking rum with a rich and round flavour and, on the nose, it has notes of spice, tobacco and orange peel.

  30. Bell's Blended Scotch Whisky 1 Litre

    Bell's - Blended Scotch Whisky - 1 Litre

    Now £20.00

    Was £23.00


    Bell's has a history dating back to 1825 and a strong claim to be Britain's most popular whisky. The unique flavour of Bell's comes from some of the finest malt whiskies in Scotland - from the fresh, sweet malts of Speyside to the smoky sea salt of the Islands - all matured in selected oak casks for a richer flavour. The malt at the heart of the Bell's blend is rich, spiced and nutty, reminiscent like ginger cake, and comes from Bell's home, the Blair Athol distillery.

  31. Quinta do Soalheiro Espumante 2016 Vegan and Vegetarian Sparkling Wine

    Quinta do Soalheiro Espumante 2016

    Now £20.00

    Was £24.00


    It was once believed the World was flat. Sail too far, and you'd fall off the side. But intrepid individuals have long been prepared to risk everything in the name of exploration. Particularly the Portuguese, during the Age of Discovery. What many don't know is they had a secret. And this made them more confident, striking into the unknown.

    In case the World was actually flat, the Portuguese developed a method of sending extra air into the sky, convinced this would create a bubble that would envelop the Earth and 'catch' them if they did sail too far. This air was delivered in the form of tiny bubbles, arising from fermented Alvarinho. They didn't need the back up, as it turned out. The only thing out of this world was the wine itself...

  32. Luis Alegre Crianza 2014 - Rioja Alavesa - Magnum

    Luis Alegre Crianza Tempranillo 2014 - Magnum

    Now £25.00

    Was £28.00


    Here at Oddbins, we know when we're on to a good thing. We like this wine, we can see that you like it too, so what did we do? We got a bigger one in.

    Yes, that's right, the heavenly, depthy, aniseed-y Luis Alegre's Crianza now comes in a ma-hoosive magnum bottle. It's like Honey I Blew Up the Kid but much, much better.

  33. Copper Dog Speyside Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

    Copper Dog Speyside Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

    Now £27.00

    Was £30.00


    Copper Dog sounds like it could well be a superhero, taking down people who spell whisky with an 'e' through a mixture of biting and oxidatively turning their skin green. Yet, in actuality Copper Dog is not really one super hero but many, just like the Avengers... or the Power Rangers if you're from the 80's. On their own, the 8 whiskies that make up Copper Dog possess strength and virtue but when united, they combine to deliver a righteous nose of pear and dried apple, easing into classic Speyside notes of honeyed cereals.

  34. Baron De Signognac VS Armagnac 70cl Spirit

    Baron de Sigognac VS Armagnac

    Now £29.00

    Was £33.00


    This entry-level Armagnac, from the premier region of the Bas Armagnac, was aged for over two years in oak and boasts a nose of crème caramel, which leads onto a palate of juicy orchard fruits and a hint of warm spices. If you're looking for good value Armagnac, this is it!

  35. Four Roses Small Batch Whisky

    Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

    Now £29.00

    Was £32.00


    Four Roses is the only Bourbon Distillery that combines 5 proprietary yeast strains with two separate mashbills to produce 10 distinct Bourbon Recipes.

    The whisky is a combination of rich spicy flavours, with sweet fruity aromas and hints of sweet oak and caramel. The palate is creamy leading to a soft, well balanced sweet finish.

  36. Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee NV Champagne

    Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée NV

    Now £29.00

    Was £43.00


    A casual glance down the list of prominent Champagne names will, before long, reveal Laurent-Perrier as one of the leading lights. With its impeccable credentials, Laurent-Perrier is an instantly recognisable byword for quality and its non-vintage expression is testament to that.

    La Cuvée is Laurent-Perrier's brand new signature Champagne, replacing the Brut NV. It is pale gold in colour with a steady stream of fine bubbles. The nose has delicate aromas of citrus fruits, underpinned by hints of white flowers. A perfect balance between freshness and finesse, the palate is full-bodied, complex and creamy, displaying great length on the finish.

  37. Old Pulteney 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt Whisky

    Old Pulteney 12 Year Old - Highland Single Malt Whisky

    Now £30.00

    Was £34.50


    Flavourful, easy going drink. This is a sea swept whisky from the fishing village of Wick. A gold medal winner (presumably for something sea based like yngling) that punches above its price bracket, it manages to be intense and yet easy going, with savoury sea salt and yeastiness perfectly balanced by a touch of sweetness from the bourbon casks.

  38. Smokehead - Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl

    Smokehead - Islay Single Malt Whisky

    Now £31.00

    Was £35.00


    Rich, seaweedy and intensely peaty, Smokehead is an independent bottling from an undisclosed Islay distillery. It displays all the hallmarks of a classic Islay malt: a vigorous whisky, that's not for the faint hearted.

  39. Diplomatico Mantuano Rum

    Diplomatico Mantuano Rum

    Now £31.00

    Was £36.00


    Mantuano is the replacement for Diplomatico's Reserva rum. 'Mantuano', meaning 'nobleman', reflects Don Juancho's status and his passion for travel and the discovery of new spirits, mainly rums.

    Don Juancho is present on each of Diplomatico's rums.

    Aged for up to eight years, Mantuano is a blend of Column, Batch Kettle and Pot Still rums and made from molasses and sugar cane honeys. It is fantastic when mixed in cocktails, or sipped neat.

  40. U'Luvka Vodka 70cl

    U'Luvka Vodka

    Now £34.00

    Was £39.00


    A classy Pole with finesse and delicacy that has won over 40 international awards. Alter Ego: Frederic Chopin; an undeniable Polish prodigy, beautifully composed, romantic and one for nocturnal gatherings around the piano.

  41. Lanson Black Label Champagne NV

    Lanson Black Label NV Champagne



    Do not be fooled by the Maltese Cross and the black uniform that Lanson wears, it is not a member of the St John Ambulance. It can't patch up minor cuts and grazes, it doesn't know what the acronym DRAB stands for and it's ineffective at employing the recovery position.

    However, what this Champagne lacks in basic First Aid knowledge, it more than makes up for in consistency, reputation and quality. Lanson with it's fresh 'non-malolactic' style, puts a smile on any face, but we don't recommend administering it at the scene of an accident.

  42. Robert Cavalli Vodka 70cl Spirits

    Roberto Cavalli Vodka

    Now £35.00

    Was £40.00


    Roberto Cavalli makes no secret of being a fan of the ladies. This snake-draped vodka is described as having "the appeal, seduction and quintessence of pure feminity." So we may annoy him by comparing it to a man, but what the hey. Alter Ego: Federico Fellini; this highly-decorated Italian is stylish, iconic and unique. Quite simply, it's the epitome of la dolce vita.

  43. Remoissenet Beaune Bressand 2013

    Remoissenet Beaune-Bressand Pinot Noir 2013

    Now £35.00

    Was £39.00


    Sometimes when drinking Burgundy, it's quite easy to forget that these wines are made by mere mortals and not by witches and wizards. Perhaps because examples such as the Remoissenet Beaune Bressand are so fine those magic folk felt they didn't need to turn their hand to the vine, us muggles have clearly got it covered. So instead they focused on butter beer which is a bit weird, as if you've been to Hogsmeade, you would know butter beer tastes like a red-hot caldron of Slytherin infused Polyjuice Potion compared to Red Burgundy. Maybe wizards aren't that smart... After all they still use wildlife to deliver messages, have they never heard of WhatsApp? It's quicker and you don't have to wipe owl poop off your letter. It appears we may have got distracted by a children's book again, the point is with its incredibly sensual texture, intense expression of cranberry, strawberry, charred wood spice and forest mushrooms this wine is clearly better than magic!

  44. Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka

    Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka

    Now £35.00

    Was £40.00


    Hubbard famously coined the phrase "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade," surely, he never tried Grey Goose Le Citron. For if Elbert had tasted this clean flavoured vodka with fresh lemon notes and a subtle fruitiness, suggestive of the floral, zesty nature of the fruit, he would have certainly declared when life gives you lemons, make a martini!

  45. Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka

    Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka

    Now £35.00

    Was £40.00


    Grey Goose L'Orange is made from freshly-picked oranges harvested year-round. As with the superior bread making wheat used to make Grey Goose vodka, François Thibault insists on only the best oranges to produce the best possible flavour. Essential orange oils from the fresh fruit are mixed with the wheat spirit and distilled to achieve the signature vibrant citrus character of Grey Goose L'Orange.

  46. Grey Goose La Poire Vodka

    Grey Goose La Poire Vodka

    Now £35.00

    Was £40.00


    François Thibault created La Poire specifically to reflect the taste and freshness of an Anjou pear - a classic flavour of French cuisine. The result is flavoured vodka alive with the aromas of fresh pears and a crisp, smooth taste. The complex pear flavours found in GREY GOOSE La Poire stem from a rich medley of fresh pears selected by the Maître de Chai - creating a taste that features the mellow flavours and subtle sweetness of the Anjou Pear.

  47. Michelas St Jemms Cornas Les Murettes 2013 Vegan Red Wine

    Michelas St Jemms Cornas Les Murettes Syrah 2013

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    Cornas, some may be surprised to learn is in fact, a renowned winegrowing region in the Northern Rhone and not the plural of the protective outer layer of the eye... That would be corneas. Ironically, the wines of Cornas are said to be so beautiful that to look upon them you can go temporarily blind. This example from Michelas St-Jemms is no exception. Made from 100% Syrah it has complex flavours of dark forest fruit, mocha and a subtle suggestion of roasted meat. There is tremendous depth and concentration, with a lovely balanced structure and long finish. You obviously won't go blind but you may well be struck dumb.

  48. Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV Champagne

    Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV Champagne

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    Good old Pol Roger! The noblest of the Champagne houses and one of the region's elder statesmen. The consistent class and finesse of this rich and complex standard bearer makes it very much the brand of choice for those in the know.

    Were you to present this bottle to discerning company: say a wine expert, an aristocrat, or the dear old Brigadier General, you're bound to be accepted as an esteemed guest. If not you should leave immediately, taking the bottle with you.

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