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Samos Vin Doux 2016 - Half Bottle - 375ml

The Experience

Drink When...
Late in the day
Listen To...
Mellow Yellow by Donovan
Think About...
Quite rightly
Drink With...
An upside down, moist lemon curd cake

The Oddbins Take

What do you think dessert wine from a hot Greek island might taste like? Think their climate might cook the grapes and possibly result in an overly sweet wine? Wrong! (Unless your answer was ‘no’, in which case, right!) This is one of the most nuanced, deliciously lemony, balanced dessert wines we’ve had for a while, especially at this kind of price. Fill yer boots!

The Vital Statistics

PDO Samos
Bottle Size
Half - 375ml
Residual Sugar
200 g/l
Alcohol Units

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The Style

Muscat a Petit Grain Blanc (100%)
Fruity, Not Too Dry, Rich
Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet

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  • Samos Vin Bottle Half Bottle Greek White Wine
Samos Vin Bottle Half Bottle Greek White Wine

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Matthew Jukes in The Daily Mail, 11/12/15: "This cheeky little half bottle is made from the Muscat grape and it has the most deliciously full nose and palate. Its pear juice theme is so attractive that I defy anyone not to fall for its charms. Richer than the Minervois but lighter than the Riverina you can tackle caramel or toffee-infused dishes with this wine but chocolate might be a step too far!"
The Union of Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos was established in the 1930s and is comprised of 47 different cooperatives. They only make dry and sweet wines from the Muscat Petit Grain variety, which is indigenous and exclusive to the island. The winery accommodates a host of interests, but their sweet wines have consistently won international awards and are world famous for their good value. Emmanuel Tsakalakis has worked at the cooperative for many years now and he is the General Manager as well as the senior winemaker.