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Solter Brut Rheingau Riesling Sekt NV

The Experience

Drink When...
Going off-piste
Listen To...
Lost in the Supermarket by The Clash
Think About...
Hogging the good stuff
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Korean dumplings

The Oddbins Take

Walk down most supermarket aisles and you will probably not find much sparkling German Riesling. Especially if you’re in the baked beans aisle. Anyway, assuming you’re in the right aisle, it’s still unlikely. Germans tend to drink the stuff themselves rather than export it but we’ve managed to prize some away. And it’s a good’un. Made with 100% Riesling, using the same method they do in Champagne. It has wistful aromas of peaches and honey, with smooth acidity and a soft, gentle mousse that makes you wish the Germans would share the love a little more.

The Vital Statistics

Deutscher Qualitätswein
Non Vintage
Bottle Size
Regular - 750ml
Residual Sugar
8.1 g/l
Alcohol Units

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The Style

Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet

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  • Solter Brut Rheingau Riesling Sekt NV
Solter Brut Rheingau Riesling Sekt NV

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In the cellar in Rüdesheim am Rhein, where the composer Johannes Brahms spent many weeks on vacation, the producers have the ideal conditions for the production of Sekt. Since 1984, they have been producing Sekt in the traditional method of bottle fermentation. Their philosophy is that the better the vineyards are cared for, the easier the work is in the cellar, resulting in a better Sekt.

Helmut Solter had, after his education in the French region of Champagne, the vision of producing top class sparkling wines, using the same method they use in Champagne, but in the German Rheingau. All methods follow the French original, including hand-picking the grapes, pressing them carefully and fermenting them in the bottle for at least 18 months. The other important detail of turning the bottles by hand gives the Sekt the final touch. After years of experience, Helmut Solter and his team achieved their goal of producing the German equivalent to French Champagne. Sadly, Helmut passed away unexpectedly in October of last year, but his wife Verena and her team continue to uphold his philosophy.

They are the only Sekthaus in the Rheingau area who produce only Sekt (in the traditional method of bottle fermentation), with grapes from their own vineyards. Whilst not certified, they have used organic practices since 2009. This Sekt consists of 100% Rheingau Riesling grapes which grow in their vineyards of Rüdesheim and Geisenheim. It has a fine Riesling bouquet with aromas of peaches and honey, smooth acidity and a soft, gentle mousse.