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Southern Comfort Whiskey Liqueur

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Heart of Gold by Neil Young
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Can I be your friend, Kate?
Alter Ego...
Kate Humble

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Founded in 1850, in New Orleans, Southern Comfort is a unique blend of natural fruit, spice and whiskey flavours that, together, create a distinctive, fruity and honeyed taste. It is enjoyed around the world with mixers or with cocktails like the Alabama Slammer.

We Say

You literally can’t get a more easy-going, warm-hearted drink than this.

Alter Ego: Countryfile’s Kate Humble; so completely lovely and gentle – the natural choice to coo over nightingales and discuss the ins and outs of farming today with. As gently sweet as a breath of fresh hay

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  • Southern Comfort Whiskey Liqueur 70cl
Southern Comfort Whiskey Liqueur 70cl

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For almost 140 years the formula for SoCo's unmistakable flavor has been a well-kept mystery. Heron had some firm bourbon rivalry in New Orleans, so he used to actually blend individual clumps of his beverage for his clients.