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Valpolicella Ripasso Ca'Rosa 2015

The Experience

Drink When...
In Rome
Listen To...
Think About...
Of great Empires
Drink With...
Melanzane Parmigiana

The Oddbins Take

Oh Mamma! What a smooth one this is. Get ready for some of the most over-worked wine adjectives in town hurtling their way towards you, because these are the only way to get across to you the sheer loveliness of this wine: soft, silky, slightly-sweet-seeming and sumptuous.

This is about as round and as smooth a red as anything South America could ever send over, but with a subtle medium-bodied restraint that hallmarks this Latino lover as authentic Italiana.

The Vital Statistics

DOC Valpolicella
Bottle Size
Regular - 750ml
Residual Sugar
1.8 g/l
Alcohol Units

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The Style

Corvina (70%), Rondinella (20%), Molinara (10%)
Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet

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  • Valpolicella Ripasso Ca'Rosa Red Wine
Valpolicella Ripasso Ca'Rosa Red Wine

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'Ripasso' refers to technique developed in the Veneto in the 1960s, whereby a newly-fermented Valpolicella wine is ‘repassed’ or re-fermented on the leftover skins of the semi-dried grapes used in the production of Amarone. This process intensifies the body, alcohol, colour and flavour of the young wine, elevating it above simpler Valpolicella DOC wines.
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