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Ville Budureasca Tamaioasa Romaneasca 2014

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Feeling pen-sive… (sorry)
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Letter From Home by DJ Shadow
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Writing home
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Courgette salad with ment and feta

The Oddbins Take

Dear Mum and Dad, this inter-railing lark is such fun, although the Carpathian wine country is rather stalling the ‘rail’ aspect! I'm now being lavishly entertained in yet another winery, an ultra-modern one largely buried into the side of a hill. As I write I'm half way through a generous measure of Tamaioasa Romaneasca which tastes just like the elderflowers that used to grow in the back garden (until Captain Barky and I ate them), only with a hint of the lemons that I found that time in your special cupboard. Yes, I ate one of those as well. Anyway, to the tasting room, more wines to, erm, evaluate. I think I've found my niche! Love as ever to baby Mungo, hope Tiddles isn't fighting back. Sybaritically yours, Bunty x

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Tamaiasa Romaneasca
Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet

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Budureasca opened its ultra-modern new winery in the spring of 2013. Three sides of the building are set into the surrounding hillside, respecting the beauty of the landscape while enabling easier temperature control within the building. The winery is one of the most modern in Romania. "The Vine in Flames" is named in honour of a 2,000 year-old legend whereby the Dacian leader burned the region's vineyards down to make them less attractive to invaders!

Budureasca owns 280 hectares of vineland in Dealu Mare, Romania, of which 30 hectares are made up of old vines and the remaining 250 of replants from 2010-11. The land sits at an altitude of 175-400 metres, and while its climate is better suited to black grape varietals, its southern slopes and limestone soils favour white. Dealu Mare itself, on the curve of the Carpathians, is the name by which the Muntenia region has become better known, and it is currently known as the most exciting wine region in the country.

Steven Donnelly is a highly regarded English flying winemaker with more than 30 years of experience under his wing. After studying in California's Davis University, he began making wine in the Napa Valley before flying the nest to England, Hungary, South Africa, India and Romania, earning international awards for each winery he has worked at. Steven has been making wines in Romania since 1995, and has worked at Budureasca since 2007.

Budureasca Premium wines aim to blend new world and old world styles with a view to bringing out the best qualities of each. Tamaioasa Romaneasca grapes are harvested from both young vines for fruit and freshness, and old vines for body. These are fermented in stainless steel tanks for three weeks at 10-12C, after which the wine is left on its lees for two to three months, undergoing regular battonage. It has a pale greenish colour, with intense elderflower and citrus aromas and crisp, floral flavours. Delicious with pasta and parmesan cheese.