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Wells Waggle Dance Case of 12

The Experience

Drink When...
You've got your dancing shoes on
Listen To...
'Wild Honey' by The Beach Boys
Think About...
Don't be a buzz kill
Drink With...
Honey roasted gammon

The Oddbins Take

Waggle Dance is the movement a bee does to alert the colony of a new source of nectar. You'd be forgiven for wanting to get your own dancing shoes on after trying this seductive golden beer.

You’ll be wanting to waggle it in front of all your friends to show them its superb honey aromas and flavour. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the sweet stuff! The sweetness is offset and balanced with a healthy dose of hops to provide the bitterness necessary for the beautifully delicate flavours.

About The Brewery

You could be forgiven for wanting to do a 'Waggle Dance' yourself after trying this beautifully seductive golden coloured beer. Wells Waggle Dance balances sweetness with healthy doses of hops for an invigorating taste experience, go on try it!

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Wells Waggle Dance Case of 12

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Beer Style
Golden Ale / Blonde Ale
Crystal Malts, Pale Ale
Palate:Dry, Hoppy

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