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There are those who get a little sniffy about blended whisky, as though the word "blend" automatically puts it on a lower footing to its single malt cousins. Well, here at Oddbins we don't quite see it like that. A blend can be anything from a mixture of grain and malt whiskies produced in a large number of different distilleries, to a combination of just a few fine single distillery Scotch malts.

We reckon that could map out a heck of a road trip, and with venerable legends like J&B and Johnnie Walker, we reckon blended whisky takes the high road every time. So, on we go, through the intricately winding taste terrain of the warming, heather-filled Chivas Regal to the sensually spiced Speyside splendour of Monkey Shoulder; from the panoramic Highland pot-pourri of Compass Box Spice Tree, over the water to the dazzling Japanese inner city smoothness of Nikka's ‘From the Barrel’. We're handed new discoveries at every stop on our journey, until by the end of our trek we're not in any real hurry to go back where we started. Now where’s that map got to…

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  • Hibiki Harmony 70cl

    Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky



    A tantalising blend of Japanese malt and grain whiskies that wonderfully comes to life in this bottle...
  • Togouchi Japanese Whisky 18 year old

    Togouchi 18 YO Japanese Blended Whisky



    While blended in Japan, The Tagouchi 18 Year old is a blend of Scottish and Canadian grains ...