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What do we know about Whisky? It’s brown and Ernest Hemmingway was well into it, that about covers it, right? Believe it or not, no! Whisky is made all over the world, in multiple styles and is one of the most nuanced and esoteric beverages on God’s green Earth.

Let’s talk about styles; outside Scotland there are 4 main types of whisky/whiskey: Single Malt, Bourbon, Blended and Grain. First up to bat, good old Single Malt; it’s a style that isn’t nearly as utilised as in Scotland but there’s still some cracking examples; whiskies from Taiwanese producer Kavalan, are marvellous single malts. Is there anything more American than Bourbon… Apple pie or peculiar sporting events, maybe? Defined by charred new oak barrels that it’s matured in, bourbon classically has a strong vanilla and sweet spice character. Grain whisky, like in Scotland is made from any mash that isn’t malted barley, there are some cracking examples coming out of Ireland and the U.S.A. Blended whisky is made all over the world but it is a method the Japanese have really taken and said, “we’re going to make this our own.” Made from a blend of whiskies from 2 or more distilleries, on the world stage, some of the most notable examples are coming from Japan. Domo arigato, Mr Roboto!

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