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World Whisky

Or ‘Whiskey’ if you’re so inclined. Sorry Scotland but this page is all about whisky that comes from anywhere but your noble distilleries. Just like curling, believe it or not, some other folks do it pretty well too!

The Irish, for example. Sure they aren’t such a force as they used to be in the old whiskey game but boy what they do produce is tip-top. Japanese whisky’s rise has been meteoric, like Tom Cruise’s role in The Last Samurai, it’s almost unbelievable and seemingly has come out of nowhere. Yet, there’s a compelling argument that these Scotch influenced whiskies are the most desirable on the market, after Scotch whisky itself.

North America, can’t forget them! The vast array of whiskies from the U.S.A are making rather large waves, it’s not solely Jack Daniels and Jim Beam anymore (although we do stock them, we’re not idiots). Just as we said to a gentleman that’d had never left his small village just outside Inverness, “there’s an entire world outside Scotland and it’s bloomin’ delicious!”

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