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  • Nikka From The Barrel - Japanese Blended Whisky 500ml

    Big and well-balanced at first, some spicy oak and ripe fruit coming through and then a tickle of fire and oak at the finish. Add water for a real treat.
  • Teeling Single Grain - Irish Whiskey

    We are delighted to stock this remarkable, award-winning whiskey, aged, curiously, in Californian red wine barrels, which shows a different side to Irish whiskey. Alter Ego: Sinead O’Connor; with a unique, sweet delivery and strength of character that changes its landscape entirely. Undoubtedly fruity, it is all the more loveable for it – just don’t try and interview it – you might end up bottling it.
  • Kavalan Concertmaster Single Malt Whisky

    Newcomer to Europe. Step out of your comfort zone!
  • Starward Australian Single Malt Whisky

    Complex yet approachable premium whisky made with 100% bespoke Australian barley.

If you’ve wandered into one of our shops, you will know that we take our whisky seriously. We love the smooth caramel notes of Speyside, the nutty flavours of Highland and the peaty character of Islay. In fact, just like wine, whisky holds a wealth of different flavours and aromas. You’ll find green apple notes in Glengoyne 10 Year Old, tropical hints in Balblair 2005, and smooth dark chocolate nuances in Bowmore 15 Year Old… Oh, we’re salivating just thinking about it. Though unlike wine, whisky is not primarily a food accompaniment – but a great digestif. And it is of course splendid in a Manhattan or Old-Fashioned!

It’s not only we at Oddbins who love whisky – it’s a worldwide love fest. From Canada to Japan, whisky is produced. Japan’s Nikka from the Barrel is not only handsome on the eye (designed to look like a cologne bottle), but also a sheer, smooth, banana-laden treat. And even Sweden has got in on the fun: let us present Mackmyra, Sweden’s first whisky. And it’s absolutely yummy.

Yes, there’s a whole world of fermented grain mash goodness out there. Your first stop? Oddbins!

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