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Welcome to Oddbins Award Winning Wine, Champagne and Fortified Wines. Whilst we take great care to ensure all of our range over-delivers on price, it's always nice to get some objective feedback, so we thought we'd group together all our independently commended wines in one place.
Here you'll find the products in our range that have scooped commendations from:

  • IWC (International Wine Challenge);
  • Decanter;
  • IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition).

  • We are pleased to have been awarded High Street Chain of the Year 2014 at the International Wine Challenge awards, which we feel recognises our commitment to sourcing great wine.

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    1. Sole Shiraz Feteasca Neagra

      Sole Shiraz Fetească Neagră 2015



      Bucharest born Henri Coanda invented the jet engine in 1910. Now the jet engine has done some handy things, but what's most imprtant to us is it got wine makers get off their bottoms and visit lots of other producers.

      This red is one such beneficary of steel canary riding wine makers (See winery information below). It's a blend of the international grape Shiraz and local Romanian Feteasca Neagra. Propelled by cherry, wild strawberry and cranberry flavours. Fuelled by smooth tannin and fresh acidity. It's a wine that rockets far beyond the usual plane* fare.

      *All puns intended.

    2. Oveja Negra Cabernet Franc Carmenere

      Oveja Negra Cabernet Franc Carmenère 2015



      Oveja Negra, if you hadn't gathered from the black sheep on the label, translates as 'Black Sheep' and that's exactly why we love these guys - they don't follow the herd with their wines.

      Cabernet Franc and Carmenère is an unusual blend, but it works really well - Cab Franc's light body, finesse and peppery quality balance out the fuller, more ample fruit of Carmenère. We always thought it was a good idea not to try to fit in and this is further evidence thereof. Yeah boy!

    3. Viña Leyda 'Canelo' Syrah 2014

      Viña Leyda 'Canelo' Syrah 2014



      ***Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

      Like an alpine orchid, this is a rare beauty from a vertiginous landscape, whose high altitude home and seemingly adverse conditions are the very thing that make it so beautiful, as the plant strives to survive and thrive.

      Ee bah gum we’ve gone a bit Davey Attenborough haven’t we! What do we do? Oh yes, sell wine.

      Ahem, well: this one has the signature cool-climate Syrah traits of black pepper, violets and tart red raspberry and blueberry overtones. A serious mountaineer.

    4. Hacienda del Carmen Arlanza 2015 Red Wine Spain

      Hacienda del Carmen Arlanza 2015

      Now £12.00

      Was £14.00


      A Bright cherry red tempranillo with violet tones. Perfumed with black berries and violets leaving an elegant lingering on the palate rich with black cherries and silky tannins.

    5. Château Coussin Rosé 2016 Vintage Wine

      Château Coussin Rosé 2016

      Now £12.50

      Was £15.00


      Human lives are full of eureka moments. These run the gamut from the earth-shattering "the world is not flat" or "he/she is the one" kind to the smaller but no less revelatory discoveries of chipotle Tabasco or the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V commands on a keyboard.

      This delicate looking wine lies somewhere in between, because it's unequivocal proof that rosé can be incredibly serious stuff. It carries the poise, elegance and flawless complexion of Grace Kelly and then explodes with pink grapefruit, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet and lemon sherbet.

    6. Longview The Whippet Sauvignon Blanc Australian Wine

      Longview 'The Whippet' Sauvignon Blanc 2016



      ***Commended at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

      Well. When we got into the business of selling wine, little did we imagine that we would become the go-to business for Whippet lovers nationwide. But, for obvious reasons, Longview winery’s Whippet Sauvignon Blanc has gone down a storm with the canine-loving community.

      Thankfully, it happens to be a cracking little wine too. Racier than a Whippet in a field of sheep, it is bursting with gooseberry, asparagus and nettle flavours.

    7. Umani Ronchi Verdicchio Classico CaSal di Serra 2016 Vegan White Wine

      Umani Ronchi Verdicchio Classico CaSal di Serra 2016



      The court at Cupramonta once employed a veritable troop of servants whose only job was to peel grapes for the indulgently demanding Contessa. And why not? It provided a wage to many a serf, and other than being slightly tiring for the fingers, wasn't really taxing.

      But things change, and sadly economic pressures forced the court to 'downsize'. The peelers had to go. The Contessa was furious, until one of the smart advisors persuaded her there was an even more effortless way to enjoy the peachy, appley loveliness of her favourite fruit. One that didn't even require her to chew. Just sip. The Contessa was delighted. She's even been known to open the bottle herself, sometimes.

    8. Paternina Gran Reserva Paternina 2006

      Paternina Rioja Gran Reserva 2006



      These wines are named for Don José Fernando de Abascal y Sousa, 1st Marqués de la Concordia, the 25th Viceroy of Peru... Perhaps in the name of brevity we should refer to him as Jo from this point forward. Jo spent 10 years running Peru but it wasn't all llama sanctuaries and selfies up Machu Picchu, o no. During his time, he was captured by the British after his release there were 2 earthquakes, a tsunami, a hurricane, the great fire of Guayaquil which destroyed half of Lima and a small pox epidemic. Jo probably wished he stayed in Madrid. This didn't seem to deter him though; he still managed to build medical facilities, promote educational reforms, reorganize the army and promote harmony between Latin-American and Spanish citizens. Very much like this wine actually; from the arid Spanish temperatures and unruly bush vines a wine with elegance and balance emerges.

      Won 91 points in Decanter Mature Rioja Panel Tasting.

    9. Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Pinot Noir 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

      Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Pinot Noir 2015



      The ridonculously talented Matt Thompson, at Saint Clair, featured on one of our 'Inspire-themed posters, saying 'I became a winemaker because, as a wine drinker, I needed to find a way to make it tax-deductible'. We like his style.

      But, when he made this red, he didn't just get a tax break on Pinot Noir, he created something beautiful: a gentle giant, with mellow Morello cherry, pine needles and hints of smoke. Take that, taxman!

    10. Pérez Cruz Carménère 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

      Pérez Cruz Carménère 2015



      Carmenere is the forgotten one of the six Bordeaux grape varieties. But like an incredibly athletic and intrepid mole it has popped its head up in Chile. Here it produces some incredibly potent and complex reds like this one.

      Perez Cruz's Carménère is a riotous carnival of a wine, ripe black berry fruits mingle with more dried and baked fruit flavours and some lovely green herby notes. There's so much going on here it's impossible not to just get swept along with the party.

    11. Pérez Cruz Cot Red Wine Chile

      Pérez Cruz Cot 2015



      It is a lot to claim that one wine has the unmistakable character of Chile's Maipo valley. That's some pretty big talk. But we think that Viña Pérez Cruz can justify it with this 'Cot' or Malbec as it's known over here.

      Sourced from a blissfully-located vineyard that captures the warm afternoon sun rays, the cool mountainous breeze blowing down off the Andes, this black-fruited behemoth captures the essence of this unspoilt land. These people have bags of confidence in their wine, it's true, and rightly placed it is too.

    12. Longview 'Yakka' Shiraz 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

      Longview 'Yakka' Shiraz 2015



      ***Silver at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

      This wine takes its name not from the Aussie slang for hard work, although judging by its magnificently rich, sturdy and swarthy character, you’d wager they had put a lot of work into it. Nope, this wine takes its name from the striking Australian grass shrub, pictured on the label, which also reveals the producer’s love for their homeland and this, too, shines through in this terroir-driven wine, whose dense, ripe black cherry and white pepper flavours show off the warmth of the Macclesfield micro-climate.

    13. Tupari Late Harvest Riesling 2014 New Zealand White Wine

      Tupari Late Harvest Riesling 2014



      Once upon a time, Riesling was the Germanyist of German grapes, in all of Germany. Storming down the Autobahn in a black Mercedes-Benz, with a glove compartment full of Bratwurst, yelling 'Schnell' at poor Dutch tourists toddling a long at a mere 98mph. It's much more international now. Look at wines such as this, a classic late harvest Riesling, yet influenced by the terroir of New Zealand. Don't get us wrong, Riesling's still German, it's just a more modern German, the international jetsetter that refers to his mobile as "mein handy." We love you Riesling, whatever beautiful place you're grown in, never forget your roots!

    14. Cesar a Sumeire Rosé Wine France

      César à Sumeire Rosé 2016



      In the world of Provencal rosés, as with Victorian make-up, the general rule is the paler the better. This doesn't mean that they are wan wallflowers (as we imagine Victorian women) but, as with Cesar, they can be thrilling, vivacious, flavour-packed and racy wines.

      With an elegant nose of jasmine and wild rose and an ample palate of cranberries and lemon peel, there isn't a trace of sober Victoriana. Er, which isn't to say you shouldn't be sober at all times, officer.

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    14 Item(s)