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  • Tandem 'Casual' Garnacha Graciano Rosé 2016

    Tandem 'Casual' Garnacha Graciano Rosé 2016

    Now £9.00

    Was £10.00


    Hear the word 'tandem' and you'll think: two lovers (or maybe just good friends), pedalling together on a bicycle mad...
  • Chateau Unang Rosé Wine

    Château Unang Rosé 2015

    Now £10.50

    Was £11.50


    A cool glass of rosé is fast becoming the go-to summer wine and this pale coloured drop from Château Una...
  • Château Les Roches Gaby 2012 French Red Wine

    Chateau Les Roches Gaby 2012

    Now £15.30

    Was £17.00


    Think of how you met your best friends. What were the common interests which still provide the invisible glue that bo...
  • Cop de Ma Blanca  White Wine

    Cop de Ma Blanca 2014

    Now £7.20

    Was £8.00


    A vibrant Garnacha Blanca from Catalonia, from a producer whose name translates as 'lend a hand', with a label that r...
  • Glorioso Rioja Reserva Red Wine Spain

    Glorioso Rioja Reserva 2012

    Now £11.50

    Was £15.00


    A Rioja from a declared vintage! Not really, but nearly. This is a step up from normal Reserva and is only possible in a...
  • Hacienda del Carmen Arlanza 2015 Red Wine Spain

    Hacienda del Carmen Arlanza 2015

    Now £12.00

    Was £14.00


    A Bright cherry red tempranillo with violet tones. Perfumed with black berries and violets leaving an elegant lingering ...
  • Las Colinas del Ebro Syrah/Garnacha 2014

    Las Colinas del Ebro Syrah/Garnacha 2014

    Now £8.33

    Was £9.25


    Purity. It's a desirable quality. People will pay much money for water transported in from an unadulterated Greenland...
  • Pazo do Mar Expression Albarino

    Pazo do Mar Ribeiro 2016

    Now £9.00

    Was £10.00


    Spain may be best known for reds, and Rioja in particular, but it's arguable that its greatest single contribution to th...
  • Pérez Cruz Carménère 2014 Chilean Wine

    Perez Cruz Carmenere 2014

    Now £15.50

    Was £16.50


    Carmenere is the forgotten one of the six Bordeaux grape varieties. But like an incredibly athletic and intrepid mole...
  • Pérez Cruz Cot Red Wine Chile

    Perez Cruz Cot 2014

    Now £15.50

    Was £16.50


    It is a lot to claim that one wine has the unmistakable character of Chile's Maipo valley. That's some pretty big tal...
  • Perez Cruz Waiki Cabernet Chilean Wine

    Perez Cruz Waiki Cabernet 2013

    Now £11.00

    Was £12.25


    This wine takes its name from a curious custom in the Maipo Andes, in which new brides must go to the river, catch a ...
  • Prosecco DOC Treviso Ca' Dei Noni NV

    Prosecco DOC Treviso Ca' Dei Noni 2014

    Now £9.60

    Was £12.00


    'Like a rainy day that is not wet/like a gambling fiend that does not bet/like Dracula without his fangs/like the boo...
  • Ribbonwood Pinot Noir New Zealand Red Wine

    Ribbonwood Pinot Noir 2014

    Now £14.00

    Was £15.50


    ***Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2015*** Pinot Noir, as any fan of Sideways will tell you, is a ...
  • Sierra Creek Red NV American Wine

    Sierra Creek Red NV

    Now £6.08

    Was £6.75


    Sometimes you just want to turn the radio on and let somebody else make your mind up for you. You've made mind-bending d...
  • Sierra Creek White Wine NV USA

    Sierra Creek White NV

    Now £6.08

    Was £6.75


    It's a happy little chappy is this wine. Like a gregarious mate, you can take it anywhere and it's guaranteed to quickly...
  • Syrah 'Collines Rhodaniennes' 2015

    Syrah 'Collines Rhodaniennes' 2015

    Now £10.35

    Was £11.50


    In ancient times France was called Gaul. Here Celtic tribes happily lived and enjoyed wine. Then came the Romans, who fa...
  • Terra Noble Chardonnay

    Terra Noble Chardonnay 2016

    Now £8.50

    Was £9.00


    If Chardonnay was an animal it would be a household cat. Some people adore cats, others are a bit cautious around the...
  • Terra Noble Merlot Red Wine

    Terra Noble Merlot 2015

    Now £7.00

    Was £7.50


    It's already been a long day. Crawling through the strata of humanity, its voices buzzing through the electric wires, er...
  • Terra Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Chilean White Wine

    Terra Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Now £7.00

    Was £7.50


    David Bowie loved to be musical and was a visual chameleon. Sauvignon Blanc likes to shape shift too. This white grap...
  • Villa Maria 'Cellar Selection' Syrah 2011

    Villa Maria 'Cellar Selection' Syrah 2011

    Now £10.50

    Was £16.00


    This New Zealand red caused quite a sensation amongst Oddbins' passionate staff last time this was in the range, with...