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There’s definitely a buzz around natural wines at the moment, perhaps people are becoming more ecologically aware or maybe the nudist community secretly run the world and are subtitling manipulating every decision we make. “What’s the point in playing badminton ‘au naturel,’ if my post game drinks aren’t as equally nude.” Not to say that we don’t think it’s awesome to make minimal intervention wines, because it is.

Our buyers have been busy little bees, tasting a whole host of Natural wines and bringing the best back from all corners of the Earth. But, what are “Natural” wines, we hear you ask? Are they wines comfortable in their own grape skins? Were they raised in the woods by bears? Well, we asked the same question. We realised we needed to work out some strict guidelines. After all, there’s not much point farming organic grapes then putting more chemicals in them than Mötley Crüe on a quiet Tuesday.

Thus, when we say “natural” we mean, vineyards farmed organically or biodynamically, grapes that MUST be picked by hand, no fancy ‘super power’ yeasts, no additives allowed, no personality stripping filtration and minimal levels of S02. Sounds delicious, right?

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