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  1. Aymura Carmenere Red Wine Chilean 2014

    Aymura Carménère 2015



    250 miles north of Santiago lies Chile's Elqui Valley, which may well have been formed by the work of singer Elkie Brooks. The area has only recently found favour with winemakers initially cautious (with only 15 days precipitation per year, there's nothing but Sunshine After the Rain, but you'd be a Fool if You Think It's Over just because of that).

    Mitigating all of that sunshine are cool night-time temperatures which means that, instead of sweet and heady Lilac Wines, you can make bold, full-bodied, complex and dark chocolate-tinged Pearls like this (enough already! - Ed).

  2. Aymura Syrah Chilean Red Wine 2013

    Aymura Syrah 2013



    Elqui Valley, Chile. Giorgio Flessati, a winemaker from the mountains of Northern Italy, is standing in a barrel room, gazing with satisfaction at the Aymura Syrah he has made for Viña Mayu. In five months it will be bottled and all who cross its path will be impressed by the thick, red fruit flavours which underpin its heady whirl of black pepper, smoke and leather.

    While the wine ages, Giorgio will fly back to Trentino, to catch up with family and friends and generally enjoy La Dolce Vita. During his flight he will doze, and dream about the wine he has made over the years in Bordeaux, Sicily, even Australia.

    Cambridgeshire, England. Dave Conkers, a factory supervisor from Peterborough, is standing in his garage, smiling wistfully at a row of demijohns. Mmm, this year should be the best yet. Hush now, Dave is dreaming too. Let him fly.

  3. Manzanilla Barbadillo

    Barbadillo Manzanilla Sherry



    Does anything recycle its own refuse quite as romantically as wine does? Crusted Port springs to mind, as does Muscadet Sur Lie, but Manzanilla Sherry takes the slightly salty biscuit.

    As it ages in oak, its light and tangy character is protected from oxidation by the natural formation of a layer of yeast called flor, which seals the surface of the wine and feeds on its compounds and alcohol.

    Oak ageing enables water to evaporate through the wood, maintaining the wine's alcoholic percentage, as well as its delicate body, tanginess and tapas-friendly salty tinge. Bloomin' 'eck, who'd have thought of that? That's what we call flor-ed genius!

  4. Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear Sherry NV

    Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear Sherry NV



    We have some riddles for you.

    "Voiceless it cries, wingless flutters; toothless it bites, mouthless mutters." What is it? The wind.

    "It's salty but pleasant, dry but refreshing, small but mighty." What is it? Solear Manzanilla by Antonio Barbadillo of course!

    Yes, don't be fooled by its size, there is a whole lotta dry, nutty, sea-salty goodness in this wee bottle. One to watch Almovodar films and pick at olives with.

  5. Gonzalez Byass Elegante Fino Dry Sherry

    Gonzalez Byass Elegante Fino Dry Sherry



    For a desperately long time Sherry has been the kid sitting alone in the canteen, pairing his corn beef sarnies with a good root up his nose, radiating a forcefield of uncool. Thanks Nan, you ruined Sherry for the rest of us! Or did she? Over the summer that kid has grown 12 inches, had his braces off and his voice has got deep and sexy. Go on son! Sherry's back, rolling out of cocktail and tapas bars alike; be sure that the cool kids are sipping on a chilled Fino... as well as your awesome Nanna. Good lord, drinking fortified wine's a rollercoaster.

  6. Numanthia 2009

    Numanthia 2011



    Bodega Numanthia was named in tribute to the town of Numancia, renowned in antiquity for its legendary resistance to Roman invasion. Under attack from raiding legions in 134 BC, the townspeople fought to the last, choosing death over the dishonour of surrender. How very 300! It has become a bit more civil these days; you would have to be mighty unlucky to get Spartan kicked anywhere in the Toro region. However, tenacity and resilience does seem to run in the soil, as many vines are over a 100 years old, surviving in the extreme heat of summer and the chill of winter. They don't just survive either, they thrive! Producing incredibly concentrated, intense wines with big flavours of forest berries, cedar and liquorice. "Numancians what is your profession!?" Winemaker of course.

  7. Tenuta Vigneto Di Campo Delle Strie Amarone Della Valpolicella

    Tenuta Vigneto di Campo delle Strie Amarone della Valpolicella 2010



    For most mortals, tasting a bottle of Amarone, especially one of this calibre, is a bit like how we imagine the Springwatch team would feel if Sir David Attenborough just strolled on set. You don't quite know how to approach it and feel like you should probably bow or kneel down and offer to be its humble servant from here on in.

    But don't stand on ceremony: this wine is a real joy. It has bright red fruit, rich treacle, warm spice and sweet tobacco on the palate, with enough refreshing acidity to leave your palate begging for more.

  8. Williams and Humbert Alegria Manzanilla NV

    Williams and Humbert Alegria Manzanilla Sherry NV



    ***2013 IWC Gold, 2013 IWC Trophy, 2013 IWSC Silver, 2013 Decanter Bronze***

    Paola Medina Sheldon. The name might not sit at the front of your mind, although we're not sure if she's ever surfaced from her studies long enough to introduce herself.

    She's the Head Winemaker at Williams and Humbert, a post she took up after obtaining separate degrees in Chemistry and Oenology, and Masters' degrees in Viticulture, Oenology and Legislation. Blimey, our Woodwork 'O' Level certificate can come off the wall now!

    We think she's just about qualified to make this elegant, nutty and salt-tinged Manzanilla. And she'd more than likely be able to take you to the cleaners if you disagreed.

  9. World's End Against the Wind 2010

    World's End Against the Wind 2010

    Now £41.65

    Was £49.00


    Jonathan Maltus has his feet in two camps: one at Château Teyssier, where he found fame as an avant-garde, 'garragiste' winemaker, and one in the Napa Valley, where he makes the stonking World' End wines, which have a discernible French lilt, like Little Sister. This Cabernet Franc has gorgeously rounded corners, and has oceans of sweet raspberry, coffee and mocha flavours and a structure to put the Golden Gate Bridge to shame. Californian heaven.

  10. World's End Little Sister 2010

    World's End Little Sister 2010

    Now £39.20

    Was £49.00


    If Jonathan Maltus made Merlot, it would probably be the best Merlot in the world. Oh, wait, he does... and some people might think it is.

    Made in some of the best vineyards in California, by Mr Maltus, who is hailed as a 'visionary' by critic Robert Parker, it is a fleshy, luscious Merlot, with nuanced plum, damson and black cherry fruit and an interesting green olive twist.

    Put it this way: if you put us in a room with a bottle of this and a slab of decent mature cheddar, you wouldn't see us for a long, long time...

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