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  1. Leonor Palo Cortado Sherry

    Leonor Palo Cortado Sherry

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    Like a lot of Sherries, Palo Cortado likes to breathe. A lot. It is exposed to air for the entirety of its 12 year ageing in the Leonor Solera ageing system. And, as with humans, a large dose of fresh air does it the world of good and (unlike humans) it develops the most extraordinary hazelnut, toasty oak and caramel flavours but, despite this seemingly sweet flavour profile, is completely, delightfully dry.

  2. Quinta Do Vesuvio Port 2013

    Quinta Do Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013



    Quinta Vesuvio Vintage Port 2013 is not a wine that treads carefully. In fact it's made initially by vineyard workers stomping on the grapes to village music. (The song YMCA naturally). The world would be a happier, less stressed place if we could all help make this wine.

    Imagine coming home after a horrible day and declaring 'Right, I'm out back to the shed for a good bit of grape galumphing!' Not only is this anger managment. It'd be assisting in the production of one of the best ports in the world. So if you haven't tried Quinta Vesuvio , get yourself a bottle. We guarantee you'll lava it.

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2 Item(s)