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So, it begins ay, Watson? The hunt, the great hunt is on! “…It’s Williams, sir.” Simmer down, Watson, here we can find a whole host of wines in the Oddbins range. Red, white, fortified, rosé or fine, it’s all here. In fact, there might be a bit too much… if you want to narrow the search Watson, we can use the ‘Refine By’ tool and search by grape, price, country or even character. The game is a foot!

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  1. Bougrier Muscadet 2016 Vegetarian White Wine

    Bougrier Muscadet 2016



    Sometimes in life you just want to keep things simple. Your furniture minimalist, your walls whitewashed, your white wine crisp, clean and clear. Like a Loire Muscadet.

    Little wonder it's famously the perfect match for oysters - after all, what could be simpler than a delicacy taken straight from the sea and consumed raw, fresh and unadulterated.

    Just a squeeze of lemon, perhaps a dash of Tabasco, and a well-chilled Muscadet, beads of condensation trickling down the wine glass. Ah, sometimes the simple things in life truly are the best...

  2. Bourgogne Blanc Posanges 2015

    Bourgogne Blanc Posanges 2015

    Now £13.00

    Was £14.00


    You might think that Burgundy is a bit stuck in its ways. There's often coats-of-arms on the bottles and wine making in the region has predated, we calculate, the invention of sound. (That was by the Burgundian Duke Lars von Metallica, in 654 BC for you history buffs.) Although, they're more advanced than you might think; recently a number of producers have pooled resources so they can fight the plight of hail storms. How? You may rightly ask. By firing rockets at the sky... "Yeah, take that clouds!" Burgundy is modern yet with a respect for its history, just like the style of this wine.

  3. Dry Riesling Bergrettung Trocken Mosel 2015 Vegetarian White Wine

    Dry Riesling Bergrettung Trocken Mosel 2015



    This wine has a fantastic story. It comes from a collaboration between 10 wineries to save historic vineyards in particularly steep sites in Germany's beautiful Mosel Valley. The group's name, Bergrettung, takes its name from Berg (= mountain) and Rettung (= rescue). This vintage was made at the Staffelter Hof winery, whose owners trace back directly to Carl the Great and who founded Bergrettung. The wine? Impressively pure and super concentrated, this essentially dry Riesling balances pronounced wet slate minerality, with a zesty, acidic core and fantastic lime, mango and white peach fruit.

  4. Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2015 White Wine

    Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2015



    Erden is a village on the banks of the Mosel river. Treppchen literally means staircase, and refers to the terrace steps cut into the precipitous slopes of the valley opposite, on which the good people of Erden cultivate some of the finest Riesling grapes to be found anywhere in the World.

    And the wine they make from it is proper Riesling. Full of exotic floral and fruit aromas, a heady whiff of petroleum and, yes, sweetness, too. This is proper Riesling, the way it should be. Wine for grown ups.

  5. Domaine du Salvard Cheverny 'Vignes des Marnières'

    Famille Delaille Cheverny 'Vignes des Marnieres' 2015



    There's more to Loire valley Sauvignon than Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé. Even occasionally more than just Sauvignon Blanc. This lesser known gem of a white wine delivers all the bone dry, nettles and flint crispness you'd expect from it's better known near neighbours, but with 15% Chardonnay added to this blend there's just a hint of something richer, rounder and riper that will take you pleasantly by surprise. And without a big name premium its something of a bargain to boot!

  6. Frunza Pinot Grigio White Wine

    Frunza Pinot Grigio 2016



    Over recent years Pinot Grigio has become the definitive Italian grape for white wine, and by common consent the best Italian PGs come from the North East of that country, and the further North and East you go, the better they get. So what happens if you carry on travelling North and East beyond Italy's borders?

    Well, eventually - and very roughly - you get to Romania, where not only do you find terrific Pinot Grigio wines, but you find it at a terrific Romanian price. Well, it certainly stands to reason, but does it stand up to a taste test? Oh yes, oh yes it does.

  7. Longview The Whippet Sauvignon Blanc Australian Wine

    Longview 'The Whippet' Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Now £12.00

    Was £13.50


    ***Commended at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    Well. When we got into the business of selling wine, little did we imagine that we would become the go-to business for Whippet lovers nationwide. But, for obvious reasons, Longview winery’s Whippet Sauvignon Blanc has gone down a storm with the canine-loving community.

    Thankfully, it happens to be a cracking little wine too. Racier than a Whippet in a field of sheep, it is bursting with gooseberry, asparagus and nettle flavours.

  8. Sancerre Rosé Etienne de Loury

    Sancerre Rosé Etienne de Loury 2015



    Deceptively delicate, Etienne de Loury's Sancerre Rosé will blow you clean away with its concentrated, clean red fruits and fresh-as-a-daisy, morning dew-esque minerality.

    What was it Muhammed Ali said? 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'? Well this doesn't sting like a bee, rather it does a double somersault with a half twist up to you and, instead of knocking you out, lands a delicate kiss on your forehead. Lovely.

  9. Sauternes Castelnau de Suduiraut 2008 - Half Bottle Vegetarian White Wine

    Sauternes Castelnau de Suduiraut 2008 - Half bottle - 375ml



    Château Suduiraut is an achingly beautiful, classically French Chateau, perched between the Ciron and the Garonne and it is the autumnal morning mist that rolls off these rivers that provides the perfect conditions for Noble Rot. "But wait, you were painting such a lovely picture!" you might wail, distraught. But, we reassure you, Noble Rot is Sauternes' best friend and allows it to develop the other-worldly marmalade, minerally, manuka honey flavours that make it so dearly-loved the world over. Happy ending after all, eh!

  10. Semeli Feast Red Wine Greece

    Semeli Feast Red 2016



    We love the Greeks. They're rebellious, they're warm-hearted and, more pertinently, they've been making wine there for well over 2,000 years but their wines are still virtually unheard of.

    Maybe their marketing has been a little lax over the last thousand years, but we feel change a-coming because, with wines like this cherry, berry and cedar flavoured Agioritiko (which happens to translate as St George), there'll be no stopping them.

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