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  1. Aguila Syrah Spanish Red Wine 2012

    Aguila Red 2012



    Historically, Spain wasn't always the go-to country for affordable, fresh, good value wines, being hitherto known, on the whole, for more oaky styles but, for the past few years, it's made everyday wines something of an art form.

    Grown at high altitude in the DO of Cariñena, the Syrah grapes give rise to a clean, vibrant wine with intense aromas of dark cherry, violets and freshly-made jam.

    In vinous terms, Spain has traded sandals for Nike Airs; swapped Neil Diamond for Lily Allen; dispatched the Coronation Chicken in favour of beetroot foam; call it what you like, it changed, and we like it.

  2. Blandy's 10 Year Old Bual 50cl

    Blandy's 10 Year Old Bual 50cl



    Good Madeira wine can be quite hard to find. They just don't make that much of the stuff, unfortunately. Take the forgotten Madeiran noble grape Bastardo, how much do you reckon the whole island produced in 2010? It's pretty low, what you reckon 2000 bottles? 1500 bottles? Nope, 4.5 litres... 4.5 litres! So, if someone tries to sell you a case of 2010 Bastardo you can be confident they're trying to rip you off. Thankfully there's a bit more Boal, so we can all get our hands on this delicious medium-sweet wine with notes of raisined fruit, butterscotch and vanilla. That being said, there are only 133 acres Boal plantings on the whole island, that's like a medium sized Bordeaux grower, so if you find any good quality Madeira, we recommend you get it home as fast as possible!

  3. Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf du Pape Télégramme

    Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf du Pape Télégramme 2013



    This wine comes from vines perched on top of a hill that is nothing much to look at, which is routinely battered by the harsh mistral wind and which is characterised by a landscape of large rocks.

    BUT (and we like a big but here at Oddbins), it is hallowed land for growing Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and the like. It has a unique geological make-up that we won't bore you with here, but which means that you can buy bottles of pure, unadulterated joy like this vibrant, red-fruit and clove-flavoured hero of a wine.

    'Nuff said! (Or, if not 'nuff said, have a look at the Read More section below)

  4. Domaine Gardies 'Les Millères' Rouge

    Domaine Gardies 'Les Millères' Rouge 2014



    Not one, not two, not... actually we'll just tell you: no less than seven generations of the Gardies family have made wine in the village of Vingrau in Rousillon. But current owner Jean Gardiés is showing no signs of crumbling under the pressure; he's positively blooming, as are his vines (smooth, we know), whose small yields produce critically acclaimed wines like this intense, bright garnet-red, softly spicy beauty.

  5. Domingo Molina Malbec 2012

    Domingo Molina Malbec 2014



    Sometimes we wish we had more than words with which to convey our wines to you. If we could, we'd take you into a saddlery, clad you in the softest purple velvet and then crush some freshly-picked red cherries, blackberries in a pestle and mortar, add a twist of schezuan pepper and present it to you, saying "this. This is what you are buying if you buy this wine." We have to sadly accept the reality that we can't do that, but we hope you get the picture.

  6. Gewurztraminer Hunawihr French White Wine

    Gewurztraminer Hunawihr 2016



    You may have heard of tea picked by monkeys and coffee defecated by civets. Those are nothing, this is an exotically spiced Gewurztraminer with big fat Turkish Delight and lychee flavours, that's made by Alsatians.

    It's very rare because when it comes to winemaking, Alsatians are easily distracted by other things like licking their fur, catching their tails, chasing postmen and watching The Littlest Hobo. So grab it quick, it can't stay for long, just turn around and it's gone again.

  7. Henry Fessy Beaujolais-Villages

    Henry Fessy Beaujolais-Villages 2015



    Well-coloured with relatively high acidity, this is a vivacious Beaujolais abundant with notes of freshly picked berries and traditional boiled sweets.

    With an exceptional amount of personality for a Beaujolais Villages, this particular character has a frank, fresh flavour, and a real liveliness on the palate which makes an ideal drinking partner for any occasion! If you're a lighter wine fan and haven't given Beaujolais a try for a while then start here.

  8. Colombo Cotes du Rhone Villages Le Bonne Roche

    Jean-Luc Colombo Côtes du Rhône Villages Le Bonne Roch 2013



    When winemakers make wine, they are painting. They may not wear stripy tops and live bohemian lifestyles, but are artists nonetheless and they take their inspiration and their materials from the land around them.

    In this instance, the materials are the gentle slopes of the southern Rhône, plentiful sun, which provide enough warmth for the grapes to reach ripeness. They then have the after-effects of the Mistral wind, which tears through the northern Rhône and arrives downstream, offering grapes a gentle respite from the Mediterranean sun.

    In the hands of the artists at Jean-Luc Colombo, they turn this palate into a bold, firmly-structured, fine-grained, beauty of a painting.

  9. Colombo Crozes-Hermitage 'La Tuiliere' Red Wine

    Jean-Luc Colombo Crozes-Hermitage 'La Tuiliere' 2016



    We'd really like to talk about this wine. But we'd prefer to do it à la Jean-Luc Picard, of the Star Ship Enterprise, if we may (the winemaker's called Jean-Luc, we're immature, what can we say...)

    Captain's Log, stardate 9357.6. Our destination is Rhône, where our sensors have detected signs of red fruits and gentle spice. Not just that; Spock says there appears to be a tight structure in place. Curious. Nothing has changed in Rhône for generations and their time-honoured traditions make it greatly interesting to us. Wait, they've locked their phasers onto us! Red (wine) alert!

  10. Jean-Luc Colombo Rose ‘Les Pins Couches’

    Jean-Luc Colombo Rosé 'Les Pins Couches' 2016

    Now £8.50

    Was £10.00


    This crisp, spicy rosé shares many traits with its nutty namesake detective, Colombo. They both have a decided twinkle in their eye and a deceptively lightness of touch that belies a lovely depth.

    And, whilst we couldn't rightly claim that they both smell of crunchy red cherries and delicate spice, we can definitely say that they both have a memorable finish that, just when you think it's over, leans and intones 'just one more thing'...

  11. La Folle Noir D'Ambat Red Wine France

    La Folle Noire d'Ambat 2015



    Remember the Tim Burton films? From Beetle Juice (clearly the best) to Willy Wonka and Corpse Bride, Mr Burton is the Master of Darkness and we think he'd approve of our next wine. It looks like it could be a prop off of one of his sets, with the creepy black and white face looking like Beetle Juice himself.

    Childhood traumas aside, this little number might just attach a more pleasant connotation to the twisted world of Tim Burton. Boasting a tantalizing perfume of dark dusky cherry, it is laced with violet and smoky nuances, yum!

  12. Longview Yakka Shiraz Australian Wine

    Longview 'Yakka' Shiraz 2015

    Now £14.03

    Was £16.50


    ***Silver at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    This wine takes its name not from the Aussie slang for hard work, although judging by its magnificently rich, sturdy and swarthy character, you’d wager they had put a lot of work into it. Nope, this wine takes its name from the striking Australian grass shrub, pictured on the label, which also reveals the producer’s love for their homeland and this, too, shines through in this terroir-driven wine, whose dense, ripe black cherry and white pepper flavours show off the warmth of the Macclesfield micro-climate.

  13. Mas las Cabes Rouge 2014

    Mas las Cabes Rouge 2014



    A wine that Mother Earth herself would be happy to promote. Your conscience can enjoy bonus points, as every last drop is organic and hasn't given planet earth much grief at all.

    So why not go with the flow and fully embrace this wine by kicking off those shoes, letting your hair down and digging those toes deep into the cool earth. Ooh that feels good!

    Or, if that doesn't take your fancy, just crack open the wine and let its swarthy, peppery goodness invigorate your senses.

  14. Miles Mossop Saskia

    Miles Mossop 'Saskia' 2013



    This is the quintessentially artisanal produced wine, following the philosophy of winemaker Miles Mossop, of hand crafted wines with as little interference as possible, showing a purity of expression.

    We wonder if he feels the same way about raising his children, who all his wines are named after! This ode to his daughter is full of honeysuckle, white peach, lime and toasted almonds with a fairly full palate and lengthy finish. I hope Kika and Max (the other two wines) have been raised as well as Saskia!

  15. Mirambelo Red Wine Greece

    Mirambelo Red 2010



    Altogether now, "Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby! Ahhhaaaa-aaaahhhh. Do you do you do you need it?" Yes, Kaiser Chiefs. The answer is yes. You do need it. But this wine's beguiling, shiny, ruby-red colour is only part of the story and there are three more reasons why you need Mirambelo in your life.

    1) the Christmassy, spicy dried fruits.

    2) the warm, vanilla-laced charm

    3) it will turn you from a mere mortal into an immortal demi-god (but only if you drink it on a full moon).

  16. Ormadei Malbec 2016

    Ormadei Malbec 2016



    Bang! In your face! Let's not pussyfoot around, people like Argentine Malbec for its raw, heavyweight, power; and that's what Ormadei delivers by the sackfull, but that's not all. Big hitting, yes, but rich, fruity and smooth with it. Like getting punched in the mouth by a black cherry fist in a velvet glove. In a good way.

  17. Pérez Cruz Carménère 2014 Chilean Wine

    Pérez Cruz Carménère 2015



    Carmenere is the forgotten one of the six Bordeaux grape varieties. But like an incredibly athletic and intrepid mole it has popped its head up in Chile. Here it produces some incredibly potent and complex reds like this one.

    Perez Cruz's Carménère is a riotous carnival of a wine, ripe black berry fruits mingle with more dried and baked fruit flavours and some lovely green herby notes. There's so much going on here it's impossible not to just get swept along with the party.

  18. Hunawihr Pinot Blanc French White Wine

    Pinot Blanc Hunawihr 2016

    Now £9.78

    Was £11.50


    Interesting Fact Number 1: Did you know that historically Pinot Blanc was used in both Burgundy and Champagne and still can be used in both today, although it rarely is? We reckon those big cry-babies just couldn't make anything as good as this Alsace Pinot Blanc.

    Interesting Fact Number 2: Pinot Blanc is a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir. Although we like to imagine that this means the grapes have little webbed toes, hunchbacks or pips on the outside, really it just means that they come out white!

  19. Quinta das Setencostas Portugal Wine

    Quinta das Setencostas 2014



    Quinta das Setencostas is the big brother of our astronomically popular Quinta de Bons Ventos and bears a keen family resemblance, but is smoother, richer and a little less stout. Remember that Harry Enfield sketch, where a Brummy couple announce to their friends that they are "considerably richer than yow"? This is a bit like that, but in this case both parties have class and substance.

  20. Quinta de Bons Ventos Red Wine Portugal

    Quinta de Bons Ventos 2015



    Nothing short of a sensation, this little red wine has been a success story at Oddbins over the past few years, such is its astonishing quality when price is considered.

    A Portuguese blend of four red varieties, this is ripe and warm with juicy flavours and is amazingly food friendly. It's usually almost impossible to find this much character and pizazz in a wine at this price but this red is truly the real deal.

  21. Quinta dos Roques 2014

    Quinta dos Roques 2014



    Wine or maths? Not a difficult question, is it? We don't mind some algebra, fractions or long division occasionally, but the ratio of fun to not-fun with maths doesn't work in its favour in a head-to-head with wine.

    Luis Lourenco agreed with us, and promptly packed in his job as a maths teacher to become a winemaker. We applaud his choice because he went on to create this sumptuously chunky red wine. Although Americans say "do the math", we say "do the Quinta dos Roques", it's way more fun, you might even say it rocks.

  22. Viña Leyda 'Canelo' Syrah 2014

    Viña Leyda 'Canelo' Syrah 2014



    ***Bronze at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    Like an alpine orchid, this is a rare beauty from a vertiginous landscape, whose high altitude home and seemingly adverse conditions are the very thing that make it so beautiful, as the plant strives to survive and thrive.

    Ee bah gum we’ve gone a bit Davey Attenborough haven’t we! What do we do? Oh yes, sell wine.

    Ahem, well: this one has the signature cool-climate Syrah traits of black pepper, violets and tart red raspberry and blueberry overtones. A serious mountaineer.

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