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So, it begins ay, Watson? The hunt, the great hunt is on! “…It’s Williams, sir.” Simmer down, Watson, here we can find a whole host of wines in the Oddbins range. Red, white, fortified, rosé or fine, it’s all here. In fact, there might be a bit too much… if you want to narrow the search Watson, we can use the ‘Refine By’ tool and search by grape, price, country or even character. The game is a foot!

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  • Manuka Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    A veritable fruit salad up the nose, gooseberries, limes, guavas and passionfruits, followed by a tangy lemony slap on the taste buds.
  • Château Coussin Rosé 2016

    Now £12.50

    Was £15.00


    Delicate, poised and flawlessly elegant this rose carries the complexion of Grace Kelly.
  • Vicioso Malbec 2015



    A plush and robust red, succulent and cassis-heavy with a gorgeous silky texture. Power-packed yet complex, and a stunning steak wine!
  • Gertie Cabernet Franc 2017



    Named after the winemaker's great aunt, this stunning red offers juicy blackberry flavours.
  • Rolling Hills Chardonnay 2016



    A beautiful white wine with expressive stone fruit flavours and a creamy texture.

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  1. Amarone Ca’Rosa Italian Red Wine 2013

    Amarone Ca'Rosa 2013



    Amarone is about as full-flavoured and juicy as a red can get without help of fortification; very smooth and silky with a tantalizing contrast of sweet and ever-so-subtly bitter, but not bittersweet, if you catch the drift...

    Amarone is an indulgent jump away from regular Italian red table wine and the product of a different winemaking method that gives it its magic properties of being like liquid fruitcake or bottled gateaux! This has the added bonus of keeping well and in good shape a few days after it has been opened.

  2. Chianti Sogatia Italy Red Wine

    Chianti Sogatia 2014



    This is an impressively neat little bargain Chianti that's on the bodysome, flavoursome side of this classic Italian style. This slightly more buxom red is moreishly drinkable, soft and lip-smackingly ripe. The palate is still classic though - with dark cherry and plum. This really is the wine to match with your takeaway pizza and a good classic gangster movie.

  3. Gavi Miganego 2013 Vegan and Vegetarian White Wine

    Gavi Miganego 2013

    Now £6.75

    Was £7.75


    'Oranges and lemons say the bells of St Clements,' is how the old rhyme goes. The rhyme then proceeds to get extremely dark, terrorising children with threats of heads being chopped off. Which is a shame, because Oranges and Lemons could have made for a nice analogy for Gavi Mignanego, which also says oranges lemons.

    This white wine also says lightly honeyed lemon and apple, although there isn't a set of London bells that rhymes with apple. Do let us know if we're wrong on that one though.

  4. Gemma Barolo Italian Red Wine

    Gemma Barolo 2013



    'Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey, ooh, the more I get of you the stranger it feels, yeah'. Seal was probably referring to his lady friend Heidi Klum, but he may as well have been waxing lyrical about the Gemma Barolo for all we know.

    Because this cracking northern Italian wine has a poetic, beauty that speaks of dew-covered, headily fragrant roses on a cool grey morning, as well as fresh raspberries and deeper layers of ripe, spiced fruit.

  5. Lambrusco Cialdini 2016 Vegan and Vegetarian Red Wine

    Lambrusco Cialdini 2016



    If there's one things those Italians do rather well it's a good old renaissance. One second you're in the dark ages farming turnips, the next Michelangelo's up some scaffolding painting babies on the ceiling. Well, that's what we learned in Oddbins history class, anyway. Lambrusco is the latest Italian to experience a renaissance. For a while you'd avoid the guest who brought you a bottle of that glorified Cherryade like they were a member of the Borgias family. No longer, wines like Villa Cialdini Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro are defining the category. Ruby red in colour, with plenty of bright bubbles. On the nose it has a fresh, pronounced and very fine fruity scent. On the palate the wine is delicate, tangy and well-balanced, with pleasant refreshing acidity, floral notes and forest fruits on the finish. A wine fit for Da Vinci!

  6. Primitivo Borgo dei Trulli 2015

    Primitivo Borgo dei Trulli 2016



    This rich Italian red is a bit like walking into your most-loved cafe. Not a grease spoon one, nor a super trendy one - nothing wrong with them but that FAVOURITE place!

    Aromas of exotic spices, vanilla, coconut and dried fruits. (They serve a healthy breakfast here!). Followed by rich blackcurrant, chocolate cake and exotic spice flavours. With, of course, fresh coffee on the finish!

    This Cafe is licensed too - after all this health food I think a warming glass of Primitivo is in order! A large one, please.

  7. Prosecco DOC Treviso Ca' Dei Noni NV

    Prosecco DOC Treviso Ca' Dei Noni 2014

    Now £9.60

    Was £12.00


    'Like a rainy day that is not wet/like a gambling fiend that does not bet/like Dracula without his fangs/like the boogie-to-the-boogie without the boogie bang' rapped the Sugarhill Gang in 1979, on the frankly long version of Rapper's Delight. 'What is?' enquired your then teenage scribe, who never actually found out.

    He might have been talking about this paradoxical yet utterly delicious non-fizzy Prosecco, which has all the flavour of its sparkling siblings but without a bubble to be seen.

    Green apple aromas meet floral touches on the way to a full and luscious, spumante-spurning palate. 'Like toil and trouble without the double double/like Prosecco wine that doesn't have the bubbles,' they may have added. Maybe they did. Maybe the song kept writing itself, a twelve-inch enormo-mix ending only at the beginning in an infinite loop. Who knows..?

  8. Soave Pieropan 2016

    Soave Pieropan 2016

    Now £14.50

    Was £15.50


    Introducing the wine of Pieropan Soave Classico, in fair Verona is where we lay our scene. O yes, that's a fraction of a Romeo & Juliet quote alright. Before you become overly impressed, it's worth mentioning the only Shakespeare quotes we know relate to alcohol. Such as, "good company, good wine, good welcome can make good people!" Words to live by and Pieropan Soave Classico would create excellent people by the extension of that logic! From the oldest Soave producer in Veneto, Pieropan is expressive of quintessential white blossom, almonds and soft citrus fruits. "Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used!" Last one, we swear.

  9. Umani Ronchi Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2016 Vegan Red Wine

    Umani Ronchi Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2016



    Set against the picturesque Italian vineyards of Cupramontana, a powerful tale of age-old traditions and ancient lands emerges. Riddled with romance, scandal, betrayal, revenge, dynasties and lots and lots of... plums. Plums being our protagonist in what you'd be forgiven for thinking was the start of a good old Marian Keyes novel.

    Instead, this is the tale of Umani Ronchi, winemaking extraordinaire producing a medium bodied red wine, jam-packed guessed it, ripe plummy fruit flavours. There's nothing fictional about this wine. It's a fact that it's of excellent quality and it provides one hell of a happy ending.

  10. Umani Ronchi Verdicchio Classico CaSal di Serra 2016 Vegan White Wine

    Umani Ronchi Verdicchio Classico CaSal di Serra 2016



    The court at Cupramonta once employed a veritable troop of servants whose only job was to peel grapes for the indulgently demanding Contessa. And why not? It provided a wage to many a serf, and other than being slightly tiring for the fingers, wasn't really taxing.

    But things change, and sadly economic pressures forced the court to 'downsize'. The peelers had to go. The Contessa was furious, until one of the smart advisors persuaded her there was an even more effortless way to enjoy the peachy, appley loveliness of her favourite fruit. One that didn't even require her to chew. Just sip. The Contessa was delighted. She's even been known to open the bottle herself, sometimes.

  11. Zensa Nero d'Avola 2013 Red Wine

    Zensa Nero d'Avola 2015



    Zensa is the pronunciation of the Italian word 'senza', meaning 'without'. In this case it is to underline that this wine is made 'senza' chemical pesticides and fertilisers, using only what Mother Nature provides. It's a charming way of saying it's organic basically.

    But the name also highlights Orion's commitment to - and understanding of - the landscapes they work in. This wine encompasses all that is lovely about Sicilian Nero d'Avola, with baked, spicy black cherry fruit and layers of chocolate and vanilla. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to be senza Zensa...

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