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  1. Anxo Martin Spanish White Wine

    Anxo Martín 2015



    Sometimes we desperately lust for a relaxing getaway and a dose of healthy vitamin D, but often lack the finance for it. We at Oddbins have a solution for this - just crack open a bottle of this liquid sunshine! You will immediately be teleported to a beach: juicy mango in hand and white flowers in your hair. Surrounding you are passion fruit trees heavy with ripe fruits, and the sun above you shines golden. Breathe in and get lost in a world of exotic wonders... This is the magic Anxo Martín brings!

  2. Granbazan Etiqueta Verde Albarino 2016 Spanish White Wine

    Granbazán Etiqueta Verde Albariño 2016



    Nowadays we have gadgets for all sorts. Scientists have worked out how to do this, how to do that. But centuries ago, knowledge was mysterious. It's little wonder then, they used to think this wine was made by magic.

    Years back, crushing grapes was not a subtle art. Even the diminutive individuals who trod the fruit still managed to smash pips and taint the juice with a tannic edge*. Until Granbazan the Wizard. He designed a system of tanks through which the free run juice descended, filling the air with scents of green apples and lemon; resulting in a wine so complex and smooth no-one could believe it. All the wizard had done, of course, was let gravity do its job. But they didn't now that then, did they?

    *Which is where we get Pipsqueak from. Short, annoying people.

  3. Noval Silval 1998 Vintage Port

    Quinta do Noval Silval Vintage Port 1998

    Now £35.00

    Was £40.00


    This Port, unlike yours truly, was charming in its youth. Full of swaggering, fresh young fruit, it was a joy to drink, which isn't always the case for Vintage Ports.

    However, the passage of time has mellowed it out (something we can relate to) even more and now it is a Port of complexity and, dare we say, majesty.

    With flavours of spiced, raisiny fruit, damson and black treacle, it's fair to say it has aged well and has picked up a few tricks over the years. Noval Silval 1998 has never been more ready.

  4. Viña Almeira 2016 - White Wine

    Viña Almeira Albariño 2016



    Though they be beautiful, Carlos could never look at the rivers of the Rias Biaxas without a heaviness entering his heart. For these rivers were the means of egress for thousands, leaving the poverty of their homeland in search of better fortune. Blown, like seeds, across the Atlantic.

    It was only recently, one summer morn, sun clipping the water's surface, that Carlos understood. They left poverty, but took richness. They carried the brightness of the region with them, as they spread across the globe like flavours opening over a palate. Taking a little of their place wherever they went. It is for these 'dispersed' this wine is made. A gift, like a basket of peaches, sweet pear and lemon.

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4 Item(s)