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  1. Albert Bichot Brouilly Roche Rose

    Albert Bichot Brouilly Roche Rose 2015



    Brouilly, one of the most well-known and geographically widespread vineyards in the Beaujolais region, is home to a smaller vineyard named 'Pisse-Vielle'. You'll be forgiven for thinking the inevitable here, as it does quite literally translate to how it sounds - 'Piss, old woman.' It's a ridiculous story and one you should definitely read, but one we also feel isn't suitable for a wine tasting note.

    *Reads story*

    So, miscommunication can be amusing can't it? In the interest of clarity however, here we have a robust, structured Brouilly with well-integrated tannins. It has subtle aromas of wild cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry and a hint of spice. The palate is refreshing and fleshy with a lasting fruitiness on the finish. A great pairing with barbecued meats.

    Now, 'Drink, old woman!'

  2. Albert Bichot Macon Pierreclos 2015 Red Burgundy

    Albert Bichot Mâcon Pierreclos 2015



    Albert Bichot's family wine business goes back so far that it coincided with Beethoven composing his Fifth Symphony, an absolute masterpiece, similar to this Macon Pierreclose Bichot... Thinking about it, to quote Albéric Bichot himself, he has compared his work to conducting an orchestra too!

    Not too dissimilar to Mr. Beethoven after all then, but instead of a string quartet and a pianist, we have an acapella of cherry, plum and spices on the nose, a crescendo of intense fruit flavours against a tangy background on the palate and on the finish?

    An impressive ensemble of refreshing notes of red fruit. Encore!

  3. Bougrier Rosé d'Anjou 2016

    Bougrier Rosé d'Anjou 2016



    Ah, summertime, when the living is easy, fish are jumping and it's time for rose wine - or something along those lines. And of course, kicking back, shoes off, feet up, on the porch or a picnic blanket in the park is where pink wine comes into its own, but you know what? Why wait?

    It's great as an aperitif any time, or as an accompaniment to lightly spicy food. Or for turning a rainy Tuesday into a lazy, hazy summer Sunday...

  4. 'Fleurie' Cave de Fleurie Beaujolais 2015 French Red Wine

    Cave de Fleurie Beaujolais 2015



    When the people of Fleurie want good, powerful and complex wine there is only one place they will go: Cave de Fleurie. Former home of the legendary 'Queen of Beaujolais' Marguerite Chabert, the winery is ground-breaking not only for having the first female president of a cooperative winery in France but their innovation reflects in their incredible wines.

    With a personality as formidable as Marguerite herself, this red wine is certainly one to be reckoned with. Garnet reflections on a deep purple colour draw the eye whilst the nose is treated to notes of compote red fruits with hints of spice and fleshy, silky tannins accompany a warming and rounded palate.

  5. Domaine Joel Delaunay Touraine Gamay 2016

    Domaine Joël Delaunay Touraine Gamay 2016

    Now £9.00

    Was £12.00


    Years ago, Touraine wine was transported from vineyard to market on barges, pulled along the river Loire by patient, stoic horses. It saddened Thierry to see the horses plod along the towpath, their muscles straining with effort, their breath huffing and puffing with the work-like rhythm of steam engines.

    What's needed, thought Thierry, is lighter wine. Then the horses won't be so exhausted. So he set about producing a soft, supple red, redolent with the scents and flavours of the riverbank. Strawberries, wild plums, and sun ripe cherries. Incredibly easy to enjoy, and so much easier on the horses.

  6. Henry Fessy Beaujolais-Villages

    Henry Fessy Beaujolais-Villages 2015



    Well-coloured with relatively high acidity, this is a vivacious Beaujolais abundant with notes of freshly picked berries and traditional boiled sweets.

    With an exceptional amount of personality for a Beaujolais Villages, this particular character has a frank, fresh flavour, and a real liveliness on the palate which makes an ideal drinking partner for any occasion! If you're a lighter wine fan and haven't given Beaujolais a try for a while then start here.

  7. Les Cabotines Touraine Rosé Wine

    Les Cabotines Touraine Rosé 2016



    Dry, crisp and delicate, this rosé wine is practically summer in a glass! Exibiting a delightful 'pelure d'oignon' (onion skin) pale pink colour, with fruity, spicy nose.

    This delightfully aromatic yet elegant nose leads to clean, refreshing flavours and ends with a lingering finish that sings on the palate. A great choice for the garden...

  8. Morgon Henry Fessy 2015

    Morgon Henry Fessy 2015



    With its musketeer-style label, may we introduce Moujolais; moustachioed Beaujolais. The World Beard and Moustache Championship has six sub-categories for soup strainers;

    Natural (styled without aids), Hungarian (bushy and pulled to the side), Dalí (slender and curved steeply), English (long and narrow), Imperial (whiskers on upper lip and cheek) and Freestyle (everything else).

    Henry Fessy's Morgon is of a medium weight with a rounded finish adorned with fruit. On the basis of its flair we'd give this red wine first prize in the "Freestyle" category if it really were a lip rug.

  9. Moulin-a-Vent Henry Fessy

    Moulin-a-Vent Drouhin 2015



    In 1880, Joseph Drouhin chose the city of Beaune to found the business that bears his name. Over the years and with each generation, his passionate search for excellence and knowledge was handed down like a family heirloom.

    Moulin à Vent is the crown jewel of the family heirloom. A beautiful dark garnet colour, with intense and elegant aromas of peony, tea rose and damson plum, often with nuances of liquorice. On the palate, a beautiful structure, velvety texture and majesty. The aftertaste is long, refined and appetising in a subdued way. It is considered the Cru of Beaujolais that is the closest in style to the Burgundies of the Cote d'Or.

  10. Roche de Bellene 'Bellenos' Rosé 2016

    Roche de Bellene 'Bellenos' Rosé 2016

    Now £10.63

    Was £12.50


    Legend has it that to place one's hand on the fabled Rock of Bellene is to know more of the world. It's subtle, let's say that. Rest your palm on the ancient carved symbols, and you'll feel a shift. Nothing major. Hardly tangible. Then you have to wait. The world comes more alive. Your senses sharpen. Things will have more colour.

    It was painstaking, but Nicolas pressed every grape that went into his rose to the carving, intrigued as to how it would enhance the wine. Now, only you can decide. Take a sip. Just a wine, right? But that fresh scent of herbs after early dew. The hint of cut strawberries. Peaches ripening in morning sun... Only a wine? Are you sure?

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